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14 June 2014 - 07:40 AM

In a week or so I'm going to head to the North Point mall store (since out of the 3 MS stores near me, it's the farthest store from me and I'm not going back there anytime soon) and cancel all of my pre-orders. I didn't get emails for all of them (just one) but I have all my receipts. Bad thing is not all my receipts show a pre-order for some reason. But it should be in the system under my email.

I'm pretty sure you can only cancel the preorder at the store you preordered the game from. You can't cancel a preorder at a different store.

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14 June 2014 - 07:33 AM

Was able to price match Mario Kart 8 with Walmart and get the $15 code applied as well. Thanks OP!

In Topic: MS Store - Trade in your console games and get a minimum of a $10 gift c...

12 June 2014 - 08:06 PM

Has anyone tried Fashion Valley in San Diego? Seriously considering going today

I went yesterday to do a trade in there. I was able to get away with trading in 6 games for only 1 pre order.


Went back there today with a friend. I was able to trade 15 games this time. Had to preorder 3 games. It seemed like as long as you do it in increments of 5 you'll be ok. She even offered me a water or soda while I waited.


I was the only one trading in legit games that I owned though. All the employees were asking if it was really okay for me to get rid of these. The person before me and the person behind me brought in $.89 gamestop sports titles with the price still stuck on the cases--shameless! haha

In Topic: MS Store - Trade in your console games and get a minimum of a $10 gift c...

11 June 2014 - 10:59 PM

Just came back from the store.

I brought in 6 games just in case one of them wasn't qualified. The sales associate scanned all 6 of them and put them onto the same order (guess he didn't know about the 5 game limit). It went through the system without a hitch.

So I had $60 on a giftcard. He then asked if I still wanted to preorder a game. I didn't want to push my luck even further so I agreed and put down $10 for a preorder.

The only info that was asked of me was my name, email, and address. They checked my drivers license but didn't write anything down other than using it to confirm it was really me.

The process went so smoothly that I'm going to try going back in again tomorrow with some more games.

tl;dr: walked in with 6 games, walked out with a $50 gift card and a $10 preorder receipt.