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24 February 2020 - 03:07 AM

Operencia is awesome

I found the game clunky and not intuitive.  The whole intro part of the game was not fun to me at all.

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22 February 2020 - 11:09 AM

Here's the archive of that stream of the new NES & SNES additions on Switch:



Found all of them to be better than I expected, but Eliminator Boat Duel was the biggest surprise. Some of the rubberband AI BS can be undone with rewind so you don't have to start over when you get a game over. Shadow of the Ninja wasn't as hard as I was expecting, but it's a neat mix of Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man. Twinbee's a solid cutesy shmup that can be sneaky hard if you're not paying enough attention to avoiding shots. Smash Tennis is a standard tennis game that is all right.

I enjoyed watching you play Pop N Twinbee. I remember importing that game from Japan back when it was released. I think I read about it in EGM magazine in their international coverage section and it looked really cool to me. 


One note about your game play. One reason you had so much trouble with the boss is you took a ton of damage before the fight started by hovering over the boss. I assume you were distracted by what you were saying.  I agree with your commentary about the boss music being very similar to Turtles in time. 


Great video!

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15 February 2020 - 07:11 PM

Again, installing a disc saves on downloading gigbytes from the internet if you have a monthly data cap on your home internet plan.


Why do people on this thread feel the need to argue with every post that I make?  :roll:

No good dead goes unpunished. 


Even though I commented about the Monkey Ball game achievements, if it were not for you I would not have even given the game a try.  



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15 February 2020 - 08:41 AM

You're right.  I tried it this morning before I left for work, and that first world is hard as hell.  Or my reflexes suck in my old age.  I'm 40.

I hear ya. I struggled through world 1 and 2 yesterday.  You are a youngster compared to me. I am 53.


I read "spit out achievements" and went for it, got through world 1 and was super annoyed, the camera is bad, the music and sounds are super annoying and overall is just bad. Took a chance on world 2, even worse, got to the boss at the end of that level and wanted to throw shit at my monitor because of how annoying it was, got 2 achievements and uninstalled.

Agreed. That 2nd world boss was the most frustrating boss fight ever. That's as far as I am playing this game. 


I played through to World 6 or 7 so far. And that damn boss on world 2 was the most troublesome thing for me.

Aside from my hatred for the camera (and inability to control it), I thought it was pretty fun.

You are a trooper to play that long. I will say I used to love the monkey ball games back in the gamecube days. I think I preferred the party games over the single player though. I have not tried that feature in this new game.  I don't play party games much anymore. 

In Topic: XBL Deals - DwG: Kerbal, No Man's Sky, Onrush, more | EA, Animals, Ubis...

14 February 2020 - 06:33 PM

OK, guys.  I get it.  And thanks for deflating my enthusiasm about playing the game.  But it's not Dark Souls hard.  

Not trying to deflate your enthusiasm for the game. Just noting the achievements don't "spit out" in my opinion.