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In Topic: [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

15 August 2010 - 01:53 PM

Big bucks

In Topic: Sam's Club: Tekken 6 $19.81 (360), $24.81 (PS3); FFXIII $29.86 (360,PS3)

08 August 2010 - 03:26 PM

Not sure, but I do know that you pay more as a non-member. I also know that when the cashier was ringing me up at the register, he accidentally rung me up as an "open house" customer, and Tekken 6 showed up as $40.00. So, the "open house" people are being brutally murdered in prices.

EDIT: I just did a search and apparently "Open House" is still good until the 8th of August (Sunday). Tax free in Mass is also on the 14th and 15th of August.

Then what's the point of them doing an open house? Might as well get the guest pass and pay the 10%.

Does anyone know if we can use any credit card as open house customers? I remember I had to pay cash with a guest pass.

In Topic: Independent Video Game Stores in the Mid-Atlantic? (VA, DC, MD)

10 July 2010 - 04:38 PM

Cool Stuff is indeed an awesome store. Their selection is good and pricing is reasonable. The only issue was getting an employee to actually pay attention to us.

Cool Stuff is horrible at paying attention to you, but they tend to have a better selection than Replays.

Replays has another store out on General Booth (I think near Strawbridge theatre).

Video Game Heaven is impressive for the old stuff they keep.

Not sure if they still exist, but there was a Game On in Springfield??? honestly, I forget where it was.

Game On was also in Va Bch on Baxter and Princess Anne, but not sure if it remains.

In Topic: Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (5/16/10 to 5/22/10)

13 May 2010 - 03:27 AM

Time warp time?

In Topic: Bestbuy.com / Dealtree EZtrade-in programs (trade games for BB gift cards or...

09 May 2010 - 12:12 PM

They bitched about me using a flat rate Priority envelope to mail a game out the last time I sent one out from a deal here on CAG, even though their ad says 'if it fits, it ships'. So I have no doubt they would've bitched again once they saw I printed up the label 3-4 days after I locked in the trade values.

Did you put a prepaid label on it or did you pay the flat rate? The only time you're allowed to put a prepaid label on those things is if it is for 1lb priority postage or more. They definitely don't care if you put more postage than needed.

Also the "if it fits, it ships" is only really supposed to apply to the flat rate boxes. Ideally, those envelopes are only for documents and shouldn't look bulky and misshapen. But I've used them for shipping CD/DVDs too :lol:.