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Blog ZerotypeX > Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Chicago concert

Posted 27 June 2011

On June 26 2011, my sister and I attended Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert (the night show) in Chicago. It is music from Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy games and being conducted by Arnie Roth.


It was an amazing concert. The sounds coming from the orchestra was just orgasmic to my ears. I'm sure it helped that the concert was held in Symphony C...

Blog ZerotypeX > Getting back into PS3 gaming

Posted 08 June 2011

It's been a while since I have played anything on my old phatty 60 gig. Mostly, the PS3 has been used to play DVDs and Blu Rays and with PSN being down, it didn't help with me getting back into it. The main thing I didn't really play it was I am still rocking old firmware, 3.15, which still has the Install Other OS option in it. I thought I could get some...

Blog ZerotypeX > Recommend me some music

Posted 29 September 2009

After buying some video games and acquiring some amazon credit to buy some mp3s. I was wondering if I could get some music recommendations. I've been listening to some R&B recently, like Ne-Yo, Brian McKnight, Craig David, Mary J Blige or if there are some artist that are similar to All Time Low and Forever the Sickest Kids.

Two completely genres, but w...

Blog ZerotypeX > Shaq Fu Theives!

Posted 25 May 2009

Seriously, what would posses someone to do such things. Sure the economy is not doing so hot, but still, your little thrill causes such unpleasant emotions in a person. I am usually a cool-headed guy, but just getting around $1500-2000 worth of stuff stolen is just not cool. My biggest issue is my laptop, have a bunch of personal info on there and just a...

Blog ZerotypeX > Kill Bill parts 1 and 2 in one minute

Posted 15 April 2009

Found this while roaming the internet. Thought it was amusing, hope you guys enjoy. Funniest part imo is at 29-30 second mark