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GameFly's webdesign is terrifying for Desktop users

24 November 2014 - 07:10 PM




If you're browsing GameFly, they have a sneak peek at their work-in-progress redesign. http://new.gamefly.com/#!/ is obviously pandering to mobile/tablet owners.


Everything is blown up and takes up almost on the screen real estate, page width isn't taken into consideration because you can use the mouse wheel up and down to scroll through. Obviously the intend is to let mobile owners use their touch screens to maneuver quickly. However, it is completely unnecessary for regular desktop owners who aren't shackled by low resolutions. I'm not even flaunting my specs. My 1080p monitor is the standard these days for most consumer electronic screens.


GameFly's mission statement was take up more screen real estate by blowing up the product images to be bigger, navigating would be easier on mobiles. But for PC users, they have less information on screen and streamlining just made it less efficient to add an item to a cart and maneuver through. Is this the end of days for web browsing on the PC? Some of the websites I frequent have had makeovers to make room for obnoxious mobile devices, but none have annoyed me as much as GameFly's makeover. 

MGS HD Collection (PS3) for $9.99 at GoHastings

08 November 2014 - 03:37 PM



They're also doing that buy 3 Used get discount promotion, check the GoHastings thread for details.