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Advice for selling PS4 and Xbox One

27 November 2019 - 12:31 PM

Been lurking for years now, so hello!


Just as the topic says, I have a PS4 base model (has a 2tb HDD I installed) and my Day One Xbox One (controller is long gone as is kinect) that I just want to get rid of at this point. I only have a few games, I already wiped the drives.


Is Gamestop my best bet for a quick turn around? I do not want to deal with a pawn shop or ebay unless the difference in price is going to be huge.


Both systems work great, I had the Xbox fixed by Microsoft when the drive started acting up and within the last year I opened and cleaned the PS4 really well and put new thermal paste on everything.


I just do not use them, I play my Switch constantly though.