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Blog vivafriend5 > Toshiba Television Woes: Part Two

Posted 25 April 2011

This is an update to this blog entry.

Apparently, Toshiba is not renowned for their customer service. After the phone call I just made to them, they proved themselves on this. The company who handles the calls takes the cake.

The television is still broken, but I waited to call, in the off-chance it might be a temporary issue. I unplugged everything,...

Blog vivafriend5 > Consumer Warning: Do Not Buy Toshiba brand televisions!

Posted 20 April 2011

Two years ago, my CRT television finally kicked the bucket. I needed a new television and ended up with a 52 inch LCD Toshiba Regza. It was quite nice and reasonable for the time, $1200 shipped. Fast forward to tonight: I'm channel surfing and notice the picture is non-existent on the right side, nothing but black. I observed a variety of channels and the...

Blog vivafriend5 > Part Three: So, The Kinect Dashboard Beta broke my 360...

Posted 09 December 2010

This is an update entry to this blog .

The refurbished unit has finally shown why it was sent back. Just before beating Fallout: New Vegas, I turned on the console to find it it could not read the clean disc, which it had read for fifty hours previously, without an issue, or ever leaving the console. That's a failing disc drive for those who are unawa...

Blog vivafriend5 > Part Two: So, The Kinect Dashboard Beta broke my 360...

Posted 01 December 2010

This is a followup to this blog entry .

Well, as I suspected, Microsoft sent a refurbished unit to replace the bricked unit. There are a few problems with the situation.

One : The console is not an Elite unit. It is an Arcade, which has distinguishable differences in its cosmetic appearance. It appears to be from the last wave, with a larger on-boar...

Blog vivafriend5 > So, The Kinect Dashboard Beta broke my 360...

Posted 11 October 2010

No joking, it caused my 360 to Red Ring. During one of the many system updates it forced upon me, it happened. I turned it off, which eliminated the Red Ring after the initial incident, an E79 error, but brought a message which is all that happens when it is turned on now.

The message tells me the system update failed, and to reattach the storage device...