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#12989207 CAGcast #425: Midi Kylo Rens

Posted by FasterTTW on 26 October 2015 - 09:56 PM

Probably because the only time I see online Nintendo stuff is people passing around codes for Super Mario Maker levels.

completely agree that not having a username search built into MM is a HUGE oversight in the game, but to pretend or assume that that represents anything other than that particular game is a bit short sighted now that the console's been out for 3 years (more-so for someone who devotes an hour of their time each week to tell a bunch of people video game news..basic stuff).


but anyway, if you really didn't know that you had to have created a username and password for online services while setting up your wiiu, now you do. 


oh, and sorry if this comes off as hostile - not my intent at all. i appreciate that you guys take the time to do the show and i look forward to it each week.