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#13291595 Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVI

Posted by WutDaHenk on 15 April 2016 - 07:16 AM

:vita: Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax- $14.68 (Like New)

Dengeki came in today and it's the freaking PlayStation 3 version. Never had this problem on warehouse deals before. Can I really only get a refund instead of an exchange? At least I can say it was like new: resealed and with the soundtrack.

Should've known something would happen when it was shipped separately.

#12534346 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 26 February 2015 - 10:25 PM



As the grandfather of this thread... I... literally poop my pants... : )

On the whole, it seems like... really stressing you out and it's probably worth going a little more casual for a while. If you do..daily..., you'll get a...a day and anything else will be gravy.




So having said all that hows the game going? Scaling like crazy? Yep....new cover smell, people want bad.  Which yeah I get because he will be powered up for the next event right? But the event after that I'll probably have the essential cover unless they release someone else new.  Ha I found your trick MPQ! Plus all these Hood cover rewards are getting old and dont make me want to play.


Speaking about always having the hot new cover remember when people tried so hard for colossus and beast? Oh yeah no one cares anymore do they? Doc Ock? Hmm...love me some squirrel girl but people are trying to get her desperately.  Just funny how people want that one essential character for that one event, then after its just oh yeah I need some covers for him.  I think Blade is the most recent character that Im really seeking & that 1 last purple for Deadpool. Im glad everyone's getting their Hood maxed though, feels like what recently happened with me and Dr Doom after his purple power was released.

#12529367 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 25 February 2015 - 01:58 AM

Oh and also CAGvengers... could we at least play a little?

I know we are more casual about the game there but casual still means we at least PLAY the game still...

Aww man, we have to play the game? I thought this was the casual alliance, you're so strict Broly!



I know I probably shouldn't, but here we go. 


What if you want more than one cover?  I dont Im happy with only one cover

Or progression rewards?  Those also have no interest for me, since they arent the cover I want at that moment

Also, shouldn't the 8 hour refresh level the playing field more? People grind anyways, so no one really cares how fast or slow it refreshes.

You shouldnt have, but I sent you a rebuttal anyways! :P


Seriously its both a help and a deterrent.  Say you're hovering around 150 and can barely make it to top 100.  You get a cover for the top 100 prize thus you dont have to work as hard for said cover since you already have it. That is unless you just want to.  For others you may get the cover for the top 10 prize and fight for the other two covers and wont need to push as hard for all three anymore.


For the majority of us, you will have virtually no luck with pulls so it really doesnt matter.  I really dont think it makes a bit of difference when they add the characters to the packs.  It used to be youd have to wait until next season to get the current or new released characters. AS you can see though star lord is in the heroic pack purchase screen.


I think basically people are coming to the realization of what Ive already said. Tokens and luck can really knock this game down a peg.  Why try so hard to get first place for a 4* cover when *bamm* you can just get one from a token.  Its just as much luck as getting first place really, just way less work.  I got a red 4* Thor from a daily deal the other day and Im getting another red on day 490. So why bust my ass to be #1 when I get covers just as frequently but easier?

#12521621 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 21 February 2015 - 07:13 PM

I have a bad feeling it wont stay around for every day...


I hope it does but I can see this also being a temporary thing for like a week or so.

I see it as a short term solution as well.  You can see it with the Taco Token rewards, its a limited number of 3*s you can gain from those tokens.  So if it does stay for a while you can expect those 3*s to be in rotation as rewards for the guaranteed cover.  Also Im guessing it will be the "easily" attained cover given as the reward.  As with the green stormhawk given the other day.  Ive had 5 in that and keep getting her green, it seems the more readily given of her covers. Im happy with the Classic Magneto and Luke Cage cover.  Once again though I now have 4 in righteous uppercut, so is that his most prevalent cover?


My main concern is that this really isnt a quick solution to rectify the problem.  Basically it seems like the devs way of saying, "Hey we know we have too many 3* covers and people cant level them up, lets use this daily quest to help them."  One of the biggest problem is the first essential node.  I see it from both sides though.  You have that essential character, you only have 1 cover that helps you get another color and level up said character. Its also a deterrent for the people who DONT know how to play MPQ. You dont have the required character? Then you dont need this cover and waste spots in your roster instead of leveling up the characters you have to be effective.  I guess doesnt matter anyways once they get a gold from a Taco token they'll drop that level 50 IM35 to have a 1 cover yellow Groocket.


I just think long term, people will wait for Guaranteed covers and this game will become uber casual to a lot of people.  Im not wasting time on PVP or PVE I can get some decent covers from the Deadpool Daily, then I get my daily rewards, Im all set! Im sure the hardcore wont think like that but really why try to get top 100 for a c mags cover when you play an easy round and are guaranteed one? Its a no brainer.


Just to weigh my opinion on it, I do like it.  Its fun to play to get my daily reward and some other prizes.  Its something to do before I jump into PVP or PVE. And its a shit ton better than wasting time on the Simulator.  Although Im thinking I may try to get the top prizes in the simulator this time, I wouldnt mind more luke cage and squirrel girl covers.  But damn, point values are so low in the simulator cause no one really plays it.


Speaking of Squirrel girl, I have a level 102 squirrel girl.  She really is tons of fun to play. I know its stupid but I dont mind leveling her up.  And aside from GSBW where can I get a decent active Green/Purple combo?


Lastly talking about Combos, I hate making teams with powered up characters because I cant guage if thats there true abilities.  However I have a team which works well in this PVE that Ive been using: Deadpool, Cyclops, Groocket.  I was always worried about Deadpools red not finishing off people, however in this team he actually can kill most hand in one shot.  How is that? Groocket is powered up, so his blue strike tiles are off the charts, they push Deadpools red over the limit.  Cyclops yellow feed deadpool red, so in no time you have enough red for deadpool to slice every enemy in a wave, then hit them with whales and done.  For backup if needed you have Cyclops black, I finally got the progression reward, and Groockets green, nothing special but it can create mini cascades. Also put groocket in the front as much as possible for a meat shield, he gets too hurt, match a yellow and he's back! Once again I have to point out that Cyclops and Groocket are powered up for the event, so real world use might be a little different. 


Sidenote: Did anyone else realize with Dr Doom's purple ability that he and Lazy Thor are a rainbow team unto themselves? All colors represented with just those 2. I didnt realize it myself until I was trying out a new team combo.  Since those 2 already have all the colors your 3rd could be whoever you like or would complement them. 


This really turned out longer than I thought it would....

#12513260 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 18 February 2015 - 09:43 PM

So, I kind of like these new "Wave battles" or whatever we are going to call them. It is fun to go in with Thor, BP and DP and just chugging through the first one and then on the the subsequent ones just taking turns dishing out the hurt with your team damage moves which should be charged by that point.


And holy damn my X-Force is so weak. I used his green expecting at least 1k damage and it destroys a piddle like 4 tiles and did 800 damage. I really need some more covers for him!

Lol you act like we've never had survival nodes before or that this event is new.  This was the debut of Elektra. Side note: my enemy of the state token gave me my 1st red Elektra all her powers now! Yet I was reminded for her debut event, she's not powered up this time....really ?!?!?!


I jumped into the event at 90 last night made it to 28! Had 1 minute left in the timer, one more battle and I couldve made it to top 25. Either stick at 28 & watch the timer or get caught mid battle & have the event end.  Just wanted a yellow patch anyways.


Then it hit me, next event is patch! So that means my X-force is benched... ugh.  Its so easy just to blaze through with X-force, Laken, & freebie character.  Just get to 300 and the pvp token and wait for top x prizes.  Oh well I guess the ISO I get from the current PVE will go to leveling up Patch instead of blade.


Daily Deapdools, that was a fun little distraction.  Funny how I never used deadpool in it, but remembered after to use him for the deadpool points.  Kinda hurts not being able to use 3*s in the non "essential" nodes, but I mean I got my 2* rainbow team so that works. Thor, OBW, Ms Marvel: in this team I feel thor outweighs Ares due to tile generation.  Although Yellow gets hard to choose, TU tiles from Ms Marvel or Green from Thor. Depends on the TUs you have I guess.


Lastly they did it again, Cyclops teaser was awesome! Changing TU tiles to red? Brilliant! Of course that was super powered up and probably the real version wont be as good.  I have 2 in yellow & during the essentials in the PVE it was ok, nothing drastic. I know, I need more covers.

#12493411 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 12 February 2015 - 11:40 PM

Its interesting they made him a 3*.  Since they're using the MN Cyclops I figured he'd be a 2* just like MN Mags.  His powers are broken and are highly unstable. (Im actually behind on my comic reading, so I dont know if they're fixed yet)


3* shouldve been saved for classic cyke once again like Mags.  I mean storm was left in 1* land, her classic 2* land, and rehash stormhawk was 3*.  Wolverine has how many damn skins, if you include Daken? 


I know it wouldnt be as big of a thrill if they released another 2*, since they like to do that after the 3* release: Johnny Torch, Ms Marvel. 


Still just curious how they planned all this out, I mean cant really change it now.  Im just used to collecting games were as you get higher in the tiers you get less variety.  Not small amount of 1*s, 2*s, everyone is a 3*, and then a couple 4*s.  I hate to say this but they're gonna have to do a power shift soon.  Adjust some 3*s to 2*s and create a balance where you're not hoping for a cover because the 3* pool is so over saturated.


Just did a character count, there are:

7 1* & 4*

14 2*

and now with Cyclops there will be 34 3*s. 


There's no reason why Rare cards should be more than common, uncommon AND Legendary cards combined.  I love the marvel aspect and the match 3, but sometimes I really think the programmers are insane or they dont really understand how to change it.

#12483115 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 09 February 2015 - 07:23 PM

So top 10 in each gauntlet is a crock of shit.  They really need to expand this as this test is an absolute fail.  I started a bracket saw top 10 were already done, so I have no incentive.  Finished everything in the first gauntlet ended at 59.  Shouldve just beat the last node with hood and moved on, but no.  I wanted to know if the full points were what the top 10 had, they were. And also to see where I stood once I did everything. They really need to break that shit up like the do the seasons, top 100 and top x, y, z should get something.  Not hey first 10 out of 10k you get somehitng, the rest of you? You get shit! Enjoy!


I guess Im upset because my token pulls are in the shit right now. I get so used to getting golds that I shouldnt expect one daily. I mean honestly I got a green squirrel girl and a yellow lazy thor.  Then I always push the others out of my head because I dont need them: Green Hulk, Blue Hood, Purple Falcon.  I couldve used purple on falcon but I already have him at 4/5/4 and would prefer the extra in yellow and drop the purple honestly.


However the LThor would happen when he's a progression reward in the season wouldnt it? Finally after a long dry spell of having a 1/2/5 LThor, he's now 3/5/5.  Yeah he just came together like Dr Doom when they released his new power.  Also thanks to the alliance my daredevil is 5/2/5 from 5/0/5, so 1 more blue & he's complete too!  Now I guess next would be to finally complete patch.

#12481799 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 09 February 2015 - 01:20 AM

Also I want the Yellow Hood but really since the change with his move is it really worth it? I think since the patch his ideal build would be 4/5/4 since you rarely use the Yellow and it still ends the turn but with the Black it is easier and more likely to be used?


Hood's yellow is surprisingly good. Yeah, it ends the turn, but you're doing 5k+ damage and clearing tiles you select off the board. Makes for a good finishing move if your other two characters don't have offensive yellows, and works really well against goons. The only thing to note is if you plan your shots to make a match-five, you still end the turn and give the opponent first shot at the critical.

Hood didn't get worse, just different. His weaknesses are still that he's still squishy and covers too many colors.

This! If you know how to use it, its just freaking awesome.  It may end the turn but its an end nuke as well.  I dont think many can last for long if at all after a properly used twin pistols.  I know that usually its a bitch when you play against the computer, but if you use Hood properly he's just as deadly for you.  Plus look at yellow this way: Insane damage, board control (you can place the shot on any tile including enemy countdowns), and cascade potential.  I think thats worth 1 match 3 move dont you?

#12468972 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 03 February 2015 - 07:46 PM

Daredevil is the reward from the replay of the Rocket & Groot event.

Wait, so I can finally get a blue Daredevil cover? My 5/0/5 Daredevil greatly appreciates it.  How I can get 5 in red and purple and not one damn blue is beyond me.  I still get more daredevil covers too, always sucks to see his icon and surprise, another red.  Ive had his red at 5 basically since he came out.


You guys totally made me feel inferior however knowing that while my 3* roster is nice and robust and max leveled, I have no 4* strength. Instead of maxing out my Deadpool I have since focused on getting my X-Force at least to his current cap of like 168 or so. Brought him up from 70 -> 97 this past week so I still have a long ways to go!

YES! Beware my level 200 something X-force! Also my fully covered IW that I dare not spend any iso on because she sucks! Umm my Thor and Elektra only have a couple covers so you can slightly tremble at them.  As for Nick, I have him in the hundreds, but he feels more like a support character right now. Oh I need a purple, maybe blue, no one has yellow, ok Nick you're in. 


Seriously though aside from X-force paired with Laken and featured character thats about the only 4* I regularly use.  If I could spec him right he'd be even more super awesome.  Im not happy that I have 5 in yellow for X-force, but that true healing though....Completely healed within 3 turns? Yes please.


I had to spend 650 to open a slot for Star Lord.  I'm up to 49 slots now, but I hung on to Juggs for Balance of Power.

Why? I dont hang on to any 1*s because I'll get a crap ton from tokens.  Juggs and Venom most of all....lots and lots of venom. Oh and yelena, the game loves giving me her.


If you're going to run her to be self-sufficient, though, I'd probably go 5/3/5 unless I planned to use a lot of Team Ups.

As a support character, I think the call is between AP collection/shakeup on green, minimizing the number of team up tiles, and having the ability to overwrite a lot of basic/trap tiles. There is really no amazing improvement in having 5 versus 4 in any of them, so some combination of 5 and two 4s probably makes for acceptable general usage.

Since she's a powered up character and so is Ms. Marvel 2*, Ive been thinking about TU and yellows.  Its completely stupid and why bother saving up enough yellow to do both is beyond me; but why not use both of their yellow powers at the same time?  Ms Marvel creates x TU tiles with her yellow and Stormhawk destroys y TU tiles with hers.  The for added fun throw in classic mags and just go to town on TU tiles with his red.  Now that Im used to TUs I dont really miss environmental tiles.  However I have to say 3* storm wouldve been uber beast on the desert and forest environments.  I miss those endless desert green cascades, those were the days.


Oh and saved 600 HP, sold my 2* johnny and now have 2 open slots.  Im at 47 now, I guess I could build MN mags and modhawk again, probably not.


Lastly: event complaint, Hood with Goons? Thank you maggia for feeding Hood yellow for twin pistols.  One shot and Im dead, wonderful.  Also thank you for the update with the banner, I really need to be constantly told that every turn goons have fed hood even more.  Twin pistols twin pistols twin pistols, Even hulk was barely standing after all that.

#12457205 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 30 January 2015 - 07:15 PM

random star trek meme that gives broly a chubby.


Yeah it took a magic neverending cascade which gave me enough reds to make Deadpool go slice slice on every enemy 3 times where Im like huh, this works.  So now I see I can use it to whittle down level 300 Ares.


not sure what to do with this  PVP event   1am or 4am. Thinking of getting up at  230 am and joining a bracket but this is the last slice meaning  major players are going to be in the bracket.  ALSO you said  how many are going to start a new bracket at 2am. Bad thing about this if the brackets are 1000 players   the brackets stay open till filled right  (meaning the last bracket might have 995 people in  it and you would get screwed coing in late) 


so far tried it twice  (last 3 or 4 hours )   sunday got top 100 got  S.girl cover maybe noone wanted.  weds got  185th  got  2nd level

The issue is NOT starting out so late.  The closer you are to an end time the less likely there are people in said bracket to compete with.  This is usually the technique Broly uses to get the top tier rewards in pvp.  The bracket Im looking at closes at 3am CST. For me Im pretty consistent with getting at least top 100 when playing a straight hour before the tournament closes.  The last time I tried the 3am close time & there were only 27 people in my bracket, so I didnt even get the 1000.


You also have to take into consideration the PVE thats currently going on.  For some reason last PVE was s struggle, 8 hour refreshes and a prize many veterans already had.  There was no reason the focus was on the PVE but it was. So the pvp portion was more relaxed.  Same with this pve, for a new 4*, people should be more focused on that than pvp.


Even if players across the pond are jumping into PVP at 3-4am, just estimating a 12 hour time lapse, most would be more likely to be at work or school themselves. Which should also mean less competition. 


I just stick to my guns and play the last hour of PVP straight until its over.  I will never again try the first slice end time.  So this will be an experiment taking the last slice end time.  Also the last factor I have in attempting this last time slice is that the competitive PVP players should have already entered to get a more lucrative slice earlier. Start the tournament earlier, get the rewards earlier.  All this is speculative and just how it should work.  I may just strike out tonight and be in the top 400 and get some standard tokens.

#12454847 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 29 January 2015 - 11:15 PM

so  was like wow these sucked  but then the last two 

Deadpool   red   

but the best

deadpool  Purple  can finally use  WHALES WOOOOO


though i would been pissed if i paid for it 


edit. i guess deadpool sucks unless you can max him  wow  now the pack is really junk  LOL

Here's the kicker on Deadpool, the Red is great.  It takes off X % of health regardless of level.  I have mine at 5 and for 6 red AP I can cut an enemies health by 66%.  Thats really great when facing a level 300 Ares and I can cut his health down to normal levels.  So during this PVE where deadpool is buffed and 3* Thor it basically comes down to a combo of Deadpool red on everyone then kill everyone in one shot with Lazy Thors Green.


AS for Purple now this shines awesomely even if you only have 1 cover so consider yourself lucky! That is if you have the deadpool points.  Once you have all your deadpool points saved up, press the button, you'll be glad you did.  You can do it once out of curiosity but save it for a really hard node.  We love you instant win button.


Are you sure you want to tell me how to get in your easy bracket? I've been joining the PvPs earlier this week for the double ISO, able to no-stress place for a Blade cover, and I don't need any Thor from Blade's event. Probably try for the progression cover, though.

Lol hey if it works for you it does, I cant stop you.  However since Broly shared his tactic with PvP; how many of us got it to work? Ive had really shitty brackets and ended up in virtually last place.  However, how many people are really going to start a new bracket at 2am? So logically the odds are in the players favor going in at that time. 


Blade Pvp is for lazy thor, and I have 5 in green.  I do need more yellow though. I have 3 in red & want it to stay that way, but I can always use the covers to move his level cap up and repsc him later.


I do want to know: at what point do you stop using the given loaner character in PvP?  I never use my own so that Daken/X-force have their icons on the tiles & I dont have to worry about the featured weak character dying.  Also by using the loaner I dont waste healthpacks on my own.  In the current Blade pvp I wouldnt want my blade using up the black AP anyways since X-force Surgical strike is a better use for it.  I would like to use his purple though since I stockpile that as neither one of them use it.  Anyone who's started PvP, whats the loaner Blade's power?

#12452522 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 29 January 2015 - 02:11 AM

So Because Im bored, and you need a laugh, lets take a look at our new 4* through the magic of Animated Gifs from the GotG movie.  Which are more fun than what will be his animations in game.....




Oh Dont be that way, you know who.....





Sleight of Hand 10 purpletile.png
Peter pulls the old switcheroo and swaps one of his enemy's possessions with a little surprise. He turns a selected non-Countdown tile into a 3-turn Countdown tile which deals 785 damage to the enemy.




Everyone With Me 7 yellowtile.png
Star-Lord quickly pulls together a plan - or at least most of one. Places a 3-turn Countdown tile. While at least one such tile is on the board, all friendly Red and Yellow ability costs are reduced by 1.




Oldest Trick in the Book 8 redtile.png
Star-Lord points past his enemy and shouts "Hey! Is that Beta Ray Bill?" before swinging in with a sucker punch. He creates a 2-turn Countdown tile which deals 612 damage. While at least one such tile is on the board, all enemy Red and Green ability costs are increased by 1.




And because absolutely no one asked for it, but you know you want it, this.... we all know Star Lords killer moves are umm killer!



#12446007 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 27 January 2015 - 04:00 AM

Totally agree with above BUT I wasn't even really referring to their skills in the game. I meant more so their standings as Marvel characters within the Universe itself. I view 4* Characters as Elite Marvel characters. Phoenix, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Dormammu, Odin, Hyperion, Hercules and so on would all be worthy of becoming 4 stars. 

Oh I got you now.  If thats the case I wouldnt put Nick Fury as a 4*. I mean he's ok but its not even the right one at that.  Having that nick fury in there is like saying we need Maria Hill as a 3* in the game too.


But yeah a 4* should be a God level character.  Wolvering gets a 4* for popularity just on general principal though.

Invisible woman, elektra, and star lord should never have been a "legendary" character when there are people like Thanos and the ones you mentioned in the Marvel universe.  Having said that Falcon should be a 2* and our new Squirrel girl should be that or lower.

#12445961 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 27 January 2015 - 03:42 AM

Ugh Starlord is a 4*?

Seriously.. but when you think about it....

Invisible Woman = Eh they were still figuring shit out

I guess I'll go with this one, since this was before "gold" Aka Lazy characters, but still even on paper this was horrible.  Doc ock is better than Bag lady and his powers are mixed up conglomeration of shit.  Thats just sad. They really need to retool her.

X-Force = 4 Star worthy character

ONLY AFTER they retooled him, remember he used to be shit.  Healing from yellow took forever, The red was stupid, and the green did no direct damage. God he was horrible, you mustve forgot that.

Nick Fury = 4 Star worthy character

Pretty much he is, I got nothing bad to say about him. I like his change of colors patterns, makes him easier to put with any team since yellow, blue and purple are so different and arent major ap colors like red/green.



Thor = 4 Star worthy character

I'll hold off, those charge tiles really throw me off.  Not what I call great, but not bad.  The red/yellow/blue power scheme has been done, but I dont think we need another red/yellow/green thor either. Plus it will be a while for most of us to build a useable one, I just have 1 yellow.



Barney? wtf.

The anniversary release! For a 4* it shouldve been better. However "fans" have been wanting one since whichever stupid even there was where you battled it. Then in the hunt we got to play it in the savage land.  The Devil Dino we got wasnt even the one that originally starred in the first appearance.  That thing was hella hard and only had a green color.  We got some bastardized crap version, so hurray! Way to celebrate the Anniversary!



Elektra? Oh jeez you are kidding.

I got no words except why try to get any better with your 4*s, after Devil Dino ANYTHING would be better right?  Nope got proved wrong on that one.  Powers are just a color steal from Deadpool with the red/black/purple, however unlike deadpool they dont do shit.  Purple! You can steal an enemy strike tile, what the enemy doesnt have one? Well you just give them some you know, to be nice.  Black! We'll put out 2 trap tiles that will take damage if the enemy attacks.  Oh but only if Elektra is in front and since yours is so weak, that wont happen.  Dont worry though, if the enemy doesnt attack you, then it wont do shit.  If the enemy matches it, it wont do shit, and if you match it, surprise, it wont do shit.  Thank you for wasting your black when you couldve used surgical strike and just killed the enemy.  RED! The only useful power! A free attack every turn, unless the opponent just keeps matching reds to get rid of that trap tile.  Which if they do, it turns into the black power....it wont do shit....

I dont know if you can read the tone, but not happy with Elektra....



Starlord? ... come the Fuck on.

And the hits keep on coming....I read the power chart and I REALLY need to hold back commentary on him before I actually try him.  Although I know after playing the teaser my socks wont be blown off & I'll be thinking wow squirrel girl was such a better idea.

  • Sleight of Hand 10 purpletile.png
    Peter pulls the old switcheroo and swaps one of his enemy's possessions with a little surprise. He turns a selected non-Countdown tile into a 3-turn Countdown tile which deals 785 damage to the enemy.

He swaps what? He changes a reg tile into a countdown tile... Who are we? Modern Hawkeye? The magic here is its any colored non countdown tile. I HOPE that means a strike protect or attack tile.

  • Everyone With Me 7 yellowtile.png
    Star-Lord quickly pulls together a plan - or at least most of one. Places a 3-turn Countdown tile. While at least one such tile is on the board, all friendly Red and Yellow ability costs are reduced by 1.

More countdown tiles? And countdown tiles to reduce ability cost? I really want to know why this obsession with countdown tiles lately? Blade, Squirrel girl, Luke cage. All have some kind of countdown tile associated with them. If I can get Steve to throw star spangled avengers for 6 red AP Id think about it.  Its a crazy idea but to protect a countdown tile just to save 1ap per turn? What a waste of a power.


Oldest Trick in the Book 8 redtile.png
Star-Lord points past his enemy and shouts "Hey! Is that Beta Ray Bill?" before swinging in with a sucker punch. He creates a 2-turn Countdown tile which deals 612 damage. While at least one such tile is on the board, all enemy Red and Green ability costs are increased by 1.


HEY ARES! you have your green at 5? Well now it will cost you 6 to use onslaught! Ha take that! This is worse than Yellow, or maybe better? At least there is some direct damage here.  The analogy on the forums is right, he's so similar to a 4* Hawkeye that thats what Im going to go with.  These powers are just stupid to me honestly. 


At this point, since we already have Squirrel girl, Im going to say the next 4* character will be someone from the Great Lake Avengers, probably Mr. Immortal.  This game really wants to continue to make me hate it even more.


I really got to say how far are the devs going to go to try and make Beast and She hulk look like really awesome characters?

#12434259 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 22 January 2015 - 11:32 PM

Not getting that warm and fuzy feeling with this PvE. Might just try to get all of the progression awards and call it a day.

same  im falling faster then a brick. i was  6th  at  9am  then 17 at  2pm now im  54th.   Top 2 people have  15k higher then  the rest there is no way this is possiable unless they are cheating.. there is a 15k pt drop from 2 to 3rd 

Seeing as my Thor has been maxed out damn near his release I am not too keen on this event anyway.


This event really is all over the place, Im not a fan of the hunt as it is but damn this event is so wonky. 


I started Alaska today after unlocking all the subs last night.  So there's no rubber banding I can tell you that. My score was shit and the points are really low.  Half the nodes are easy or trivial, while the other half have scaled to level 200 enemies.  Im guessing those nodes had some points and people just grinded them down until they're unplayable. No reason in hell Moonstone, Daken 2*, and yelena could down 2 of my 38 teams. 


Here's the kicker, we're playing for 3* Thor.  Nothing awesome, nothing great, something thats in the vault that most old school players have.  Im in need of red/yellow covers myself sure, but Ive had 5 in his green for a while.  We might as well be playing for Grey suit black widow again.  The prize is so off for the level of competition/grindage going on.  I really do have to wonder if there is some behind the scenes tinkering going or even some cheating.  When I started this morning and saw people in my slice already being at 10k, it was hard to understand. Seriously nodes only giving 100+ points and waiting for that 8 hour recharge time.  I just dont see it really. You know unless they get the rubber banding and I dont.  I went one go through on Alaska and made it to the johnny storm progression and a health pack. So 1 go around got me 4k, If florida gives roughly the same points then maybe if someone had been grinding since entering the slice last night theyd be at 10k by the morning.  However once again looking at the rewards, seriously its not worth the effort.  Top 150, I get a red thor. Yeah I'll take that then and just coast.