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Blog Danimal > I want to buy you a game (contest over)

Posted 12 May 2016

Just a quick heads up- I know some people never bother looking in the contests and free stuff section of the forums, but right now I'm running a contest where all you have to do to enter is tell me which game it would be awesome to win, and if you're the lucky winner (drawn at random), you will awesomely receive that very awesome game. It's so easy it's...

Blog Danimal > Saving my son from the threat of Ivy's titanic melons

Posted 04 January 2016

So I'm anxiously awaiting the July 29th release of Soul Calibur IV; I've got my PS3 version reserved at Blockbuster (I had $60 worth of BB gift cards lying around) and I can't wait to throw down with Ivy, Kilik, Voldo, and of course Darth Vader. I just really, really, REALLY wish they would stop cartoonishly inflating the breasts of my favorite female cha...

Blog Danimal > What are you playing this weekend: "Where you at, DBJ?" Edition

Posted 12 September 2014

Friday :D

DBJ, I hope you don't mind me filling in for you this week. With no blog last weekend and none so far this weekend, I find myself sitting around with no knowledge of what people are playing, and I miss having that knowledge. ;) I'll be watching some football this Sunday, even though my Steelers already played, if you can call that "playing"...

Blog Danimal > I want to give you a free game. Please check out my contest in the forums.

Posted 27 July 2014

Just wanted to give a quick heads-up to those CAGs who may not have seen it, I'm running a contest to give away a free game of your choice from among the 17 games currently being offered in Best Buy's $10 preorder promotion. I know lots of people don't visit the contest threads a lot, but all you have to do to enter this is post which game you'd like to...

Blog Danimal > My XBox One/TV Quandary

Posted 23 November 2013

I've been looking forward to the launch of the XBox One for months, and have been interested to try out the new interface, and being able to jump quickly and seamlessly between games, TV, apps, whatever. There was one thing I hadn't considered, though, until yesterday when I picked up my new console and set it up: if I want to just watch TV, my XBox One...