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#13085218 Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

Posted by argyle on 07 December 2015 - 12:42 AM

They ban you THEN make your points go negative

Oh, it will be much worse than that...



#13058774 Square Enix Store Black Friday 2015 Sale (Valid through 11/30/15)

Posted by argyle on 26 November 2015 - 09:18 AM

I thought they had some awesome deals, grabbed 9 games for $72.50 shipped:


THIEF [PS4] - $8

#13057022 Best Buy Black Friday 2015 AD

Posted by argyle on 26 November 2015 - 05:17 AM







#13049689 Best Buy Black Friday 2015 AD

Posted by argyle on 23 November 2015 - 10:26 PM

For me, since amazon now charges my state tax, I usually just price match anything that is available at Best Buy so that I can get it the same day, plus get points. When my Best Buys had Kindle cards, I would buy them to get Reward Points at Best Buy, then buy everything on Amazon. lol

I get that. But the people who work at my Best Buy are the absolute worst. Every single time I'd go in to do a trade, pick up a game, whatever, it was an argument. Every. Time. They have absolutely no idea how their own programs work, they can't operate the computers so they'd constantly ring up wrong prices and then try to tell me why whatever I was buying wasn't included instead of figuring out why they didn't get my GCU status in properly. It was a nightmare.


The last straw was when Arkham Knight came out. I had preordered the CE, and when I got there they handed me the one they had stuck my name on, and the corner of the box was dinged. I asked to see the other one they had behind the counter to see if it was in better shape, and they absolutely refused - they said the one I had was mine, that other one was someone else's. Argued it all the way up to the manager on duty, who gave me the same BS line. At one point he tells me "I don't give anyone preferential treatment" to which I replied "yes you do, you're putting someone who hasn't even showed up yet over me." When he refused to budge I took my game and as I was leaving told him I'd never set foot in that store again. I've been true to my word.


So for me when it's not a price difference it comes down to who does a better job w/ shipping, and Amazon usually wins that. 

#13048003 Best Buy Black Friday 2015 AD

Posted by argyle on 23 November 2015 - 08:48 AM

Got everything I wanted except for Until Dawn:


:wiiu: Splatoon

:wiiu: Super Smash Bros.

:ps4: MGS V

:ps4: FF X / X-2

:ps4: Dark Souls II


After tax, my $35 in RZ certs & the $20 gift card from the Visa promo earlier this month I'm only out of pocket $69.05. :D

#13045153 Best Buy Ad 11/22-11/25: Buy Two Get One Free Preowned Games

Posted by argyle on 22 November 2015 - 09:32 AM

Wow, I actually found 3 used games at BB that I wanted that were available for shipping - heck, I found more than that, had to narrow it down.  This is a first. 

#13038138 Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 3.0

Posted by argyle on 18 November 2015 - 11:22 PM

I mean it's a remake of a value type PS2 game, so I wouldn't go that far.  You're paying $80 for a remake of an older game that costs much less. 

But it's not just a "fresh coat of paint", they've completely redone the crafting, leveling, combat, added new enemies, etc. It's more like Odin Sphere 1.5 than a simple HD port. And to me, that's well worth the $60 asking price by itself - and the extras easily make up the additional $20 of the CE. 


As in all things tho, evaluate your own value & buy it or not based on that. :)

#13036856 Fire Emblem Fates - Special Edition $79.99 ($63.99 GCU) OOS BB/Amaz...

Posted by argyle on 18 November 2015 - 03:01 PM

Can't believe people are buying it for $80
.. unless they plan to flip.


Can't believe people are buying it for $80
.. unless they plan to flip.

I bought it for $64, if it makes you feel any better. Tho I'm with those who say it seems like it's worth the asking price.

#13034489 Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition $89.99 - Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy

Posted by argyle on 17 November 2015 - 02:28 PM

F u c k Nintendo's censorship. I would never buy this. It's the principle of the matter

It's not the principle. The only time the 'net gets outraged about changes in games during localization to this degree is when they're putting clothes on the underaged girls or otherwise limiting access to virtual boobies. If that's your bag, fine, but call it what it is. Don't try to make it sound like it's some noble act. 

#12995580 Gamestop 4 for $10 used game sale!

Posted by argyle on 29 October 2015 - 09:42 PM

I think that's because they have two or more copies. They prefer to sell the one wout orig case first as it's harder to sell, but then they drop the price on a game and the store has to throw away the case and everyone loses.

I have about 13 ps3 games w non orig artwork thanks to Gamestop. I have a psd file that has the PS3 logo for just the spine and I write the name of the game under it vertically on the psd. I also write the name of the game in the front cover. Very simple, spines look great sicnr that is what matters to me to find a game and no wasted ink.

A friend of mine who's the manager at my closest Gamestop does this, but from what he told me there isn't a policy concerning it it's just his preference. And he does it for the opposite reason you mentioned, actually. He says the vast majority of people don't care if a game has its case or not. So if someone comes in & asks if they have a better case, or if someone like me comes in who he KNOWS wants a nice case, he'll have it on hand. And the people who don't care will just grab whatever's on the shelf & be happy.  

#12530115 30% Bonus Trade-in Values In-Store at Best Buy

Posted by argyle on 25 February 2015 - 01:41 PM

:wall: I get it. I know how to trade stuff in. In case it isn't clear, I have a spreadsheet I created that calculates the final TIV for each store when I enter the base value...so yes I know what I SHOULD be getting when I go in. I was saying that it isn't always the consumer's fault if something goes wrong. (And all of you should be able to do the math in your head.)



Back in the day they used to always start with the phone number and license before they could even enter the games, in fact, I taught several store employees how to do trade ins in the early days because they were unfamiliar with it (when almost every CAG was having problems with the 10%). The store I frequented most had the highest video game sales/trade ins in the midwest because of myself and a couple other people (I know one was a CAG and I believe the other was a SDer) bought and traded a large amount of games there. (I did a lot more buying than anything though.)


It's your fault. You should have stomped your feet and demanded they give you a giftcard.

I really don't think some people here have dealt with TRULY bad BB employees. I have literally had arguements that involved 4-5 people in the store, including whatever manager was on duty, telling them they were ringing up my trade wrong because the bonus wasn't showing and them swearing they weren't, I just wasn't supposed to get the bonus for whatever reason they could make up. Sometimes it's easier on your sanity and blood pressure just to take the base & then call the 1-800 number. In my experience, save for one or two exceptions the employees at my Best Buy are the most unfriendly, ignorant and unhelpful employees of any store in my area. It's gotten so bad that I've actually questioned whether or not the 20% off GCU is worth it. 

#12497577 Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Limited Edition 3DS back in stock on Amazon

Posted by argyle on 13 February 2015 - 07:43 PM


#12482262 Reduced Price Guide Thread XIV (FAQ in 2nd Post)

Posted by argyle on 09 February 2015 - 05:57 AM

I hadn't even seen this thread update, I just went into my local TRU yesterday afternoon to check out their Amiibo selection. While I was there I was browsing the games & spotted the Pikmin 3 guide - knowing how old it was, I was curious if they had marked it down any & scanned it at the price checker. Was shocked to see it at .02 since it's been FOREVER since I've come across penny guides in the wild (I have some friends at GS that will hold some for me, but that's it). Scanned all the other guides in the Nintendo section, came away w/ one each of:


Pikmin 3

Lego City Undercover

Nintendo Land

DKC Returns 3D

Luigi's Mansion


After the lady checked me out, she called someone on the radio & then said (to me, I guess) "We're gonna have to get those off the floor!".  Oh well, I got what I wanted and my days of hoarding guides are LONG gone - getting rid of my dupes took forever and I ended up giving the last of them to a local mom & pop shop last year just to have them out of the house. 

#12441616 3 for $10 Xbox 360 or PS3 Games at GameStop

Posted by argyle on 25 January 2015 - 04:15 PM

The sale IS happening, as I mentioned earlier I had a manger - 2, in fact - both of whom I know very well & have helped me out in the past tell me about it, I just didn't ask to see a list. They said they were re-doing what games were in those bargain bins, and those would be the ones on sale.


Never have understood why some CAGs don't even want to believe the "probably not going to be that fantastic of a sale anyway" reports.  :roll:

#12297331 Official Collector's Edition Compilation III

Posted by argyle on 03 December 2014 - 11:02 PM

The 20th Anniversary PS4 will be priced at $499. What!? I'll stick with my white one ._.

No offense, but anyone looking at that bundle from the perspective of trying to find a good deal on a PS4 is NOT the target market for that system. They didn't make it for you. ;)


I will do everything reasonable Sat. to try to secure one of those preorders. And if I do, I'll sell my current system & use that one. :D