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#12429921 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 21 January 2015 - 06:38 PM

Furry friends is being related to world rupture on the MPQ forums? Someone said squirrel rupture? Are they really trying to make her into something great cause she's new?


I know we give crap to beast for sucking, but there's another blue mutant I always completely forget about.  Anyone here REALLY use Mystique? I hate looking at the forums cause those people have one maxed and argue over dumb shit.  I honestly forget about her and dont even bother with her, mainly because of covers.  She's one step under colossus, as in the game never gives me a reason to remember them.

#12429732 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 21 January 2015 - 06:03 PM



Just played the intro for the hunt, what are your thoughts on Squirrel girl? I would love a change up rather than the usual team up of a fully covered powered up teaser new character.  This always gives a skewed perspective of how the new character is. OMG they're so awesome, I have to have one!  Fully covered and powered up, I think even beast and She Hulk were awesome in the teaser node.


Playing with her in the intro node, I have to say that visions of invisible woman started popping up in my head.  Yellow created protect tiles, ended my turn.  Why does that seem familiar? Oh yeah Invisible woman created bubbles, ends turn.  I know, thats her green power, but blue makes bubbles and protect tile, so its like a mash up of Bag ladys powers to me.


Purple: with the way the power was set up that first enemy team would either have daken or bullseye.  Naturally the choice was daken as its easier to make strike tiles with green than protect with purple. Plus with bullseye the protect tiles would just cancel out some of the damage. I know she was powered up, but she pretty much one shot Ares.  I guess it goes along with her character of being able to defeat opponents much bigger than her. Its a good power, but I want to see it un powered up and with low covers before I judge it.


Green: Not since the days of Doc Ock have we had this happen.  Another let your kids make a super hero power contest at work I see.  Either that or it was the dart board method.  OK we have countdowns, and they do damage, but the kicker is they destroy tiles while they're counting down!  Im really surprised the swarm of squirrels dont stun the enemy or something.  I mean shit, if anyone saw a bunch of rodents running in their direction they'd be stunned. 


Exhibit a:



I was also surprised they recycled Venom's devour sound for it as well.  Those squirrels really are that nasty huh?



All in all she didnt make me want to have her, more like it was that shes essential so I need her.  Im not saying she's as bad as beast but I dont see her as useful as say Rocket and Groot.  Im not even going to put her in the Steve/Thor category either.  Plus green, yellow, and purple; aside from purple, I can think of other people Id rather use yellow and green for.

#12428384 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 21 January 2015 - 04:26 AM

The past 3 events I have jumped in within the last 5-6 hours and I get solid brackets. Guess my luck has just worn off : (

I sympathize.  I was tired of the PvE grind and wanted a yellow Cap Marvel cover.  Oh I'll jump in with an hour to go & get at least top 100 no problem.  When I saw I was #349 without even playing, then 341 after my first seed team, I knew I was screwed. 


After pushing I made it to top 200, missing top 100.  I think I was ranked 150, so there was no way I was getting close. 


I supposed everyone was bored with PVE that they were in it, also my fault for choosing the first end time.  I know I can usually break top 100 in an hour, but I play the later end times when all the "hotshots" (pun intended?) have already finished up their slices.

#12426526 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 20 January 2015 - 07:15 PM

And you guys are killing me on the Deadpool! haha once he is leveled up and you use it right his red is beastly! (but not like Beast the character, because he is terrible.) : P

Luke Cage and Colossus disagree with you





One, two punch and you're down.  :P


Edit- Whats the deal with the mouth open? Luke has his mouth open during the uppercut and Colossus has his mouth open in his fighting profile.  Just weird....  Seems the devs have an oral fixation or something as Im sure there are a lot of animations/pictures with characters mouths open.

#12426197 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 20 January 2015 - 05:53 PM

This morning I opened up a toke and BAM  I saw Deadpool and got super excited but it was his Black. I still can use it temporarily until I get another Purple but man was I so excited at first haha

Game has been trolling me lately with that.  After the Punisher pvp & Last PVE event I have enough covers now to have a 5/3/5 Torch.

In the middle of all that though I was at 3/2/5 and I got 2 torch covers, both green -_-


Also since I now maxed out my blue in Doom, saw doom pop up, naturally wasnt purple.  As with Loki, slim to no chance getting those greens, but since they have new powers those characters are back in the mix.


Id be happy if I got a deadpool black, but really; I hate that power. My Deadpool is too squishy to be jumping in front of other people & getting the crap knocked out of him. 

#12426092 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 20 January 2015 - 05:25 PM

I never consider Deadpool's red because of the damage cap. Maybe it looks better when he's leveled, but I cap at like 1500 right now with 4 covers. And really, I can find a red that does 1500 all the time, not just in the early game.

Psylocke's red is 'eh' for me, but I'm 'eh' on her as a character when not boosted anyway. I think I would even prefer Gamora as a same but better version of Psylocke.

Since I dont really look at my Deadpool the game reminded me that I have one the other day.  Pulled a Purple from a heroic, that I knew I needed.  Later that day I got another deadpool from a standard, red.  Its sad when you go to boost your character and then realize, oh I already have a max in that color.  Usually I know better but Ive shrugged off that damage cap that it flew over my head.


As for Gamora, ugh I just read her discussion on the D3 forum and had to stop after a page or 2. It just turned into an argument as to who is worse; her or psylocke.  I have a Gamora but she's in the lower levels, so to me she's useless.  Her red isnt on par with psylocke as its cheap straight damage.  Id say its more like a IM35 repulsor blast, low cost straightforward damage. In the 1* days IM35 Red was good decent damage, so its not a bad comparison.  Im biased to Psylocke since I had her fully covered shortly after she came out.  Then when respsc'ing came out I got to change her up. So Ive had more time with her and most people still dont have her covered.


Biggest issue I have is people always saying x character sucks because try making a team with them.  Then you tell them & the response is well x & y characters are really doing all the work in that team.  Psylocke or Gamora are not going to be your major players, thats what a tank is for. Its like trying to make a team of Falcon, Spiderman, and beast; making falcon your main character.  Those are support characters, live with it. 


Anyways getting off that, people hate who they hate.  Like Broly and Punisher, people hate psylocke too. I just never knew they thought she sucked that much. I know he's lost most of his bite, but hulk is still a great pair with her.  Now we'll wait for the backlash on Squirrel girl.  This will be either the most awesome character since....Luke Cage or this will be another invisible woman. 


Oh and who has the worst Red?  I want to say Elektra since that pops up in my head right now, but there's got to be someone else who has a worse red. Devil Dino comes to mind, but thats just straightforward damage again.  Hey should he be on the chopping block, I never use him at all & its not like Im getting more covers for him.

#12424489 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 20 January 2015 - 01:11 AM

And yeah his Red is my favorite red, with Deadpool coming in a close second.

I got to thinking about Red and which red is my favorite in the game. Its amazing how some try to have a gimmick, which makes them more horrible than they could be.


Not a fan of deadpool's red just because its a % off current health.  If thats the case then unless the opponent is down to 1 health can his red ever be a finishing move? 


How about Hulk? That red could be so much better.  Its like a powered up version on Ares green.  However you have to sit and count how many greens are on board just so you dont take self damage.  And yed I know most of us count up to see how many greens are on the board before we just use another characters red power.


Grey suit black widow, if it packed a punch, had some AP gain, or something it would be useful.  All I ever see her red do is possible make some cascades, so I pass on it.


Patch Red has the potential to do some nasty damage.  I had him with a team of PU characters, he was just in as filler & because he healed.  No tiles had his icon, when I let off best there is, it went off & did no damage at all.  Im like WTF really?


Im happy with the progress they made with Daredevil, I actually do enjoy his red now.  Now I sit there and match the red since the computer never does.  Does some decent damage (over 1k) and makes another trap tile.  Its like free attacks.


My 2 best red attack would have to be Steve first, as thats huge damage & the AP return is great. Also super awesome for board control.  Second is Psylocke, because its decent attack & leaves a nice strike tile, plus its not that costly. The red I miss? Classic Magneto's, 3 AP magnetic projectiles. I used to spam you left and right. You'd make me magic cascades and the enemies never got a turn.  Hulk and Black Panther miss you very much. :-({|= :cry:


Speaking of Strike tiles I have decided to play with a new team. I guess I will call them my strike team as thats their basis. Black Panther, Punisher, and Psylocke. In theory yes they're horrible together.  However if you play them only for strike tiles they make quick work of enemy teams.  Yellow for Panther, Green for Punisher, and Red/Black for psylocke.  When you have that many strike tiles on the board paired with Psylockes attack tiles they really do make short work of anyone if not with direct attacks then the attack tile cleanup. Blue ap can be used with either psylocke for AP drain or Panther for Defense.  Usually I take AP drain since by the time you get 2/3 protect tiles the enemy is dead.  Usually if you can protect the Bewilder countdown you'll get lucky with some black AP & just rage of the panther whoever is left standing.

#12422961 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 19 January 2015 - 08:20 AM

I really have to ask:


How the hell does Magimelchoir have the top score in CAGvengers with that roster




Why the hell would he even ask to be a commander? Because he thinks he's doing good in this one event? Also was that a request to be a commander? I cant tell since it was broken english.


I dont know why that upset me, but I looked at the roster & was just questioning it.  Could we really have someone who drifted in thats a cheater? Ive seen lots of people grind but he's at 72k last time I looked.  Even some of the heavy hitters havent got that yet.


Just makes me wonder thats all.

#12417960 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 16 January 2015 - 08:34 PM

 I was crazy lucky and got him maxed soon after his release a long while back. I do not use him a bunch but he is a nice fallback character when I am out of heroes and with him powered up he should be really good. His red is one of my favorite red moves in the game.

good luck getting covers for him.

You talking about Torch?

Yes he was and he's just wishing you good luck in case you want covers to respec him or something.  I finally got 2 reds from the last pve to get that to 5, Ive had 5 in green forever, and 1 black in the pun pvp & I'll have my torch the way I want him.  Although game has been trolling me, the past week Ive gottten 2 torch green covers from standard packs.


Its fun when these packs come out of retirement because I can catch up on some covers Ive missed, then again the rotation sucks when its covers I have maxed.  One night I got 3 gold covers from opening 1 Standard, 1 heroic, 2 deadpool, & 1 Doc Doom pvp tokens which wouldnt be a bad return had it not been for the received covers.  A green torch, Black punisher, black Doom, 3 golds I couldnt use.  I suppose I need to start looking at who is available per token before I redeem them.


Apparantly squirrel girl is more popular than luke cage?  I didnt see much of a problem with gaining a luke cover, but Im on the borderline with squirrel girl.  If anything Im going to be top 150 & get 1 cover, then another from the alliance.  Its really baffling how players decide what covers they do or do not want.  PvP has been a pretty much dead zone because of covers.  Pun? Most vets dont want that, I started early just for season points.  I have maybe less than 24 hours left.  Even after being attacked by some max x-force & 166s Im still in the top 100.  I needed some HP so I pushed for the 400 progression reward but still MANY low level enemies giving <20 points.


I do want to say for the new folks, dont listen to Broly, and get a punisher.  He's actually very awesome for the 2*-3* transition.  If I could put him in a catagory I'd throw him in the 2 1/2* level.  He's not great for going against X-force or 3* Thor/Steve but he's the next step after you max your 2* Wolverine.  He pairs very well with OBW/Daken/Falcon. 


Quite honestly in making the transition from 2*-3* Id have to say Hulk & Punisher should be 2 that a newer player should focus on.  I know newer players will want 3* Thor, Steve, Patch and thats fine.  However those should be your main focuses when you get deeper into the 3* transition.  You'll know when you're ready to make the move into 3* land when your main 2* team is all at level 94. Another indicator is when your 3*s have enough covers you can level them to 100 & they start getting useful.  Level 100+ is about the range where your 3* characters can start defeating level 94 2*s.  Never bother with 3*s that have 1-2 powers (POWERS NOT COVERS!) that cannot cap out past the 70's. If you can cap out to the 100's with only 2 powers make sure the power youre missing is redundant before you max that 3*. 


Case in point I have a daredevil which I have pushed to 100.  He only has purple & Red, no blue power.  Placing him with a character that uses blue he's still viable because of his purple ability.  Plus the reworking of his red makes his red cheap & gives free hits, so its useable.  In a team with say Classic Storm and Daken he works because he has a useable red, blue would be used by storm anyways, and his purple can defeat any enemy Special tiles.  Daredevil is best case scenario since he's so niche and has undergone a retooling to make him better.  Another Example would be if you had she hulk with no green, you could pair her up with X-force since he has no useable reds.  Her green is useless compared to X-force's anyways. 


Basically its all trial and error but to make the transition into 3* land dont jump the gun and waste roster space for 1-2 covers.  They've added more 2*s and some of them are actually pretty good.  If 2* Ms marvel had the power of 3* Cap Marvel Id prefer her power set.  Torch is a direct clone of himself & is quite useful in both 2 & 3* iterations.  Have 5-6 fully powered 2*s and see how you do in PvP, thats a true test of how far youve come.  Oh and though it might seem like a great tactic to use featured character with a MN mags and C storm team; that makes you a sitting duck for the higher ups.  They love that combo since its so weak on defense.  Try a Ares/Thor & OBW combo, its great at offense and defense, very balanced.

#12412041 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 14 January 2015 - 11:30 PM

New event starts tomorrow with the best cover ever



Ugh and its new Squirrel girl too, How did this happen?


At least this was tolerable



Why cant we just get the Squirrel girl we all really want!


#12411487 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 14 January 2015 - 09:13 PM

Correct, the end time choice should never be made unless you're ready to commit to the event itself.


Now that you choose your own end time there has been a variety of opinions on how to play them.  The rule of thumb has been though to still choose an end time closer to what time you want to begin the event.


Case in point with Broly, he did not choose and end time at all and still had that option.  So when he booted up his game at 11:52am and saw a 12pm end time he jumped in & played 8 minutes. Fortunately for him, it was a small bracket and he made a decent score.  Depending on brackets though this can sometimes backfire and you end up being in a horrible position.


From what I know of Koju, he usually picks a time with around a 16 hour end time (I think).  Usually he shield hops and does well enough to get in the top 10 at least.  His method involves heavy grinding as I believe he likes to get 1k points per PvP.


As for me & my hour before it ends technique, it seems to work for a lot of people.  Ive had many people say the hour method has worked for them. I like the hour method because the bracket is fairly small and you have an opportunity to get some decent points. 


Depending on reward though you may have no good way to win. Usually with highly sought after covers competition gets harder.  Luke Cage actually wasnt as bad but others, say blade, have been horrible. 


The thing is to try every way possible to see what works for you. The broly technique is very situational.  Ive done it & made decent covers and other times Ive failed so miserable Ive gotten bottom teir rewards.  The Koju method works if you're willing to put in the time, its old school and takes a lot of patience.  Just have to find your groove on how to play pvp as there's no one way guaranteed to get you that perfect score.

#12411056 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 14 January 2015 - 07:25 PM

 and I'm more attractive as a target myself. I usually have to drop at least one shield to get what I want.

Dammit Koju, stop being so attractive! Also stop flaunting it to get what you want! I know you drop a shield and leave yourself exposed for the attention, but dammit man, have some decency!


i must had a insane bracket. i had  321 points and came in  401th

Always wait for an end time you know you can put a decent full hour into.  I never just pick a bracket then hop in when I have the time.

Like last night I was finishing up my deadpool bracket at 2am. One of the end times for the hood PVP was 3am, spent a full hour playing PvP & never dipped over 30. I also think playing in the wee hours of the morning helps.  Who's up at 3am (statewise) to start a new bracket for pvp? Seems hardly anyone. For about 30 minutes I was playing seed teams because no one was in the queue to fight. Even then it was low level teams & I had to search for ones that even offered 20 points.

#12410651 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 14 January 2015 - 06:02 PM

I hate not being able to Broly PvP any more. : /

Every time I try the game like knows what I am doing and for multiple PvP in a row now I get ~ #105, just beyond the 3* Reward. I am about to try it again with this Hood one so let's cross our fingers I can squeeze in those 5 extra slots!!

This technique works for me, usually gets me at least top 100. I found last night that picking a 3 am end time helps immensely. Anyways I made 441 points & ended up 18 in my bracket. Thunder started around the same time last night & got top 50 with over 300 points. Unsure if people didn't want doom, they were focused on the PvE, or it was late; but it def was easier working that last hour than normal. When you start a bracket with no points & youre already ranked 27, you know this are gonna work out.

Now I have 5 in dooms blue, so a year later it's maxed. Standard token got me a yellow Luke cage, and dumping iso for standards in the past couple days actually hadn't been shit. Red deadpool & 2 green torches, which I unfortunately is the power I have maxed.

#12407787 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 13 January 2015 - 08:14 PM

Looks like the key evidence was a line in the latest release notes, "With all of this cold weather and snow moving in, wouldn't it be nice to have something fresh and green to enjoy?".


Assuming green was really a hint, seems like it could Doreen, or it could be any number of Gamma-radiated Hulk villains, but guess we'll see soon enough.



Yeah a new hulk skin would be so much easier, Either this or skaar.  The devs are lazy I think Squirel girl would be both cool and a troll.  AS said on the forums there are too many joke characters already in game & there are so many good characters unused in the marvel universe.  We have luke cage, where's iron fist, he wears green too.

#12405630 Marvel Puzzle Quest Discussion Thread

Posted by WutDaHenk on 12 January 2015 - 11:57 PM

Have few people on the chopping block for Cagvengers:

If anyone is excempt let me know.  I'm going to start booting people soon.

I just looked at the roster:





They all have 0 points for this event.  I think that doesnt help us at all. I may have to kick some of them from the alliance.


I wouldnt get too crazy with the booting.

Dammit, ok I guess I wont then....