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In Topic: Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Today, 12:19 AM

Gonna send my brother to open the wrap on items so they arrest him haha jk.

Hoping they have Aladdin with the slipcovers in store. Someone posted one earlier and the movie had it.

I saw a lot more without them than with slipcovers.

In Topic: Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

I can confirm that Aladdin and Tomorrowland are ringing up for $9.96 on the east coast. Also the toys seen to be ringing up at their BF prices. As long as you can find the item in regular stock you should be good.

In Topic: Official CAG Destiny Thread 2.0 - Taken King 9/15/15

25 November 2015 - 04:10 PM

You should get a 310+ item as well from the rank 5 nut it might not show up right away.  Try logging out completely (changing profiles or completely shutting down the Xbox) and then back in.  I got 2 of my rewards simply after switching characters but others apparently had to do the profile switch/log out trick.


I'd love to, but with family around for Thanksgiving I'm tied up for anything but late-night runs.  So I'll be on tonight but not until 10pm Pacific or so.  I never ran my Hunter through any part of the Raid last night.  It is still by far the best way to get higher-level secondary/heavy weapons and armor (especially on hard mode).  I should have at least LFG'd for a Warpriest/Golgoroth clear.

I did have a 314 Warlock Bond show up out of the blue later the next day. That is now my highest light level item bringing me a fraction under 308 with my max gear on. 

In Topic: Official CAG Destiny Thread 2.0 - Taken King 9/15/15

25 November 2015 - 04:06 PM

Ran the normal Oryx raid mode last night found a really chill group that walked me through the ship jumping puzzle so I finally got that fragment and chest. And than I finally got the ghost shell at 309 at the totems and the machine gun at 304 at the Warpriest. I ended up infusing the machine gun it into my Iron Banner one which made that 303. They even went so far as to unlock the chest in the maze for the 4 of us that never had it. Everything was going smooth till Oryx and than it went to major crap. It was like I was the only one who ever ran that part and that was saying a lot. After the two chill guys got frustrated and left I was stuck with 5 people who were all under 297 that all knew each other and couldn't grasp the mechanics of the fight. I think I tried like 6-7 times and we could never make it past the first damage cycle. I ended up giving up and just shutting my Xbox off and going to bed. I did see that both of the original chill guys from LFG.com both sent me friends request this morning so I guess that was good.

In Topic: Official CAG Destiny Thread 2.0 - Taken King 9/15/15

24 November 2015 - 03:39 PM

Ran the Nightfall this morning and got my second 310 4th Horseman in as many weeks as my reward. Cant complain as I now have a 310 Black Spindle.