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Choosy Mom's Choose Flesh's Blog > Game Stop Fails me Again

Posted 04 July 2009

This is my story of how yet again Game Stop fails on trade-in game prices. So, I recently got wind and interest in a fighting game called BlazBlue which was not in my gaming budget so I dug out some old games to trade in towards the purchase. I cruised over to the "GS Trade-in Value" thread in the CAG forums to get prices for my 4 games and calculate w...

Choosy Mom's Choose Flesh's Blog > My Christmas Haul 2008

Posted 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm very grateful for all that I have and the fact that my holiday work travel was canceled so I get to spend time with the family.

So, first up are the bad-ass Gears of War figures I got (yeah, I'm a collector of worthless toys)

Next up, are even more figures: Chris and...

Choosy Mom's Choose Flesh's Blog > My Launch XBOX360 & Its Issues

Posted 14 December 2008

Some CAGs that I play on XBL with may know this already but I have a launch XBOX360 and not only that but it is still running and has never been repaired. Following are just a few things I'd like to note:

I keep my system in a well-ventilated area and vacuum all the vents on the system and power supply every other week.
There was a period of time for...

Choosy Mom's Choose Flesh's Blog > Good-bye Trade-in Cherry

Posted 27 October 2008

So, as some of you may know from my previous blog post titled "My Shrink Wrap Stack Explanation" I have a large backlog of games and for better or worse I consider myself a game collector. Well, here are few things that I've come up with recently:

I have slowly been coming to grips with the fact that I will never play all of the games I have in my...

Choosy Mom's Choose Flesh's Blog > SOCOM4 Beta Impressions or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Dislike the PSN

Posted 10 September 2008

SOCOM4 Beta Impressions commencing and movie references ending.....

So, I was very grateful to have received a SOCOM4 beta code from a buddy of mine who pre-ordered at GameStop and following are my impressions from my experience playing with 3-4 other people. Also of note is that I haven't played a SOCOM since the original on PS2 and I have just vague...