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Blog johnnypark > I Don't Get It, Sony

Posted 17 February 2012

Just captured this image from Destructoid for most commented news articles:


I want the Vita to succeed. It's pretty sexy hardware and I think it has a ton of potential. So I can't help but wonder why Sony is so insistent on shooting themselves in the foot so early in the g...

Blog johnnypark > Move Over, Ocarina: Why Skyward Sword is the New Standard

Posted 07 December 2011

I posted this on Bitmob, but wanted to share here on CAG too:


When it came to the 2D Zelda's, there was always something that substantially set them apart. My personal favorite is Link's Awakening, because it took more risks and had way more character than A Link to the...

Blog johnnypark > I can't see the 3D on the 3DS. Am I Alone?

Posted 28 March 2011

I tried, I really did. Last weekend I found myself near a Best Buy and got very excited when I remembered they had demo units. My friend and I went in to take a look, and I was very impressed with the graphics and vibrant screen. Analog nub feels really good, and the demo (Pilotwings) controlled really well.

But, even with the 3D slider all the way up, I...

Blog johnnypark > More Gamestop Haiku

Posted 25 February 2010

Inspired by randomthinker's post to try his hand at Gamestop Haiku, I found myself leaving a bunch of these in the comments section & I decided to post them as an entry to continue the trend. Enjoy!

Gamestop employees:
Life ends before it begins
Drowning in retail.

Accost customers
Who do not want preorders
Life full of hatred

Stupid cust...

Blog johnnypark > New SMB Wii Impressions

Posted 20 November 2009

It seems all the top entries with the most views are discussing Modern Warfare 2. For some reason, I don't think I could care less about that game, but I'm not sure why. Regardless, another new release which I think deserves some attention is New Super Mario Bros Wii.

While even the name sounds like a rehash, I can easily say that it isn't. I was...