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In Topic: Amazon Cyber Monday - Lots of Lightning Deals Today

26 November 2011 - 12:57 AM

Earlier I sent an email to Amazon complaining about the last second disappearance of the 4gb Kinect bundle. This was about 9:15am PST.

At 1pm they sent me an email saying I would have another shot to win the lightning deal, since they were going to post it again at 12:15...

...LOL. They clearly sent me the email LATE, 45 minutes after the lightning round ended for the "second time"(technically first).

Automated reply, maybe? Thats the first time I've experienced awful CS from Amazon.
I emailed them back, hoping they will actually acknowledge my problem, and discuss it with me like humans. Lucky for me, I did take part in the "second" lightning deal at 12:15, did place it in my cart, and it wouldnt let me check out, it kept saying I had too many quantities...it didnt want me to have 1, it wanted me to have 0. I took a screenshot of this error screen, and I hope they care that technical nonsense stopped me from getting the $50 gc.

And also, I got two emails from fellow CAGs , the last time I posted about me taking screenshots...so let me say it here in the open: NO I will not send you my screenshots like you two asked me in PM. Wtf is with you? I don't even think BS like that is legal, and you should consider checking your morals. Not to mention, it shows my name as the user at the top. Derp.

In Topic: Amazon Cyber Monday - Lots of Lightning Deals Today

25 November 2011 - 08:36 PM

I had to let my 4gb bundle go. Since I already processed an order around 9am when the deal was supposed to go live, it wouldn't let me finish the check out process just now. It said only 1 bundle per customer. I didn't want to cancel my previous order because it already shows it as pending on my credit card, and I wasnt sure if I could get an over the limit fee even though they were just "pending" transactions.

Meh, oh well. Took screenshots showing I did win the lightning deal, I hope Amazon honors the promo, and if not, live and learn! (have a better credit card limit ;D )

In Topic: Amazon Cyber Monday - Lots of Lightning Deals Today

25 November 2011 - 08:21 PM

The 4gb bundle is in my cart, I have 9 minutes to complete the process.
However, since I ordered one 2 hours ago , it wont let me complete the check out it says, cuz it's limited 1 per person. wtf?!

I took screenshots though. I hope this helps them give me the $50 credit. This is ridiculous. Oh well, im done for the day. Got a nice tripod and bag for 77% off.

In Topic: Amazon Cyber Monday - Lots of Lightning Deals Today

25 November 2011 - 08:09 PM

The only thing worse then the "newcags" crying about not getting deals, is all you "oldcags" whining and complaining about the newcags. You remind me of Grandpa from Rugrats. "Back in my day we had to walk FIFTEEN MILES to get to a computer and be able to take part in these deals! And we had to go to an Internet cafe, too!"

Get a life.

HAHA, yes!
I was a lurker here about 1.5 years before I signed up. I believe I finally signed up because I was tired of not contributing, (...ok, maybe I wanted the free "cheap ass gamer" green wrist band thingie cheapyD was giving away)
CAG was not even much different back then.

The generosity is still here. So what if you have to read an occasional post by flippers? Or people that feel more entitled than they should?

The rest of the community is still functional and working as it should.

In Topic: Amazon Cyber Monday - Lots of Lightning Deals Today

25 November 2011 - 07:49 PM

How many of you are buying a 360 S because you need it, i.e., don't have one or yours went kaput? Or are you simply buying one because you've outgrown the HDD on yours or assuming it will fail eventually?

No one "needs" anything videogame related.
For me, I want it. Im tired of my old model being so loud. Tired of the tray not ejecting half the time, etc. Plus, the Kinect is a good gift to give to someone in my family.
Ill use my old model in the garage to watch netflix on as I exercise or use my exercise bike (it helps me watch foreign subtitle movies without falling asleep)