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Today, 08:28 AM

Hmmm ... just spent $100 to get the dumb plane ... I guess it’s cool that it stacked with the monster book promo and a free little train from retail me not ... but now I have a $100 Harry Potter hall that I’m not sure I want. Hopefully it becomes collectible ... assuming it will retire soon since it came out in 2019.

More so because the set was $60 at Target in the fall. It was supposed to retire along with the set with the blue car but LEGO kept it going because of the pandemic.

But the plane will be $20-30, the HP Book is about the same, maybe slightly higher, then you get a decent set. Look at the dam teal car from January it's like $30+ on something you would only needed to spend $85. I'd say you got $55 worth of 'freebies' and could easily set the great hall for $65+.

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Yesterday, 04:42 PM


Anything less and I would have to give up my dad card.

My dad has been dead most of my life so again feel free to buy me things.  :-

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Yesterday, 04:21 PM

We are getting four 4+ sets with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, no Donald. I like the plane.

I'm trying to post a picture and it's stopping me.

Here's a link instead.



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04 March 2021 - 02:42 PM

Winnie the Pooh looks great! 1264 pieces and $100. (Looks small.)


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04 March 2021 - 02:42 PM

Star Destroyer from BB showed up.  They shipped it in that outer box that the big sets come in.  Perfect condition.  


Only problem is that my son was home when it was delivered, and that outer box has LEGO plastered all over it.  He ain't stupid...but he better pretend to be if he ever wants it!  Best part, his Bday is in April and he's going to be expecting it, but it won't be there. It's for Xmas.

What you do is you take the set and hide it. Leave the LEGO box somewhere he will find it and fill it with clothing or something. :)

Also are you open to adopting me? I'd like the first two NinjaGo City sets. :lol: