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#13764711 GameStop Weekly Deals Thread

Posted by malfcn on 02 July 2017 - 04:29 PM

Go away and never come back

Hello fellow Kyle,
I haven't traded anything since last summer, and it was for a controller.

There were no rules posted, and maybe someone would like to know.

#13702758 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by malfcn on 28 April 2017 - 07:21 PM

Legendary Ryse down to $8.98

#13694638 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by malfcn on 19 April 2017 - 08:44 PM

Picked up Mighty and Batman for $6 each. Passed on Dishonored for $6.

#13624764 John's big thread of site news, fixes, updates, and more! Something b...

Posted by malfcn on 09 February 2017 - 04:11 AM

I am not sure if something is broken, but I keep getting logged out of my devices. I tried changing my password, and the next time I was logged out again.

#13548192 Best Buy Ad 12/4-12/10: Buy 2 Get 1 Free on any XB1/PS4 games

Posted by malfcn on 29 November 2016 - 08:21 PM

This + the visa deal would have been epic.

#13450556 Witcher 3 Complete $19.99 at Meijer (ymmv?)

Posted by malfcn on 04 September 2016 - 10:51 PM

Just strolled through Meijer and they had the Witcher 3 Complete Edition out. It was in a spot that was $49.99-30=19.99 on sale. Possible error, but it was the same in the Xbox One and PS4 locations.

#13396340 MOST Red Dead Redemption DLC is FREE on Xbox Store

Posted by malfcn on 09 July 2016 - 02:01 PM

Why do some people say they got Undead Nightmare with a regular disc? Did they all forget they bought Undead Nightmare?

#13287293 PSA: Amazon now allows using Amazon Gift Cards to purchase other Gift Cards

Posted by malfcn on 12 April 2016 - 11:32 AM

Flippers paradise.

#13266988 Target 3/20-3/26: B1G1 50% off on all PlayStation/Xbox/PC Games, amiibo/DI/Sk...

Posted by malfcn on 27 March 2016 - 04:36 PM

How dare employees follow policies. /s

#13167148 Resident Evil Revelations 2 - $19.99 at Best Buy

Posted by malfcn on 23 January 2016 - 05:13 AM

Damn back log.

#13080999 Walmart: Pre-Owned Games Price Drop

Posted by malfcn on 05 December 2015 - 01:36 AM

Holy cow. Freedom.

#13055353 GameStop Trade & Promos XXVII: Values available on the website and on And...

Posted by malfcn on 25 November 2015 - 09:24 PM

What are the eBay values sold? Haven't decided what to do with $40. Might get Lunar, or move to Best Buy.

#13050534 GameStop Trade & Promos XXVII: Values available on the website and on And...

Posted by malfcn on 24 November 2015 - 04:07 AM

I went into GS today and got one of those cards, and think I lost it already.

#13047342 Best Buy Black Friday 2015 AD

Posted by malfcn on 23 November 2015 - 05:47 AM

How do we check our status? I had an email where they called me Elite, but I don't think I spent that much. And I don't see the spending chart anymore.

#13015889 Best Buy - Save $25 on a Select Game when you purchase Fallout 4, Tomb R...

Posted by malfcn on 09 November 2015 - 12:40 AM

I passed on this deal because I think the options are poor..