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#14163720 *Pics Added* [H] Games (Wii U, 3DS, PS1, More) Amiibo, Disney Infinity [W] Sw...

Posted by kube00 on 11 May 2019 - 02:21 AM

Bump sent ya a pm

#14161863 Win The Darkest Hunters for the Switch from The Gamers Lounge

Posted by kube00 on 04 May 2019 - 05:47 PM

Enter here! About a week left



#14158704 The history of Ghosts and Goblins arcade documentary

Posted by kube00 on 25 April 2019 - 04:34 AM

So many good videos, thanks for posting these. 

#14158702 2019 Yard Sale / Flea Market Finds

Posted by kube00 on 25 April 2019 - 04:30 AM

Another really good week. There was a little neighborhood sale that's been pretty good to me in the past, though someone involved had posted about it on craigslist touting lots of NES games. I had a feeling those were gonna be popular and potentially a little pricey (I had talked to the seller last time this sale happened), so I got there a little early to scope things out. Someone was already rooting through them, so I hit the other sellers. I spotted some Gamecube games and snatched them up, and then the seller mentioned some other games he forgot to bring out. He came back with a case of N64 games and some Genesis games, plus I spotted a GameBoy Color as well. Total for the Gamecube games, N64 games + case, and GameBoy Color was $60. Turned around and checked another table and scored the PS2 games for $15. Really happy to add some of these to my collection and spread the rest around to my friends.


Epilogue: I checked on the NES games after I bought everything else and the games were pretty much priced according to eBay. Definitely got the better deal!





Nice Haul, Ive never played Sunshine, I do need to play the remastered RE1 someday

#14156790 2019 Yard Sale / Flea Market Finds

Posted by kube00 on 19 April 2019 - 08:45 PM

Nothing too exciting so far. A few random Wii and Og Xbox games on the cheap at yard sales the last few weeks. Left Wiis and PS2, they were cheap but I have multiples of each.


Did find a little RCA mp3 player that was nice.


Found a nice little Mario Trunk at a yard sale close to my house.


#14155794 Win a few Saturn games from The Gamers Lounge!

Posted by kube00 on 17 April 2019 - 01:41 AM

The Gamers Lounge is having a contest


Details here 



#14146516 Playstation VR with Camera & Move Controllers - $250

Posted by kube00 on 23 March 2019 - 08:58 PM

Oh I looked, and I also checked when they were last active.  


And at least 2 of the Ouya people said they still had it

#14124813 PSA: Original Wii Store Closing January 30th. Unused Wii Points Will Be For...

Posted by kube00 on 31 January 2019 - 05:42 AM

The few Wiiware and VC games I own I have other places. Rondo of Blood I bought on PS3, I own Splatterhouse 3 a few other places. Ive got World of Goo and Super Mario 3 as well other places. I'll need to get a disk based copy of Tetris party


I did a Wii to Wii U transfer a few months ago, and I really wish I would have picked up more games. Dr. Mario RX is the only one I was worried about losing

#14110048 2019 Video Game Spending Tab

Posted by kube00 on 26 December 2018 - 03:32 AM

Costs of the last 13 years or so: 2006 on and all the old spending threads




Bought new, Bought new or used with Amazon/GS/Target/BB/PSN creditRented/traded to CAG, Bought used, Sold, Sold to GS for cash, Traded on CL, FB or into Amazon/BB/ST/GS, leaptrade/, free/won



-Picked up Pokemon Pearl from letgo for $12

-Sold Mario Kart 64 (picked up last year) for $20 via FB

-Bought a 3ds xl x 2 1 had a bad screen and a few games for $100 via facebook

Games were Mario Kart, pokemon sun, pokemon white 2, new super mario bros Super Smash bros, monster high, pokemon X, high school musical, and Pokemon Platinum
-Sold Chrono Trigger on Mercari for $35 after fees it was $27
-picked up yoshi wooley for 3ds and SMT Apocolypse for 3ds for $16 target
-Sold N64 with 2 controllers, 1 controller was bad, mem card, rogue squadron, super mario 64, F1 racing and madden for $75 via FB
-Picked up 4 games at target for $5 each, 2x Luigis mansion dark moon, dk returns 3d, and Ocarina of time 3ds $20 total
-Picked up 2x ps2 mem cards, 2 x ps1 cards for $10 via twitter
-Picked up Kirby Star Allies for Switch via facebook $25
-Sold Dark Moon, Ocarina of time 3ds and Dk Returns 3d on facebook for $40
-Picked up pink dsi with charger and 7 games animal crossing, pokemon plat, nintendogs daschhound, nintendogs dalmations, kirby squeak squad, fashion desinger, fur pals via facebook 50
Petz dogs and a action replay
-Traded SMT Apocolypse for 2x PS2 controllers and a ps2 mem card
-Sold Castlevania Portait of Ruin $20, Zelda TW princess for GC (resurfaced one) $35 and rune factory DS for $15 $80 total PRGE Swap meet
-PRGE Swap meet won PSVR with moss and astrobot from The Game Father
-Picked up a n64 with 1 controller and all hookups with expansion pack for $40 zach, got a 3DS Aqua with charger for $50 from Zach and new super mario bros for $12 and a 3ds case zach PRGE Swap meet $85 total
-Got a n64 controller for $1, another for $4, snes av x 2 and a ps2 av for $3, $5 n65 mem card, $3 flash focus DS and Brain age, $1 cooking mama ds, n64 power brick for $8, Tony hawk 2 DC and crazy taxi 2 DC for $8 disc only all at the PRGE swap meet
-Got Point Blank DS, contact DS and Spyro Legend of the Dragon for PS4 for $41 at a pawn shop
-Sold Dsi with, nintendogs daschhound, nintendogs dalmations, fashion desinger, fur pals, monster high, namco museum and pokemon pearl for $65 via craigslist
-Picked up Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS at Fred Meyer for $8
-Picked up Turok 2 for $8 via ebay
-Picked up Battlefield 5 via Best Buy for $23
-picked up a PS1 guncon at Goodwill for $5
-Sold Spyro Dawn of the Dragon on ebay 51 after fees it was 39.87
-Picked up Jak 2 CE and regular from Limited Run for $130
-Sold Summon Night 2 on Mercari 24 after fees 17.35
-Sold Action replay dsi on Mercari 45 after fees it was 36.25
-Picked up Hollow Knight for Switch for $31 with plush and code best buy
-Picked up used Switch charger best buy 23
-Sold the Wii on ebay for $19 after fees and bad I made 2.25
-Sold broken 3ds XL on Mercari 42 after fees it was $33







-Picked up Zelda Ocarina of time from a thrift store $12
-Sold Dk64 for $15 via facebook
-Sold Hollow knight from BB 73 ebay after fees it was 50.08
-Sold Wii U and pro controller to a friend. This was my personal Wii U, $275 
Games were New Super Mario Bros U, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Zelda Twlight Princess, Sonic Racing Transformed, Just Dance 4, Just dance 2015, Starfox Guard, ZombiU, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3d World, lego batman 3
-sold Secret of Monkey Island Misc bits, paperwork and game via facebook after shipping it was $35
-Picked up Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and NBA Showtime for DC for $60 via friend
-Sold N64 Ram expansion 3rd party from last year for $20 on facebook
-Sold Pokemon Stadium, Hey You Pikachu and Pokemon Snap for $30 on facebook
-sold wavrace 64 for $5 to a friend
-sold Ultima underworld on ebay for $55+$14 shipping 69 after fees it was $43.7
-sold n64 with 2 controllers (1 controller was from swap), mem card, 4mb ram expansion, turok 2, gx2 and zelda ocarina of time for $105 via FB
-Picked up a few things at an estate sale gc controller, gameshark cdx for ps1, spyro ripto rage ps1, spyro year of the dragon ps1, new super mario bros wii, smash bros wii, and just dance 2014 wii for $51
-Sold Gold Rush by Sierra on PC via facebook after shipping it was $29
-Bought Silent hill manual via fb for $9
-sold Monkey Island 2 on ebay 102.5 after fees it was $71.04
-Sold Fashion Forward 3ds on ebay 30 after fees it was $21.89
-Picked up Toe Jam and Earl CE from Limited Run for $81
-Sold Luigis Mansion disc only with custom case on ebay 27 after fees it was $9.28
-Picked up sealed copy of Blinx for Xbox for $5 goodwill
-Sold Silent Hill 4 the room on PS2 on ebay 37 after fees it was 27.24
-Picked up 2 copies of Jurrassic World Evolution from Target for $35
-Picked up Murmasa Demon Blade, Punchout and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles for the wii via facebook for $35
-Sold Jurrasic world evoution on mercari 40 after fees its $33.75
-Sold 3DS from swap meet with brain age, flash focus, pokemon sun, X, New super mario bros, mario 3d land, cooking mama 130 facebook
-Sold Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage on ebay 16  after fees it was 9.07
-Traded Nintendo Power Caps book for Ultima Acension IX and Gold Rush by Sierra both for PC facebook
Total is 







-Paid $25 to get n64 and wii fixed, also covered shipping both ways facebook 25 Shipping was $28 so $53 total
-Bought a Dsi off Mercari for $30
-Picked up a PS2 to PS3 mem card adapter $30, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles $15 and Tetris Party Deluxe for $22 at Sunken Sunken 72 total
Also 4 games resurfaced for free Mario Party 8, Mario Kart Wii, Burnout 3 for Xbox, and Tomb Raider Last Revelation for DC
-Picked up Skyward Sword and Indiana Jones Staff of Kings at GW for $10
-Sold Spyro yea of the dragon from estate sale 35 ebay after fees it was 25.49
-Picked up No More Heroes for PS3 for Mercari 22
-Picked up Wii games, 2 wiimotes and wii wheels, games were Mario Kart, new super mario bros, smash, Kirby Collection, kirby return to dreamland, wario ware smooth moves, wii sports, mario party 8 via facebook for $45
Poke Park pikachu, tales of symphonia, mario strikers charged,
-Sold PS2 and 19 ps1 games including Megaman X4, 3 ps2 games, Tony Hawk 4, Def Jam Vendetta and Beyond Good and Evil for $65 via facebook
-Picked up a Dsi xl 25th anniversary edition and Mario Kart Double Dash CIB with a GC mem card for $25 goodwill
-Got incredible hulk ultimate destruction and flash focus ds from Leaptrade
-Sold Gold Rush from Nintendo Power trade from $30 via FB shipping was $9.5 so I made $20.5
-Sold Dsi XL with pokemon platimun, kirby squeak squad, bagakrun brawlers, animal crossing, mario kart, flash focus and club penguin for $100 via offerup
-Sold Sonic Adventure for DC and Tomb Raider Last Revelation for DC for $20
-Won Jurrassic Park in a contest on FB, trade this and TMNT for NES (from a CL add last year) to leaptrade shipping was $4.54 shipping
-Sent Knack 2 via leaptrade $3.4 shipping
-Picked up RE2 for PS4 from a buddy for $25
-Picked up Metro Exodus from BB after 25% off coupon and last of the GCU it was $35
-Picked up Division 2 from Gamestop on credit gamestop
-Sold Mario Kart Double Dash for GC on ebay for $40 after fees it was 30.29
-Sold PS2 to PS3 memory card adapter on ebay for $65 after fees it was 52.56
-Sold Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowsers Minions on Mercari 23 after fees it was $16.45
-Sold N64 and 5 games, 2 controllers, games were Rogue Squadron, Cruisin USA, Banjo Tooie, Star Wars Pod Racer, and mission impossible via facebook for $90
-Sold Scarface on Mercari 21.25 after fees it was 15.3
-Sold Point Blank DS on Mercari 19 after fees it was 12.85
March total is $-113.5
-Sold Steel Battalion for Xbox via facebook for $35
-Picked up mario trunk at yard sale $6 (sold for $100)
-Picked up Farpoint VR and PS Worlds VR shopko for $20
-Sold Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks on Mecari 19 after fees it was $12.85
-Sold Yoshi and princess peach stylus on Mercari this was from DS lot last summer, sold it for $12 after fees it was 10.85
-Sold Mario Kart and 2 wheels on Mercari Mario Kart was from Goodwill, sold it for $35 after fees it was $27.25
-Picked up RDR x2 for 360, Adventure Time for 360, Modern Warfare 3 with steelbook for PS4, GTA IV 360 yard sale all for $6
-Got Zelda Windwaker from Leaptrade for GC
-Got Mario Party 8 at Goodwill for $5
-Picked up halo 1 and 2, the thing, timesplitters 2 for xbox, morrowind, and scarface for xbox for $10 at yard sale
-Sold Gameshare CDX on ebay 15 after fees it was $10
-Sold Mario kart wii and 2 white nunchucks for $30 on craigslist
-Picked up Batman Brave and the Bold on Wii from a friend for $5
-Sold Zelda Skyward Sword on Mecari for $23 adfter fees it was $16.5
-Traded in RDR x 2, Adventure Time for 360, starfox 64 3ds, Dragons Crown Pro ps4, Namco Museum Switch, Just Dance 2016 wii, God of war collection on ps3, Mario Party 8 on Wii, smash bros on Wii
Soul calibur on DC, tony hawk 2 on DC, minecraft on ps3, resident evil relevations 2 on ps4 all for $122 in credit
-Sold Burnout Paradise on PS4, Deadpool on PS4, Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, and Diablo 3 on PS4 for $85 on CL
-Picked up Spiderman Shattered Dimensions on PS3 for $23 on GS credit gamestop
-Picked up just dance, sonic all stars racing and namco musem for wii at a yard sale for $10
-Traded games to leaptrade, oregon trail 2, Railroad tycoon 2, and warcraft 2 cost me $7 to ship
-Picked up steamworld dig 2 for switch from BB, $15 in credit and $12 in cash
-Sold Lugis Mansion for 3ds and Golden Sun on GBA to a friend for $30
-Picked up Spiderman on PS4 from BB, $25 in credit and $7 cash
-Sold Mario Party 8 for $20 on facebook
-Sold Mass Effect Andromeda, Resident Evil 2 PS4, Dishonored 2 for PS4, Raiden V for PS4, and Rise of Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary for PS4 for $80 on craigslist
-Sold Mario Party 8 from Goodwill for $25 on fb
-Picked up RE4 Gamestop CE Red Tin and Capcom vs SNK for $93 via FB
-Got Midway Arcade Treasures 2 and Tony Hawk Underground 2 for $20 on FB
-Sent Mafia 2 for PC, GTA IV 360 and Hulk Ultimate Destruction ps2 to leaptrade
-Sold Smash Bros Wii on facebook $20
-Picked up Spyro for PS1, Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha for PS1, Ghost in the Shell PS1, MK Trilogy, and Champions of Norath for PS2 for $25 at a yard sale
-Picked up Wolverine Origins for PS3 and Doom 3 BFG for PS3 for $19 in credit
Total for April -$265
-Sold Wii with 2 controllers and nunchucks (Wii was the one that got fixed), 9 games, Mario Galaxy, Mario Strikers, New Super Mario Bros, Indiana Jones, Cursed Mountain, Just Dance, Namco Megamix, Wii Sports, Warioware smooth moves all for $100 on FB
-Picked up Xcom for PC for $0.25 at a yard sale
-Sold Mario Mario Trunk for 100 facebook
-Sold PSP 2000 from CAG that was modded on Mercari for $75 after fees it was was 63.25
-Sold Modern Warfare 3 with steelbook for ps3 on mercari 15 mercari after fees was 9.25
-Bought a Kirby Dream Collection case with manual and soundtrack for $10 off ebay
-Got a GBA SP Red for free friend
-Got a PSTV, a Vita 2000, and a PSOne with a LCD screen and case and 2 mem cards and controllers and 10 games for $125 games are Gran Turismo 2, Twisted Metal Long Box, Soul Edge, Saga Frontier, Tekken 3, FF IX (disc only), Moto GP, FF Origins, FF Chronicles, Castlevania SoTN Disc only, FF VIII, Tobal and ATV mania via a yard sale
-Picked up Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 for Xbox and Spiderman 2 for $10 from facebook
-Picked up 8gb mem card from Mercari for Vita for $18
-Sold Castlevania SOTN from the lot for $35 to a buddy
-Won a contest on Facebook and got Resident Evil 3 for DC and Sukioden for PS1
-Got a 80gb PS3 with oveheating issues for free, gave to a friend
-Picked up a PS2 slim and 3 games ATV, Mercs 2, and Spiderman 1 for $5 yard sale
-PICKED UP a ps2 slim power supply and a og xbox controller for $10
-Sold SNES controller box on Mercari 17 after fees it was $11.05
-Sold Dsi on Mercari for $23 after fees it was $20
-Picked up a 16 gb vita mem card for $21 via ebay
-Picked up a vita case, freedom wars, little big planet and lumines for Vita for $30 gamestop
-Picked up a PSTV w/32gb mem card and 2 move controllers with navigation wands for $120 facebook
-Picked up GTA San Andres on Xbox for $5, and Def Jam Fight for NY on Xbox via facebook for $10
-Sold PS Vita Slim with 3 games from GS littlebigplanet, Freedom Wars, Lumines and the 8gb mem card and the case from GS for $180 on Mercari after fees it was $151
-Picked up a PS3 Arcade Stick Hori craigslist for $10
-Picked up a mixed lot from facebook, 1 ds lite broke, 1 ds lite black and red, Black GBA SP, Ds fat silver, silver GC and 3 silver controllers, 1 silver psp with a 4gb mem card and some DS and psp games $75
-Picked up Glover for n64 sealed facebook 30
-Sold PSOne from yard sale with lcd screen, travel case, 2 controllers and mem cards and a/v cable. Also included Twisted Metal 1 longbox, Gran Turismo and FF Origins from the same sale 142 via facebook shipping was $20./pp fees was $3 total was $119, threw in Tekken 2, another Twisted Metal 1, Crash 2, and Smackdown all from last year
-Sold PS TV with 8gb mem card for $120 Mercari after fees it was $108
-Got a PS4 controller from BB from price glitch for $30 and Blood and Truth PSVR on GS credit $40
Total -$319
-Picked up Harvest Moon ds $2 Tom and Jerry NES $2, madden 05 for GC for a $1 at a garage sale $5
-Sold Saga Frontier from PSOne lot for $32 via mercari after fees it was 28.8
-Got a few cases on FB, Kirby Return to Dreamland for Wii, Spiderman Shattered Dimensions for PS3, and Pokepark Pikachu for Wii all for $18
-Purchased Psychonauts CE from Limited Run $82
-Snagged a white xbox 360 slim 4gb  with 1 controller from a yard sale for $20
-Picked up 4 games 360 for the 4 for $10, and a ps3 move charger, and a charge kit and a battery for the 360 controller for $50 in credit gamestop
-Sold the GC from $75 lot with 1 controller and 1 game Madden 03 for $40 via offerup
-Picked up Amazing spiderman for 360 for $4 garage sale
-snagged 3 3rd party a/v cables for snes/gc/n64off ebay for $12
-Sold Ghost in the Shell for PS1 for 36 ebay after fees it was 27.06
-Sold 3 GC controllers from $75 lot to a guy on FB for $45
-Sold Capcom vs Snk on Mercari 23 mercari after fees it was $20.7
-Bought Capcom Classics Collection vol 2 ebay 19.55
-Sold PS1 guncon $10 via Mercari after fees it was $9
-Sold Kirby Return to Dreamland for Wii on Mercari 18 after fees it was 16.2
-Bought Wii with 13 games including Paper Mario, Mario Kart Wii with a wheel and 11 common games, 2 wii motes facebook for $25
-Picked up Alan Wake 360, left for dead 360 and Wii sports resort for wii for $15 goodwill
-traded my red and black ds lite for a blue ds light also traded Metroid Prime Hunters Demo for Dementium on ds
-Bought Rogue Squandron, GX2 Racer, Wiepout 64 and NOW vs WCW for N64 fo4r $15 facebook
-Picked up Chex Quest and Groove 3ds for $6 thift store
-Picked up 1 dualshock 3 and 1 six axis ps3 controller for $10 goodwill
-Picked up Battle for Middle Earth 2 for 360, Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for 360 and Brain Age DS for $3 yard sale
-Sold FFVIII and Street Fighter Alpha plus EX for PS1 from yard sales on facebook for $30
-Sold 360 slim with 7 games halo reach, AC III, Borderlands, Alan Wake, Batman AA, Amazing Spiderman and Left 4 Dead $75 at a yard sale
-Sold ds fat and 5 games, mario and sonic, harry potter, crosswords, word blast, deal or no deal for $37 at a yard sale
-Sold Wii with 15 games including paper mario, wii sports resort, just dance 2, cooking mama, and mario kart wii 80 at a yard sale
-Got stuff from Leaptrade Battlefied 3 for 360, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 and Halo 4 
-Bought 3 N64 games a rumble pack and batman forever on GameGear (N65 games were spiderman, WWF Warzone, and Shadows of the Empire) facebook for $20
-Sold DS lite and PSP with crappy umds from big $75 lot for $35 on craigslist
-Sold FF IX, FF Chroincles from PS1 lot $20 and sold Twisted Metal 4 and Spyro $10 from the binder of PS1 games last year for $30 via facebook 
-Bought dsi charger, ps2 av, ps2 controller and a SP charger form a buddy for $20 
-Sent a friend 1 of the gc/snes av cables, ps2 power cord, ps2 av, ps1 games of knockout kings, atv mania and atv off road fury $8 shipping 
-Traded friends Beatles Rockband for Wii with drums and 2 guitars and mic for a PS3 with a few games and 3 controllers,PS3 160 gb had gran turismo, journey, Borderlands 2, AC Revelations, 3 dualshock 3 controllers and 1 move controller, (friend also gave me Last of us on PS3, red dead 1 on ps3 and diablo 3) 
-Picked up 4 360 games, AC II, AC Revalations and gears of war and FF XIII at a yard sale also had GTA 3 for ps2 yard sale for $4
-Picked up a 360 with 4 controllers, kinect, big bumpin, Cirt, halo odst, halo reach, cod ghosts and Kinect Adventure for $25 via facebook 
-sold Dsi from $75 lot with mario 64, and 4 other games for $50 via facebook 
-Picked up a few games from a yard sale for $12. Mario Party 8 for wii x 2, DBZ Budokai 2 for GC, Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow for Ps2 for $1, Hitman Contracts  PS2 $1, and Matt Hoffman Pro BMX 2 $1
-Picked up a few PS3 games to bundle with PS3 system, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Modern Warfare 1, Arkham City GOTY, Stealth Triple pack $10 in credit via gamestop 
-Sold Rhythm Thief and the Emperors Tomb for 3ds a digital code from Humble bundle on CAG for $10 
-Sold CTR and Crash bash via facebook they were from last year's loose PS1 games 15
-Sold Luigis Mansion CIB for $25 (GS copy), Eternal Darkness for $35 (thrift store) and Taito Legends for PS2 for $10 (PRGE) via FB for $70 also threw in a memory card and Midway arcade treasures 3 for PS2 
-Got PSVR Aim gun and Farpoint from a buddy for $55
-Got GTA V for PS4 ebay 20
-picked up 12 N64 games, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Mario Gold, Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, DK64, Super Smash 64, Tony Hawk, Road Rash, Mortal Kombat 4 Starfox 64 via craigslist for $50
-Sold Suikoden on facebook for $40
-Sold Killer 7 for GC on Mercari 35 after fees it was $31.5
-Picked up PGA golf 360 and Xbox Arcade For $4 yard sale
-Picked up Simpsons 360, black ops 2 360, disney extreme skateboarding ps2, left 4 dead 2 for 360 for $15 yard sale
-Traded Tobal #1 from big lot and $35 on PSN to a guy on CAG for Mario Kart DS, Professor Laytone DS, and Rune Factory for DS cost me $ 4.25 to ship
-Sold Def Jam Fight for NY on Mercari 28 after fees it was 20.95
-Picked up Namco Musuem for Switch at Target for $20
-Picked up Wii sports from facebook for $4, picked up Wii sports resort from GW for $5 goodwill 
-Gave away ATV Mania, Hitman Contacts, GTA 3, spiderman 2 Mercanaries 2, splitnter cell matt hoffman 2 and a ps2 mem card due to a bad PS2 trade, system ended up not working
-Traded in the former PS2 to GS for $15 in credit gamestop
-Traded in 3x Wii Sports, 2x dualshock 3s from beatles trade, 1 non working dual shock 3, 1 ps move controller from PS3 trade for beatles, 1 360 controller from 360 lot on facebook,
2 x mario party 8, 1 namco musem for switch, lord of the rings battle for middle earth 360, wii sports resort for $157 in credit gamestop
-Sold 4gb 360 from facebook with 18 games 3 controllers and kinect and a 32gb flash drive, games were Halo 4, Halo reach, Halo odst, AC II, AC Revelations, Dirt, Big Bumpin, FF XIII, Gears of War, Battlefield 3 Star Wars Force Unleashed, Xbox Arcade, Tiger Woods 09, Left 4 dead 2, Black ops 2, COD Ghosts, Kinect Adventures, and ultimate ninja storm 2 via letgo for $100
Total is -$310
-Picked up a n64 power supply for $5 letgo
-Traded Tekken 3 and Soul blade from the big $125 lot for Rabi Rabi for Vita from Limited Run, it’s the PAX cover
-Sent Gamegear games aka batman forever to a friend and Tom and Jerry to NES he paid $25
-Picked up Game Gear games for John, Itchy and Scratchy, T2, Blackjack, Monster Trucks, and return of the Jedi craigslist for $15
-Sold dsi from big lot with mario kart ds, Layton DS, Harvest Moon DS, and Brain Age for $55 via letgo
-Got a n64 from a friend for $25
-Picked up a N64, 2 used controllers, 1 new madcatz controller, crusin usa, nfl quarterback club 99 and GT64  and a mem card and rumble back and hookups for $40 craigslist
-Got Minecraft Stories season 2 from Leaptrade
-Pick up Sims complete collection, Dungeon Siege 2 sealed for PC, Sacred Expansion Pack sealed, Star Wars Fan Favorites sealed and Resident Evil Outbreak files 2 disc only all at goodwill and thrift stores $14
-Picked up Wii 007 at Sunken, got Champions of Norath ps2, MK Shaolin Monks ps2, The Simpsons games 360, Disney Exteme Skate ps2, and DBZ Budokai 2 for GC resurfaced cost me $27
-Picked up Travis Strikes again and a PSN $25 card for $41 at GS via credit gamestop
-Picked up a bag of misc wii stuff at a  yard sale, just dance 3, 5 wii motes (2 of them are motion plus), av cables, 1 nunchuck all for $20 yard sale
-Bought Pokemon Ultramoon from Target for $30 sold it for $42 on mercari after fees it was $37.8
-Returned GTA V to ebay 20 ebay
-Sold Sims Complete Collection on ebay 35 after fees it was $23.18
-Picked up LA Machine Gus for Wii and Killer is Dead for PS3 for $16 in credit gamestop
-Sold N64 with 007, Diddy Kong Racing, an extra controller, memory card, rumble pack, Mario Kart 64 and Smash Bros 64 for $160 via facebook
Total -174.98
-Picked up Psi Ops xbox, Punisher disk only xbox, MK Shaolin Monks for Xbox, Assassins Credd Rogue for PS3, and Evil Within for PS3 from Facebook $21
-Picked up an OG Xbox with 2 controllers and hookups at a yard sale for $10
-Bought RDR2 for PS4 for $20 yard sale
-Bought a pink Dsi XL with Robot Taisen Endless Frontier, DBZ Attack of the Sayians, a DS soft case and minute to win it via a pawnshop pawn shop $50
- Sold Evil Within, AC Rogue, Diablo 3, Gran Turismo, AC Revelations, Borderlands 2, Borderlands pre-sequel, Modern Warfare, Arkham City GOTY, Stealth Triple pack along with 160gb ps3 and 2 controllers for $100 for a buddy
-Sold Ultima Ascension IX on PC from trade for Nintendo Power Caps book for $33 on Mercari after fees it was 29.7
-Picked up Eternal Darkness for $33 on ebay
-Sold Starfox 64 and Super Mario 64 and broken rumble pack and bad n64 mem card for $50 via facebook
-Picked up a black New 3DS XL with new super mario 2, Pokemon soul silver, smash 3ds, a nice case, wii sports and Lego batman 2 for PS3/Emerald Knights via a garage sale for $60
-Picked up FF Mystic Quest for SNES, Donkey Kong Country SNES, Super Mario SNES, Mario 64 DS, and drawn to life 2 DS for $52 via facebook 
-Picked up some DS games from a yard sale, Yoshi Island DS, Zelda Spirit Tracks, Brain Age, Are you Smarter than a 5th grader, Dogs and Cats, Cooking Mama, and Cooking Mama Shop and chop for $10 at a yard sale
-Sold Chex Quest via ebay for $20 after fees it was  $13.12
-Sold Monster Rancher 2 on Mercari 19 after fees it was $17.1
-Got a bunch of 360 things from a friend, 2x mics, lips, orange bix, alan wake, fable III, fable II CE, Halo 4, Halo Reach, Halo ODST, Gears of War 2, Banjo Kazooie, Crackdown 2, Thriville, Call of Duty Black Ops,Viva Pinata Party Animals, Viva Pinata, Kameo, Gears of War 3. Sealed games were Halo Anniversary, Gears of War Judgement, Nat Geo Kinect, Seasame Kinect,  and Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection from a buddy for $60
-Traded in a lot of games at GS for $193 in credit, Doom 3 for Ps3, Sonic Generations for PS3, God of War saga for PS3, Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4, Banjo Kazooie for 360, Orange Box for 360, Black Ops for 360
The Simpsons for 360, Puzzle & Dragons for 3ds, Super Smash for 3ds, Cooking Mama 3 ds, Yoshis Island DS, Lion King Genesis, Perfect Dark 64, Tony Hawk 1 N64, Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS1
Sega Rally racing DC, DBZ Budokai 2 for GC, Champions of Norath PS2, and Capcom Classics Collection vol 2 for xbox
-Sold my SNES 1 controller and hookups with Super Mario World, DK Country, and Final Fantasy Mystical Quest for $65 via craigslist
-Got Zelda link between worlds for 3ds via facebook for $10
-Picked up Battle for Middle Earth 2 from Goodwill  $7
-Picked up Michael Jackson Wii, Wii sports, sim 3 ps3, sega all star racing ps3, and call of duty black ops for ps3  thrift store $21
-Picked up Dying Light PS4, metro redux ps4 and fallout new vegas UE for 360 for $21 via facebook 
-Sold brain Age ds and cooking mama ds for $10 via facebook
-Picked up 6 copies of Ducktales Wii U, PS3 and 360, 2 of each, Lost in Shadow for Wii, and Raiden Project V for PS4 spent $80 returned 1 copy of each ducktales and lost in shadow, got $40 back gamestop 
-Sold N64 from John with 1 controller, sealed madcatz controller and the games I had wipeout 64, mario golf, gt64, spiderman, road rash, star wars podracer, wcw vs now, shadows of the empire, XG2, 
Mortal Kombat 4, WFW Warzone, NFL QB Club 99, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, 2 og xbox controllers and a bad mem card for $180 via FB
-Sold Red GBA SP with charger Tetris worlds and Donkey Kong Country via facebook for $50
-Sold N3DS XL and Zelda link between worlds with case and charger for $60 to a friend 
-Got modern warfare 2 via leaptrade for 360 
-Got Deadpool, Bulletstorm, Stick of Truth, Saw 2, and infamous all for ps3 via Mercari for $12
-Picked up Pirates of the Caribbean, AC Unity for Xbox 1 at Goodwill goodwill 10
-Picked up a 4gb boxed E 360 system like new, a ps3 move controller, Jedi Knight for PC CIB, Sonic Generations ps3, Ratchet and Clank Collection for PS3 and Sonic Forces for Switch sealed garage sale $27
-Traded a lot to to GS, Michael Jackson Expierence Wii, Sonic and Sega All stars Wii and ps3, Fallout New Vegas UE for 360, Sims 3 for PS3, Deadpool for PS3, Ducktales remastered x 3 (Wii U x 1, ps3 x2), Spiderman ps4
Dying light ps4, Metro Redux ps4, Ratchet and Clank Collection Ps3, Sonic Generations ps3, Lego pirates of the Caribbean ps3, Assassins Creed Unity Xbox One, Wii Sports, new super mario bros 2 for 3ds, call of duty black Ops 3 for PS4 and Modern Warfare 2 for 360 for $202 in credit 
-Sold Eternal Darkness via Mercari 31 after fees it was $27.9
-Sold Sonic Forces for Switch for $15 on FB 
-Sold Battle for Middle Earth 2 on PC via ebay 39 after fees it was $28.67
-Sold Dsi XL pink from the pawn shop with mario 64 ds, minute to win it, are you smarter, cats and dogs, shrek and drawn to life for $85 via Craigslist 
-Sold Lips for 360 and 2 mics 43 ebay shipping was $10, after fees it was $28
total is $-193
-Sold DK64 to a buddy for $11 
-Sold GTA San Andreas and xbox dvd dongle for $10 via offerup
-traded Killer 7 case for pokemon soul silver case via facebook 3.49 to ship
-Picked up Control at Target $40 in GC and Yoshi Crafted world on Switch at GS for $35 GS/Target
-Picked up Kirby Epic Yarn on wii for $1, Rugrats on GC for $1.50, and Incredibles on GC for $1.50 at a yard sale yard sale total was $5
-Sent Farpoint VR on PS4, PES 2018 from Redbox for Xbox One, bulletstorm on PS3 and Minecraft story mode season 2 sealed for 260 to leaptrade leaptrade 11 to ship
-Sent infamous and Southpark stick of truth to leaptrade leaptrade 3.75 to ship
-Traded time splitters 2, BF2, Pac world 2, and Jedi Knight Jedi Academy for a black GC with a controller via facebook
-Bought Shemue III CE from Limited run for $115 limited run
-Picked up The Messenger from SPG for $40
-Sent Nat Geo Kinect via leaptrade leaptrade 3.75 to ship
-Sent Harry Potter Quiditch and Kinect Sesame Street via Leaptrade leaptrade 7 to ship
-Got a 250 GB 360 S with 1 controller and leaf 3 dead along with Pod Racer and Army Men for N64 for $63 facebook
-Got an N64 with a controller, zelda 64, and dragon slime ds for $60 from a friend
-Sold Resident Evil 3 for DC disk only on Mercari 30 after fees was $27
-Picked up Lego Star Wars complete trilogy ds, call of duty 4 ds, FFIV DS, and Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts for 360 at a yard sale yard sale $8 total
-Got M Jackson Wii for $1 and an Atarti flashback handheld for $2 yard sale $3 total
-Got Genesis Mini and Borderlands 3 for PS4 at GS on credit Gamestop 150
-Sold Dementium Ds, Contact DS and Rune Factory DS for $35
-Got LucasArts Archives Star Wars Collection Vol 2 in trade along with an GBA SP charger, GC games, super monkey ball 2, def jam Vendetta, Metroid Prime and Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
-Got GTA V for PS4, Crash Purple GBA complete, Crash Mind over Mutant DS CIB, Crash of the Titans DS, Sonic Colors DS, and Metal Slug Advance Repro from Leaptrade
-Won Links Awakening for Switch in a contest
-Sold OG Xbox with psi ops and a few games for $35 via FB
-Sold Halo Reach Employee Edition on Merari for $22 after fees it was $19.80
Total is $184.19
-Bought Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl from Limted Run limited run $65
-Sold N64 from Jeff, 007 from a prize, Zelda from Jeff, Army men and Pod Racer from Cathouse games to a buddy for $100
-Sold SMRPG Regular from Limited Run for Switch to a friend $50
-Sold Black GC with rugrats, incredibles, def jam vendetta, 007 agent under fire and monkey ball 2. Threw in Spyro and Metroid $65 facebook
-Picked up a Thrillville DS and a blue chrome 360 controller for $8 yard sale
-Sold Kinect Sports Ultimate for 360 for $17 on Mercari after fees was $15.3
-Sold PokePark Pikachu's adventure 15 Mercari afer fees it was $13.5
-Picked up a PS3 move controller at GW goodwill 4
-Picked up a N64 for $40 at PRGE, Goldeneye 007 and Rogue Squandron for n64 for $25, a black dsi for $25, $20 ds lite and yoshi island, $15 for a ps1 system with a controller and hookups, $10 mario kart ds and 2 misc prge 196
ds games, $20 sonic Adventure 2 for DC, $5 psp case, $5 xbox GTA SA and a n64 mem card, $4 for 2 x ps3, 1 GC and 1 n64 cxontroller, $5 midway arcade treasures 3 xbox, 1 n64 controller for $8 total was $196
3 x misc n64 games for $10, star wars pod racer, namco and army men, and n64 blitz and 2 copies of nba jam
-Also traded Disney Skate for PS2 and Crash Purple GBA at PRGE for Xbox Outrun 2 and Code Veronica for DC PRGE
-Picked up Zelda manual and case for Spirit tracks $8 via ebay
-Sold Glover for N64 sealed 68 facebook
Total is $-30
-Sold Xbox 360 that I got off FB with 17 games and 2 controllers. Games were halo 4, crackdown 2, gears 2 and 3, fable 3, Advance Warfighter, Viva Pinata, Kameo, Thrillville, Halo Odst, AC 1, AC 2, Nba 07, Big game hunter 2010, left 4 dead, fifa world cup 2006, moderm warfare 2 and a headset
for $120 via FB
-Sold the N64 and 6 games (Army Men, 007 Goldeneye, Blitz 2000, Rogue Squandron, Pod Racer and Namco Museum) with mem card and cheap controller and grey controller from PRGE on facebook $140
-Picked up up Dreamland Collection for Wii Artbook, Outside box on ebay for $20
-Bought def jam fight for new york manual for xbox on ebay $7
-Sold dsi from PRGE 2019 with a few games, mario kart ds from prge, Call of duty from the garage sale, both Crash DS games from Leaptrade and Sonic colors from leaptrade for $65 via FB
-Sold the ds lite from PRGE 2019 with Shrek, and touchmaster for $55 via facebook
Sold Black GBA SP with Dr Mario and Tetris, GBA SP came from big lot in 2017, and the case came from the broken console lot in 2019 for $55 via facebook
-Bought Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort for $15 facebook
-Sold 2 X move controllers and navigation controllers (from GW and yard sale), usb charger and move charging station 60 Mercari after fees it was $54
-Bought Neo Geo Mini on Newegg for $60 shipped
-Traded in 2 ps move controllers, 2 x Wii motion plus wii motes, 2 dualshock 3s from PRGE, 1 wii sports and 1 wii sports resort to GS for over $100 in credit
-Picked up Dishonored, Uncharted lost legacy and Horizon Zero dawn at GS for $8 after coupons b2g1 for Black Friday
-Got Spiderman GOTy x 2 and Resident Evil 2 for $40 via GS
-Picked up Just dance wii 2020, spiderman GOTY $15 x2 and scribblenauts unlimited for Switch for $55 on Black Friday via best buy
-Traded Yoshi Island Ds and FF IV on DS for New Super Mario Bros and Wii sports Resort via facebook
Total was -$277
-Traded my old Android phone for A PS4 and 5 games (Cod Advance Warfare, NBA 2k14 sealed, Payday 2 Big Score, Skyrim SE, and Mortal Kombat X) and a modded OG Xbox
-Got Outer Worlds as an early xmas gift
-Sold Xcom on Leaptrade leaptrade $3 shipping
-Got Mario Kart and Sonic Extreme Riders for Wii for $20 via Craigslist for xmas gifts
-Picked up GTA V for PS3, The golf club 2019 for Xbox One and PS4 all from Target target $15
-Picked up Metal Gear Solid 5, Batman AK, Need for Speed, Knack, Mad Max, Call of Duty Advance Warfare, lords of fallen, mortal kombat x and Divinity OS 2 for PS4 all for $38 via GS
-Got Mario Kart Wii for Free and 1 wii wheel for free for gifts friend
-Traded in Wii Sports Resort from trade, Metal Gear Solid 5, Golf Club 2019 for Xbox One and ps4, COD Advance Warfare, Lords of Fallen, Mortal Kombat X, Knack, Batman AK, Need for Speed and Mad Max for $98 in credit gamestop
-Sold Soul Silver on mercari 60 mercari fees and shipping made it $49.01
-traded Zelda spirit tracks on ds for Return of the joker for NES
-gave away spiderman goty, return of the joker, GTA V for PS3, oregon trail game, and a pop ryu box on a FB contest FB
-Picked up 3 mario kart wheels, star wars light saber duels for gifts for xmas facebook $20
-picked up toy story and sonic and mario olympic games for wii for gifts for xmas at GS, b1g1 $10
-Snagged new super mario bros and wii sports for $8 from craigslist
-Picked up Star Wars Fallen Order for $25 from redbox
-Picked up lego star wars 3 from goodwill $5
-Got Mario maker 2, Marvel UA 3 and Zelda Breathe of the Wild for Switch at GS, used a b2g1 $110
in credit Gamestop
-Sold PS4 and 9 games (GTA V, COD AW, Transformers Devestation, NBA 2k14, Payday 2, Mortal Kombat X, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Borderlands GOTY) and horizon zero dawn from BF 270 facebook
-Bought Horizon Zero Dawn complete from amazon for $12
-Sold Breath of the Wild to a buddy $40
-Sold Halo Anniversary for 360 on Mercari $18 after fees it was $16.2
-Sold Windjammers CE for Switch from LRGs 75 via facebook shipping was $15 so $60
Total -$317
Overall Total -$2292

#14108567 [H] Fallout 76 PC [W] $20 Paypal or Amazon Gift Card

Posted by kube00 on 22 December 2018 - 10:43 PM


#14102294 [OVER] Post here to enter to win a copy of each of my two new Steam games

Posted by kube00 on 12 December 2018 - 05:18 AM


#14095686 My Coke Rewards is dead, long live Coke Rewards. Or not.

Posted by kube00 on 01 December 2018 - 12:18 AM

New Flock to Unlock for a $5 Target egiftcard for doing a sip and scan or typing in a code:


This one will be going fast. About 20 percent in less then 2 hours so far

Doh I decide today to check this thread...

#14089743 Black Friday 2018 - The Big Thread | See You Next Year!

Posted by kube00 on 23 November 2018 - 06:38 AM

Just a quick run to GS tonight

Saw about 12 people in line they were all after Switches I think


Picked up a Switch with Mario Kart for a buddy 

Snagged a RDR2 PS4 Pro and 1 year of PS+ for myself.


Gonna buy a few things tomorrow online and I"ll be done

#14089035 SOLD: Gamecube games

Posted by kube00 on 22 November 2018 - 06:00 PM


#14088992 [H] A lot of Physical Starbucks Gift Cards

Posted by kube00 on 22 November 2018 - 05:33 PM

Purchased a Google Home mini from them, transaction went great!