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The Gaming Librarian > DSi system wallet by BD&A

Posted 09 April 2009

Ordered this on a whim when I jumped on the DSi + Rhythm Heaven deal, and I was quite impressed. So I decided to blog about this superb, and relatively inexpensive DSi case.

The outside of the case is made of canvas, and feels durable. The case flips open and is held closed with a secure magnetic closure. The inside is soft and has three elastic slots fo...

The Gaming Librarian > NY Comic Con Day 1

Posted 07 February 2009

Thanks to my job I was able to attend the NY Con this morning. I was there last year and I was surprised by just how much more gaming oriented the show is this year. Here are some of my impressions.

Games I played -

GTA Chinatown Wars :ds:
Managed to play this for a solid 15 minutes, and I must admit that it feels and plays a lot like a mini GTA IV. T...

The Gaming Librarian > Nice little pickup today.

Posted 24 September 2008

http://img136.images...g1878gd1.th.jpg http://img136.images...mages/thpix.gif

I received these in the mail today. I picked them up on MarkMan's good word (which is saying a lot), and on the suggestions of many users at the SRK forums. As someone who is very familiar with the original 6 button Saturn pad, I must say that this...

The Gaming Librarian > New Square Strategy RPG - 5 Dollars.

Posted 08 July 2008


For your iPod classic and 3rd(thanks lilboo:)) gen iPod Nano.

Just bought it off the iTunes music store. Too late for me to play now, but I will post my impressions tomorrow.

Oh yeah, it does let you create your characters according to the songs on your iPod. 

Here are some sc...

The Gaming Librarian > Is Too Human destined to fail?

Posted 07 July 2008

I love dungeon hacks. I really enjoyed the games of Silicon Knights. I am still pretty hyped about Too Human, but I just don't see this game doing well. This series is supposed to be a trilogy. But I don't see it happening, and this saddens me. Is Too Huma...