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Blog dmunkee > California mini-update

Posted 09 September 2008

We've been living in California (Hayward) for about a month now, and I have to say that we're finally starting to settle in. We've been staying with relatives since we've been here, all while job/apartment hunting. This past Saturday, we got the apartment we wanted, and are looking to sign the lease and move in this weekend. Hopefully all will go smoot...

Blog dmunkee > The big move

Posted 09 August 2008

Well, my girlfriend and I officially started our move from Florida to California this past Wednesday. It's been slow going in the Uhaul (a 14' truck, towing a Honda Civic) and we finally made it out of Texas, a state I officially hate now (sorry to any proud Texans out there).

we're currently staying with my girlfriend's aunt in AZ, planning to rest for...