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Blog motorcitydice > Gaming on Borrowed Time

Posted 08 February 2010


The only time that I ever write a blog here is when my PS3 dies.
Damn, it did it again. YLOD.:censored:

This is the 3rd time that my Playstation 3 took a dump on me. This time though, it lasted from 10/08/10 until today. Four months on life support isn't too bad I suppose.

Time to tear my old friend apart again and bring her back from cyber death...

Blog motorcitydice > My Dinner With SONY

Posted 08 October 2009

It's official! I got a Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) on my 40 GB PlayStation 3.

http://www.city-hand... light bulb.jpg


Considering that my PS3 is 9 months past the warranty, I wasn't expecting much support from Sony. I decided to give them a call last night before dinner anyway to see what they would say. Needless to say, h...

Blog motorcitydice > PS3 Update 3.00 & 3.01 FAIL (and my possible fix). The Red Light District

Posted 03 October 2009

The other day, I decided to play the demo for "Katamari Forever" that I had neglected. After about 10 minutes of play, my PS3 reset on it's own.

WTF?! I was almost at the end of the round I was playing and it just stopped.

I looked over at my PS3, and there were flashing red lights. Oh well, I'll just turn it back on and start the demo back up, no big d...