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Today, 06:27 PM

free PUBG if you buy an X between 17-25... but no bonus for day 1 supporters.... come on microsoft

It wasn't ready when the X launched. Depending on who you ask, the game is still not ready. Then again I guess you'd have less refund demands when it comes free with the system.

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Today, 07:30 AM

think Im finally finished with the 12th day of TA christmas, just needed to wait to get scanned in, defense grid 2 and cobalt where the real MVPs for me

Congrats, yeah looks like I'll be using DG2 and Lego games for D8 challenge lol.

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Today, 03:59 AM

I'm a big Star Wars fan too but I feel like Star Wars at this point of, hey-you-remember-that-thing-you-enjoyed-when-you-were-young-and-now-you're-all-grown-up-and-want-to-share-that-love-with-your-kids... Found Ep. 7 to be very formulaic and very much felt like a reshoot of Ep. 4. That and don't really have a ton of hype to see Ep 8, esp if they're going to be making it for everybody to enjoy (a problem with some Disney properties now). If they're going to make Ep 8 to be like Ep 5 then I'll just wait for the Blu-ray to release.


Working on D7 challenge, getting achievos from different games. Playing a bunch of my backlog for this one. I started Trials of the Blood Dragon - popped On Deadly Ground from the start, fairly easy to get- and lol, def revisiting that one after this challenge. Thought I'd start Aqua Kitty UDX and got an achievo with it being a 10g one. Ohh dang, oh well (later challenge is getting those). Realized the DLC I had for the other Trials game, Trials Fusion, were gone. They might not have transferred over when I changed to a larger capacity HDD. So after I redownloaded those I decided to tackle The Bike is Your Hula Hoop. Turns out the FX track on Fault One Zero suspends you at the end so you can get a pretty good score in one jump if you've got the multipliers up there. Man, that was tough and I still noticed I cannot for the life of me finish the Extreme tracks on the DLC lol. Those, along with the one I got in FM7 (Moonlighting) & Microsoft Sudoku (Good Memory) means I need 2 more!

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Today, 02:00 AM

Admittedly, I don't know a lot about net neutrality, but wasn't it passed in 2015 under Obama?  So wouldn't the rolling back regulations to a past Democrat be referring to that?  Also, the internet seemed to do decently well up until 2015 without net neutrality.  I'm not saying that repealing net neutrality was the right move, but I also don't know that it's the doomsday scenario many seem to indicate.

Admittedly, if you don't have the information on the topic at hand, then either 1) research it or 2) you're going to be misinformed and you're going to be making uneducated statements. This is the reason people aren't giving stock market tips to strangers they come across in public. Unless you're a stockbroker or somewhat follow the industry that you work in (stock market), then yeah you're not going to tell someone you need to buy this, sell that because that's what's going down (Bitcoin excluded here). The main thing about what was passed was the regulations - which happens to be a 330+ page document - that Obama added onto Net Neutrality was repealed. Net Neutrality is still present, it's basically "rolled back" to before Obama added the bloatware onto it back in 2015. Yet when someone talks about NN they talk like we just ignited the whole blueprint for "the internet". No, Net Neutrality is not gone and shady stuff was still happening after those were enacted onto NN - so it's there's no doubt shady stuff will not cease either (more on that below). Like the "Affordable Healthcare Act", it was a bloated mess basically. It's a bit more complicated than that, and internet is more than just a US thing anyways, but that's the gest. In layman's terms it's less targeted towards the government regulating the internet and more so on the basis that a free market will take effect and enact regulations based off consumer's needs/fulfillment. In markets that have no competition now, the need for a comparable internet service could generate areas for companies to expand as well. That would be nice as a lot of rural areas are still areas of new growth with little to no competition at the moment. Of course, we can't tell the future, esp the fear mongering doomsday picture social media likes to spread about "repealing NN" (again like I said it was that 330+ page document Obama added on) so we'll have to wait and see.


But that's not all, now states are suing over the ruling. Lol, jesus.

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Yesterday, 04:58 AM

I Only got 50...

Caps lock tax.


I kid, I kid.


Speaking of rewards, I decided to look at my Xbox rewards. Did this month's survey and then realized I had a new VIP perk waiting to be claimed. The anv from signing up with the program was there and they said it's been 7 years since then. So now I have almost 1K of points for that vault thing so I decide alright let's go take a look again with that. Lol, most of the good shit on each level is out of stock. I'll prob save those up for the controllers they have on there I guess. Still can't believe they've got some GwG stuff still on there like Project Cars.