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World of Doomed > Metacritic Score Comparison of All Major Consoles Since 2000

Posted 15 December 2009


Almost a year ago, I was looking at Metacritic scores for Xbox 360 games. I was taken aback by how few games scored above or equal to 80 on the 360. So I went on a quest to decide if there have always been that few good games on consoles or if the 360 was much worse than most people say.

It's been almost a year since I wrote these words. New game...

World of Doomed > An Elite's Worth of Stuff for Under the Price of a Pro

Posted 07 July 2009

$181.04 - Xbox 360 Arcade - Dell - 6/06/2009
$5.98 - HDMI cable - Monoprice - 6/07/2009
$10.98 - New Xbox 360 Headset - http://www.cheapassg.../iconamazon.gif - 6/24/2009
$65 - Genuine 120GB hard drive - eBay - 7/07/2009

Total - $263. I didn't get a network cable because I didn't need one, but if I did I could...

World of Doomed > I Beat World of Goo... Again (every level this time!)

Posted 13 March 2009

[check out my rockin' new banner. It has a World of Goo theme and looks a lot better than this picture.]

I beat it on Wii at the start of a new year. I couldn't get enough and wanted to support 2D Boy, so I bought it for PC when it was $10 via Amazon.

Meanwhile, my friend bought it when it was $5 on Steam. I then decided to play it again so I...

World of Doomed > Are Games Gettting Worse? Consoles and the Amount of High Scoring Games

Posted 24 February 2009

Update: Check the comments for my response to your input.

I am considering purchasing a XBOX 360 from the Dell 20% off deal, so I was researching the Metacritic scores of the 360. Being used to the high amount of high scoring games on PS2 and GameCube, I was taken aback by how few games scored above or equal to 80. So I went on a quest to decide...

World of Doomed > What $3 gets you on Steam

Posted 28 December 2008

Over the past month, I've purchased the entire Hλlf-Life 1 collection for a grand total of $2.96. Three [supposedly-I haven't played the expansions yet] great games for the price of a meal at a fast food location, if that. Sounds good to me. Hλlf-Life was $0.98 during it's 10 year anniversary, and during Steam's holiday sale I scored the two PC...