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In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation IX - 2018

17 January 2018 - 01:05 AM

I don't know if you have enough DPS in the beta to kill the third hunt in the 20 minutes though. I haven't researched it, but I was carried by 3 veterans.

The monsters scale according to whether you're in solo or in a group, and in the full game if friends join mid-fight the monster will immediately scale up to higher multiplayer-level stats, but not scale back down if they leave. I don't think the game scales according to how many other hunters are with you though.


From my experiences in the beta playing both solo, and with a group of friends who I played MH3U a ton together, two of us couldn't kill Anjanath (the 3rd quest) monster before the 20 minute limit was up on multiple attempts. With 3 people we did it, and with 4 much more easily. Solo was much easier than I was expecting though, and I had no problems finishing the hunt, but I also generally knew what I was doing from past MH experience. The monster did far less damage, and took much less to kill. Would be much more difficult solo for a new player I imagine though.

In Topic: Metroid Limited Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL *SYSTEM* -- PRE ORDER

11 August 2017 - 07:50 PM

It's up on Best Buy for preorder, no store pickup option at the moment.



In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation VII 2017 Update!

30 March 2017 - 08:52 PM

Managed to get a PS4 CE preordered for store pickup at my local Best Buy after a few OOS errors while trying to check out, wouldn't be too surprised if it gets cancelled though.


Honestly though, it's just to give me time to think about it more. Even with GCU, $200 feels way too steep for what you get. Am I alone in thinking that the LE at Gamestop seems like a much better deal, even without GCU? I'm not too terribly invested in Destiny as a franchise though, so maybe that's why.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Echoes Limited Edition (Update: OOS EVERYWHERE)

22 March 2017 - 08:30 PM

Back in January when they had those Skylanders Superchargers starter kits on clearance for like $5 through Best Buy, one of those was actually shipped to me in a huge bubble mailer. I didn't even know they made bubble mailers that big!


Nothing is safe from them, in more ways than one.

In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation VII 2017 Update!

22 March 2017 - 12:39 AM

Preordered the Fire Emblem LE in-store less than an hour ago, so probably still available.