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Want to interview few CAGs on violence in videogames

17 May 2008 - 03:02 PM

For a school assignment I chose to do some investigation on violence in videogames since this is an extremely hot topic nowadays. For my project work I would like to know what you gamers think about violence in videogames. Here's a few questions, you can answer as many of them as you want and I'll use them in my project work.

Interviewing gamers about violence in videogames:

1. What games do you consider being violent in any way?

2. Do you like violent videogames more than other videogames?

3. Have you ever had the feeling that violent videogame had an influence on your behaviour?

4. What do you think about game-haters like Jack Thompson and others who want to ban violent videogames?

5. Do you think developers will still make violent videogames in the future?

Thanks in advance! CAG rocks ^^

New PlayStation Store with classic PSone games for PSP online

20 September 2007 - 07:34 PM

After the pretty neat announcement of Remote Play Applications for PSP Slim&Lite and PS3 Kas Hirai from Sony Computer Entertainment has announced a version of the PlayStation Store accessible by PCs. Japanese gamers can already start downloading original PlayStation One games for the PlayStation Portablewithout having to use a PlayStation 3 to connect to the PlaySation Store (PSS). Too bad we Americans and Europeans can’t use the Japanese PlayStation Store, let’s hope there will be a US and European version of the PSS in the future.

Source: PSPSlimLite

I really hope this service will be appearing on a US and European PSS online store as well :) :bouncy: