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GRID Autosport

24 May 2014 - 07:59 PM

Here's one for you, when did this get announced?! According to its wikipedia page it's going back to GRID's roots, http://en.m.wikipedi.../Grid_Autosport, in-car camera returns, looks like Endurance, Touring, Drifting races are back and 22 locales (San Francisco is back!) consisting of 100 racing routes. GRID Autosport will be releasing for PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 on June 24th.

GRID Autosport Announcement:

Discipline Focus // Touring // GRID Autosport:

Discipline Focus // Endurance // GRID Autosport:

Discipline Focus // Open Wheel // GRID Autosport:


Discipline Focus // Tuner // GRID Autosport:


Discipline Focus // Street // GRID Autosport:

The Black Edition - GRID Autosport:

Super Time Force - Available Now

14 May 2014 - 10:46 PM

Another game from Capy Games, woot! It's finally out! Super Time Force is $15 & available on Xbox Live.



They're streaming Super Time Force right now as well.

Xbox One - Sunset Overdrive Out Now!

08 May 2014 - 03:48 PM

Sunset Overdrive


Developer Insomniac Games are making an Xbox One exclusive and it deals with a fun and colorful dystopian future.


Launch Trailer



Can't wait to see what they'll show of this game at E3.



and Promotional site


A bunch of gorgeous screens, spoilered to save space:


Trials Fusion - Now Available

17 April 2014 - 01:54 AM

Anyone picked this up today? $40 physical copy and $20 digital. Physical copy comes with Season Pass apparently -- Season Pass is $20 and will include 6 DLC packs.


Game details

  • $20 Digital (5 GB)
  • Platforms: Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS 4/PC
  • Release Date: 4/16/2014
  • Developer: RedLynx
  • Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment


Game Description:Trials is back for even more fun! Built upon the Trials franchise’s proven gameplay foundations, Trials Fusion challenges players endlessly in both classic and all-new ways. It melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming. With unique platform-racing gameplay, ubiquitous competition and an ever-expanding destination for new content and features, the Trials Fusion experience is never over. Take on an unlimited array of platform-racing challenges in the unreal world of Trials Fusion. Using your skills to traverse across obstacle-laden, ramp-ridden courses, you must strive to set track records against the best Trials players around the world. Alone in career mode, with your friends in the frenzied multiplayer or in a crazy global tournament, competition is always available, so string together insane tricks and become the best trials rider! If the official courses are still not enough, thanks to the all-new track editor you are able to create your very own tracks. Let your imagination run and create insane tracks for even more fun. And with long-term support for fresh features and content, the Trials experience will continue to expand and challenge players in new and exhilarating ways.



To be honest I haven't finished all the content for Trials Evolution lol. I am tempted on the Xbox One version though and digital would go well with the instant game swapping feature I'm taking advantage on the One.


Tips and Tricks:

Need for Speed Rivals

10 April 2014 - 10:15 PM

Need for Speed Rivals

Play as a Racer or as a Cop, unlocking, upgrading and progressing your level throughout on each respected side in a connected shared racing world.

Figured I'd get a thread going as I didn't see one and search didn't pull up this game, although it did pick up the old Most Wanted threads haha. Recently grabbed this game at a deal off Gamefly. I've played almost all of the NFS games and you have to change your tactics up with this one if you're expecting to come out on top. It's been a steep learning curve for me but I think I've finally nailed how to go about the game. The main thing about Rivals is that you gain your race winnings and then bug out or you can try your hand at racing or driving recklessly more while the heat level continues to climb. As you probably already know from previous titles as your heat level increases expect the cops to call in support and change up their tactics on taking you down. Most of the time I take myself out by crashing haha. The other day though I was hit by a random racer going the opposite direction and it totaled my damaged car, then the cops busted me. I was like what the BEEP! Rage quit...

Having a lot of fun today though and I just unlocked the 2014 Mustang GT NFS Movie Car getting to Level 5 for Racer. Off to do some more objectives (the way you progress levels and through the story).