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Deadpool 3.0's Blog > My current video game collection/backlog talk/gaming in general talk

Posted 25 July 2013

For the last few years there is certain times I won't play a single game for over 2 weeks or longer. The most I've gamed in a day was 5 hours and that was years ago when I use to rent games and try to beat them as fast as I can before I had to return them.

Now of days I just buy what games I want when there cheaper. I've got a insane backlog that I will...

Deadpool 3.0's Blog > Seems like the TMNT video games are being rushed...

Posted 22 July 2013

As you know TMNT Out Of The Shadows comes out in August on xbla/psn. I just read on Joystiq there is another video game of TMNT coming out in October and it is a disc based game. It is coming for Wii,3DS and Xbox360. No mention of a PS3 version is kind of strange.

Out Of The Shadows has a darker look and feel to it. The disc based game reminds me of the...

Deadpool 3.0's Blog > Flea Market Wii update... It gets good.

Posted 20 June 2013

So I tried returning that Wii today and she actually refunded me which I was in shock. She said she would call the person that had that booth rented out and let me talk to them. I explained who I was and what I bought. They claimed on the phone it was working before they sold it, but I honestly don't believe that or maybe it happened to die from sitting a...

Deadpool 3.0's Blog > Microsoft went from Xbox Done to Xbox One!

Posted 20 June 2013

Corny title, but it lured you in. I couldn't decide between this one or Microsoft listened! Hell has frozen over!

I believe they listened and thought the Xbox One isn't going to sell well since people seem pissed. I still can't believe it to be honest. I thought to myself they will release the Xbox One with the DRM and if it flops they might get rid of i...

Deadpool 3.0's Blog > Bought a Wii at a flea market and it doesn't work

Posted 19 June 2013

Seriously, What the Fuck?

It doesn't say anything about it not working. It was 40 bucks for the Wii and it says no returns at the flea market. I'm mad as hell to be honest. 40 bucks to my broke ass might as well be 200 bucks.

Can I even sale it as broken and mention its broken on ebay and get something out of this piece of shit?

Or is there a fix for i...