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Blog Vulgarism > Cliff diving, gambling, and fancy smelling V-words.

Posted 07 July 2011

So, it's been a little while, but things aren't quite slowing down just yet.

Unfortunately finding out a week late, my female co-worker and I went and saw The Two Towers and Return of the King extended editions over the course of the second half of June. We missed out on Fellowship, which was sad, because it's personally my favorite of the trilogy. Rega...

Blog Vulgarism > I've forgotten my name, I'm sick and I'm weak and I'm fresh from sleep...

Posted 22 June 2011

So June is coming to a close, which means my mother's birthday is coming up (the 29th) and then mine (the 4th.) The closest thing I can really get my mom is hope that I might be able to make it back to Wisconsin/Illinois around Christmas to see family and the like. I might bump it back closer to Thanksgiving so I can get some of my dad's food, which would...

Blog Vulgarism > I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook.

Posted 09 June 2011

Ahhh, yes, we are now onto May in my story of adventure, intrigue, betrayal, and buckets of Asian men!

This will be by far the shortest of all the entries, but will detail up until this point. Let's all gather 'round Pop-Pop as I give you a story that is as colorful as a puddle of rainbow sherbert diarrhea.

So, I had been searching for jobs. I had an...

Blog Vulgarism > Lady, I'm a Peaceful Man (Kirb's Adventure Pt. Deux: The Return)

Posted 31 May 2011

God damn, I miss them. Lady, I'm a Peaceful Man, that is. Got to play one show with them, where we all opened up for The Number Twelve Looks Like You and In the Face of War. Lady, I'm a Peaceful Man is like a junior version of The Dillinger Escape Plan with Macaulay Culkin on guitars.

Anyways, onto April. This one will be a bit shorter, as the details...

Blog Vulgarism > A long, Strange Trip to Paradise.

Posted 29 May 2011

Hello again CAG blog readers. About a week ago, I had a ten or so paragraph blog typed up about this subject, posted it, and it magically disappeared. So, here I am to redo it. So, let's get down to business.

Two months ago today (YAY!!!) I moved from Brussels, Wisconsin, to Davis, California. A 2200 mile trek half-way across the country to begin my life...