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Posted by WindyCityGamer on 20 August 2013 - 02:36 AM

I'm hoping syndicate is one of the games they add. Also as Wolfpup mentions the main issue I've had with origin thus far is I'll be downloading and I got to 80% on Dead Space 3 and suddenly it's dropped to 35% and I'm sorry but that doesn't make sense at all. So far it's my only real issue with the client, well that and the time remaining on downloads seems vastly off. Says it will be done in ten minutes, and fifteen minutes later it's still downloading and the time remaining clock is at zero.


I played Syndicate not too long ago... it's not very good (I'd go so far as to say it's rather bad). If you want a game like that, get Deus Ex Human Revolution.  I played that shortly afterward, and it was a far better game in every respect.  The stories were REALLY similar as well, oddly enough.


About the only thing I found good about Syndicate were two of the boss fights (the one in the subway, and the last one).


Now regarding DXHR, I can't recommend the DLC (missing link). It wasn't very good, and didn't even really fit the story well.