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Posted by MattZack on 27 October 2018 - 01:47 AM

12 years left till catastrophic climate change. Plastic (oil, fossil fuels) are destroying the planet, but we don't want to inconvenience you. BTW, the reason digital prices are high is becasue Sony and Microsoft have deals with brick and mortar stores to not compete with physical games.  Digital prices would fall to Steam levels if people like you would stop working for little to no pay fo the big box stores. YOU're NOT saving money, only spending less and you're filling our beautiful planet up with pollution. Time to think about something other than yourself. Can't stand ignorance. You know the human species is going extinct and the 6th mass extinction has already started? <---absolute fact, look it up. You're worried about saving pollution, i'm worried about saving the species. Time to educate  yourself and wake the f up...for the love of humanity....please. There is no good or intelligen reason to buy physical games. NONE! ZERO! NADA! Good day! 

OK genius, I looked up the 6th mass extinction event and when reading about it I found this lovely gem:


Wildlife is dying out due to habitat destruction, overhunting, toxic pollution, invasion by alien species and climate change. But the ultimate cause of all of these factors is “human overpopulation and continued population growth, and overconsumption, especially by the rich”, say the scientists, who include Prof Paul Ehrlich, at Stanford University in the US, whose 1968 book The Population Bomb is a seminal, if controversial, work.


Just so you know, "The Population Bomb" is not really controversial.  It was flat out wrong since it predicted mass starvation in the 70s and 80s that did not occur.  I can't believe that the author of this tripe includes it as a "seminal" work - wow!  I think he may be pushing a second wave of BS and you are buying it. 

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Posted by MattZack on 17 October 2018 - 09:28 PM

Update on the Taco Bell Xbox One online code from the official rules - xbox website style:


C. Without a Purchase (Online Code Request): Between 12:00:00 AM PT on November 12, 2018 and 8:59:59 PM PT on November 21, 2018, an eligible consumer may click here and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain the online entry code (the “Online Code”). No more than one (1) Online Code may be obtained through this method (note: the Online Code is nonunique and may be used up to one [1] time per entrant per day between 12:00:00 AM PT on November 12, 2018 and 8:59:59 PM PT on November 21, 2018).


True super cheap people or those without iron stomachs will have to wait until 11/12/18.

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Posted by MattZack on 17 October 2018 - 04:50 PM

My quick read of terms:

Two sources of codes: buy $5 box or send snail mail with email address on it.

Two sources of entry: text message and website

Maximum of two entries per day, one per source of entry.

Please add/correct if I'm wrong.

Search the rules for the words "online code" - it says that it is multiple use (1 per day), but doesn't say exactly how you get it.  The 2 methods you mention appear to be only the single use codes.  It says there are 3 methods to obtain a code, then only details two of the methods.  In part "4" of the quoted text, it talks about the online code.  So yes, there are two ways mentioned to obtain a code, but no methods listed to obtain the online code.  Also, yes, two entries per day.


From the official rules:



An eligible entrant may obtain an entry code (“Code”) using one (1) of the following three (3) methods (some methods are only available during specific time periods, as noted below). Entrants may only obtain Codes either through a legitimate restaurant purchase or for free as described below. Codes may not be sold, bartered, or transferred. Codes are void if not obtained through authorized means. Each Code is valid for one (1) Game Play, as defined in Section 4, during the Game Period.

  1. Make a Purchase: During the Game Period, an eligible consumer who purchases the Taco Bell Xbox $5 Box from a participating Taco Bell restaurant, while supplies last, will receive one (1) Code printed on the Taco Bell Box. Not all Taco Bell restaurants will participate in the Game.
  2. Without a Purchase (Mail-In Code Request): To obtain a Code without making a purchase from October 5, 2018 to November 12, 2018, an eligible consumer must legibly hand write his/her full name (no initials), complete street address (no P.O. Box), age, and valid e-mail address on a 3½” x 5” properly stamped postcard and mail it to: Taco Bell® and Xbox® Game Code Request, P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. Requests sent in an envelope will not be accepted. Mail-in requests must be postmarked by November 12, 2018 and received by November 18, 2018. Administrator will send one (1) Code by e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the request. Limit thirty-two (32) total Codes per person/email address via Mail-In Code Request. Mail-in requests will not be returned and no further correspondence will be entered into. Mail-in requests must be original and hand-written. No mechanical reproductions are allowed.


During the Game Period, upon obtaining a Code or the Online Code, an entrant may play the Game using one (1) of the following two (2) methods to receive one (1) game play (“Game Play”):

  1. Text Message: During the Game Period, an entrant may send a text message from his/her wireless mobile device to the short code 72823 (“Short Code”) with a valid Code or the Online Code. Message and data rates may apply to all messages sent and received. Your mobile carrier may put these charges on your mobile bill or may deduct them from your prepaid account. All text messages sent to entrant will be autodialed. For each text message received with a valid Code or Online Code, subject to the limit of one (1) Game Play per entrant per day, an entrant will receive one (1) Game Play. If it is the entrant’s first Game Play, the entrant will be sent a follow-up text message asking the entrant to confirm he/she is over eighteen (18) and agrees to these Official Rules. An entrant must reply to this message confirming his/her age and agreement to the Official Rules to receive a Game Play. Upon completion of a Game Play, the entrant will receive a notification text as to whether or not he/she is a potential winner (“Game Notification”). 

    IMPORTANT: By texting the Short Code with your Code or Online Code, you are providing your signed consent to receive autodialed text messages related to the Game. An entrant may, at any time, choose to stop participating in the Game by sending an opt-out text message stating STOP to the Short Code. If you subsequently enter the Game again via text message, you will resume receiving text messages as set forth herein. If an entrant sends an opt-out text message, he/she will be sent a reply text message, which will provide that he/she has been unsubscribed and will receive no further messages. If an entrant sends a text message stating HELP to the Short Code, he/she will be sent a reply text message, which will include a link to these Official Rules. Consent to receive autodialed text messages is not required and is not a condition of purchase. Each text message entry must be manually key-stroked/entered by the entrant.
  2. Online: An entrant may visit https://winxbox.com/ (“Website”) during the Game Period and enter his/her valid e-mail address. If it is the entrant’s first visit to the Website, then he/she must complete and submit the registration form by providing the requested information, which will include but may not be limited to: e-mail address, complete first and last name (initials are not permitted), address (P.O. Boxes are not permitted), city, state, ZIP Code, phone number, date of birth, and confirmation the entrant has read and agrees to be bound by these Official Rules. The entrant then must enter a valid Code or the Online Code and click Submit to obtain a Game Play. Upon completion of the Game Play, the entrant will receive a Game Notification on the Website screen. Sponsors will also notify the potential winners via e-mail using the e-mail addresses provided by the entrants during registration.

Regardless of method of Game Play, each entrant who receives a “win” message will be deemed a potential winner pending confirmation and verification of the entrant’s eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules, as determined by Sponsors in their sole and absolute discretion. All potential winning Game Plays are subject to verification by Sponsor or Administrator, whose decisions are final and binding. An entrant is not a winner of any prize, even if the Game Play should so indicate, unless and until entrant’s eligibility and the potential winning Game Play have been verified and entrant has been notified that verification is complete. Sponsor will not accept screen shots or other evidence of winning in lieu of its validation process. Any Game Play that occurs after the system has failed for any reason is deemed a defective play, is void, and will not be honored.

Except for the Online Code, each Code may only be used once. The Online Code may only be used once per entrant per day per method of entry between 12:00:00 AM PT on November 12, 2018 and 8:59:59 PM PT on November 21, 2018. Regardless of how many Codes are obtained by an entrant, the method used to acquire the Codes, or the method of Game Play, there is a limit of one (1) Game Play per entrant per day via the Text Message method of Game Play and one (1) Game Play per entrant per day via the Online method of Game Play during the Game Period. A “day” is defined as starting at 12:00:00 AM PT and ending at 11:59:59 PM PT on a calendar day, except for the last day of the Game, which shall end at 8:59:59 PM PT.

In the event of a dispute as to the identity of an entrant, the Game Play will be declared made by the primary account holder of the account associated with the mobile device used to complete the Game Play, based on the applicable carrier’s records, or in the event of an online entry, the e-mail address used. The “primary account holder” is the natural person listed as the primary owner of the mobile device and associated mobile telephone number by a mobile telephone carrier, or the natural person assigned an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, online service provider or other organization responsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted address. The potential winner may be required to show proof of being the primary account holder and/or e-mail address holder.

In the event that a household plays the Game using more than five (5) unique e-mail addresses, all of the Game Plays associated with that household (determined by Sponsors or Administrator in their sole discretion) may be disqualified. Regardless of method of entry, each entrant/household is not eligible to win more than one (1) prize.

#14065353 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 13 October 2018 - 03:42 AM

Can we please shut down the political BS before it starts. I'm here for the game talk. There is a proper forum to voice your political views...THIS AIN'T IT!

Thnak You, kindly!

Sorry, I think it already started.


Typically though I will make it big and bad because I don't beat around the bush with little jokes or whatever.  I just get on with it, then the thread gets nuked and people generally don't do it for a while after that.  

#14065323 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 13 October 2018 - 02:27 AM

Yeah all those women whose characters Trump has assassinated really is just down dirty. Isn’t it? And the war heroes, etc.

So, do you think we should have due process?  Should a job not hire you when I have an uncorroborated account against you.  How about I try to find your employer or better yet, your wife and tell them about how you posted about how you would "do" the Chvrches singer?  What does it look like when you post this and then someone accuses you of rape?  Does this mean you are a rapist?  Would you want the presumption of innocence?  How about when the accuser has no corroborating evidence and when the witnesses do not substantiate her story?  


The thing with Kavanaugh was politicized by the Dems.  Held until the last minute, and then she can't fly?  Really?  Even though she has a history of flying.  Sure, this doesn't look like a delay tactic.  Why should we believe the Dems when, even before they knew who the nominee was, they vowed to fight against the nominee.  How about when they call for incivility openly and then are upset if things are not civil.  


Also, socialism is an idiotic idea and the Nordic countries are not socialist, they are capitalist.  All idiots who believe socialism is a good idea, please tell me where it has worked.

#14060797 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 02 October 2018 - 12:35 AM

Bloomy, do you want the thread to become political again?

#14048475 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 05 September 2018 - 10:32 PM

Is it 75% off on the 360?

No, still 7.50.

#14045622 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 29 August 2018 - 04:26 PM

PSA to anyone who owns Toy Soldiers: War Chest - they have fixed the menu freezing issue.  This problem dates back two years and I for one am surprised and happy that it was fixed.  

#14038443 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 13 August 2018 - 02:06 AM

I don't know if anyone posted about this, but game pass 6 month is $30 at target.



#14023288 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 11 July 2018 - 03:12 AM

I'm tempted to pick up toy soldiers but the standard and legendary edition have been on sale in the last month for the first time I think. Makes me think it's a good candidate for games with gold. Have they given a GwG with glitches achievements before?

Don't buy this game. You can only play the tutorial before it is broken. This is a known bug for 3 years. Ubisoft sucks.

#14020303 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 04 July 2018 - 12:46 AM

Well, if you have MS Rewards I just redeemed 12 months Xbox Live for 24,000 points which is kind of useless on short notice. It is the hot deal on MS Rewards until the middle of the month though so worth a look if you have enough. Comes in 1 month, 3 month, 12 month increments per usual. 

Do these still come as a code?

#14011012 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 13 June 2018 - 05:29 PM

No.  The recent trailer wasn't as bad.  I actually thought it was pretty interesting, especially the Jade reveal.  I was actually thinking of the reveal trailer from last year:
It really bugged me last year, but it wasn't until I saw the recent trailer and the "jack shit" comment that it made me think of this whole thing again.  
And in regards to violence vs cursing, as I mentioned, there's a limit.  A couple of "hells" and "damns" or even a "shit" thrown into a game is one thing, but the trailer was laden with needless cursing.  My kids are fine with Assassin's Creed level of violence (not a lot of gore, more just stabby stabby type stuff) but I couldn't let them watch me play MK X.  
Also, this isn't me saying that all games need filters or to be toned down.  Just sometimes this stuff feels tacked on in order to make a title seem more mature.  GTA?  Fine the way it is.  BG&E?  I don't really think it needs to be that edgy.

Good job thinking of you kids and setting a standard for what is acceptable for them.  Standards are something our society is missing right now, well, except for double standards.  I believe that people who put thought into their parenting are doing our society a great service, so thank you very much.

#13991147 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 08 May 2018 - 01:08 AM

I love that the bundle with Shiness and Seasons after Fall is $7.50 more expensive than buying them separately.

#13959444 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 07 March 2018 - 05:45 PM

Where do you work, a church.

I think it is generally regarded as poor taste to publicly play a video where a guy yells the F-word and that is is appropriate to put on the NSFW.  

#13947831 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by MattZack on 17 February 2018 - 04:06 AM

What hate? Just got back from my 12:30 showing. Awesome movie, loved it. Can totally see a certain group of wall-loving people not being happy with it...which was all the more reason to love it for me.

You mean like people in France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Britain, Macedonia, Ukraine, and Spain?  Or, are you talking about the people who own theme parks like Disney Land?  But, why would Disney not like their own movie?  Ohh, yeah, because they are racists!