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In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals Thread: Atlus, NISA, Aksys, XSeed and More!

22 February 2015 - 02:18 AM

Has anyone been able to pay NISA for their HTOL#NIQ LE pre-order from the whole PayPal express checkout ordeal? 


I tried paying for it my sending payment but when I try that, I get an error. I emailed them but haven't heard back yet. My order still says processing but no updates, obvious. 

I emailed them about it and they got back to me pretty quickly.  They wanted me to just give them all my credit info directly through email.  I thought that was pretty funny, and told them so, so they offered to send a PayPal invoice instead.

In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

21 February 2015 - 04:26 AM

my new 3DS XL... has less better life than my Vita. At least so far.

Seemed about the same to me, but I switched back to my old XL w/CPP for MH4U after a few days anyway.  Can't stand that nub.  I'll take better controls in exchange for the performance hit (which is pretty significant, unfortunately).

In Topic: Target: Buy The Order 1886 and get $15 off $20 PSN card

19 February 2015 - 08:33 PM

Well the game's entirely about the graphics/ story/ etc. Then why not just watch it for free. Instead of paying $60 or whatever it ends up for you to press the buttons to watch it?

I really doubt that the interactivity adds so little to the experience that you might as well just watch it.  There's some shooting to be had, and a few corridors to explore.  It also won't look as nice, streaming from YouTube.  Nobody seems to have a terribly high opinion of the story, either.


I'll probably pick it up when it's $20ish, but can't imagine just watching some stranger on the internet play through the whole thing.

In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

19 February 2015 - 07:52 PM

To each his own obviously but I don't get why anyone would want to cart a bunch of physical games around on any handheld when going digital to me is far preferable especially traveling-wise.

For a few bucks, I got a little plastic case that holds a dozen Vita carts.  It fits neatly in my Vita case, which with an open screen is basically a requirement anyway.


People don't like digital for a variety of reasons; Vita isn't any different.

In Topic: Target: Buy The Order 1886 and get $15 off $20 PSN card

19 February 2015 - 07:28 PM

Someone posted the entire game on Saturday. Don't know who, why, how, or if its still there

That's not a review.  There were none at the time of my post, though there are certainly a lot now.


I'm definitely not on the defense force for this game, although I did think it was really silly that so many people immediately decided short = bad.  Turns out that it's both short *and* bad, though!  Disappointing, to be sure.