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Mana KnightJest

You better bet I dislike that avatar of yours. :-P But that's because I'm a fan of another NHL team in the Central Division. ;)
Apr 19 2009 05:53 PM


GGs. Shame about the lag. You caught me off gaurd with Yun Seong, I have never played against someone who (appeared to know?) knew what they were doing. I never played Maxi before that so my little cowgirl was just flailing about.
Sep 04 2008 02:15 AM


Thanks for playing SCIV with me. I was surprised I actually won a couple. Did you get much lag because it was very decent for me. I had no idea what to do during most of the matches because you used characters I have never played or have hardly seen online (Tira, Lizard Man, Rock, Voldo). Lizard Cop is awesome but I liked your purple Tira best. Mr Hat and Mr ? (voldo) really creeped me out.
Aug 24 2008 06:04 AM


any downloads left?
Jul 05 2008 12:29 AM