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Crunchewy Behind The Times > Jeff Minter's new game: Minotaur Rescue

Posted 07 January 2011

Anyone with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad should download Jeff Minter's (of Tempest 2000/3000 fame, etc) game Minotaur Rescue. It's fantastic and only 99 cents! But give it some time - the controls are a little strange at first, but once they click it's fantastic. A simple game, but addicting as heck.



Crunchewy Behind The Times > The end of an era (for me)

Posted 02 July 2010

Today I unsubscribed from eMusic. It served me well for many years when the other music stores had DRM and eMusic was a super cheap source for Indie music, but now DRM is gone from music everywhere, and eMusic lowered the number of downloads per month in order to add more popular artists that I don't download, in an attempt to widen their appeal (I guess)...

Crunchewy Behind The Times > My lowly Best of '2009

Posted 05 January 2010

I'm not an uber gamer, so my list is pretty limited. The top 10 isn't even 10, and it includes every 2009 game I've played!

1. Trials HD (360 XBLA)
2. Pinball Hall of Fame: The William's Collection (360)
3. GTA: Chinatown Wars (DS)
4. Wii Sports Resort
5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10 Wii (will it go to '11?)
7. Punch-Out!!!
8. Wi...

Crunchewy Behind The Times > I turned off avatars - damn you!

Posted 07 January 2009

Some CAGs - emphasis on *some* - have the most incredibly irritating avatars. Not only do they have idiotic ones, but they have idiotic *animated* ones. I couldn't stand it any more and so I finally turned them off in the settings. It's a shame, though, because they are useful - useful for first impression-like judgements. Contrary to popular belief, firs...

Crunchewy Behind The Times > We finally got a Wii

Posted 05 January 2009

And I'm not going to join the crowd, at least much of the crowd here, because we love it. We've played it every day since Christmas and love the thing. Sure there are issues, but overall we are having a fantastic time with it. Actually it was my older son (7) who got it, but really it's for everybody. Along with the Wii were the games Mario Kart, Super Pa...