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#14070228 Target Clearance Thread XXIII

Posted by Nelo Ice on 25 October 2018 - 01:49 AM

Should've snagged both of them! Glad you got one though.

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Figured I’d be good with 2 since the only reason I got it was so I didn’t have to sit near my TV to charge the white one that came with my console. For the most I’ve only ever needed 1 controller or 2 max besides Nintendo which is always my local machine.

#14070194 Target Clearance Thread XXIII

Posted by Nelo Ice on 25 October 2018 - 12:30 AM

Picked up a midnight blue DS4 at a local Target today. Was one of the last 2.

#14030593 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Nelo Ice on 25 July 2018 - 08:15 AM

Good lookin out. Brickseek listed the price at $5 at a nearby store. I went to that location and requested two copies and to my surprise the game rang up for $0.54 each. The employee was shocked. I'd say the game is worth 54 cents right? I'm glad I requested two copies before checking the price.

Damn congrats. Lowest I'm seeing is $15. Otherwise its $20 everywhere. I'd bite at $10. I'm all spent out after the Target glitch lol.

#14029929 Text "lkwkgk" to 827438 and get $20 off $50+ purchase at Ta...

Posted by Nelo Ice on 23 July 2018 - 10:06 PM

+1 for a successful order.

Mario Tennis Aces, Joy-Cons, and some random water filters were delivered a few days ago. Zero issues whatsoever.

I’ve become so boring and stingy. I **ALMOST** bought a One X and a few more $60 games, but I figured the next gen XBOX will be out by 2020, and I wouldn’t have bought/played any of those games until they hit the $20 bin anyway. What the hell is wrong with me, lol.

Anyway, congrats to anyone who landed some big ticket items or anything on their wishlist! This was a fun few days to watch. For anyone that missed out... the next glitch (big or small) will be right around the corner.

Lol yay so I'm not the only one. I said no to X1X simply because I didn't need it and it would have been a pure ego buy lol. As for preorders I focused on first party Nintendo games. Otherwise I figured every other game I'd want would tank in price and hit glitch price soon enough.

#13935285 Best Buy Ad 1/28-2/3

Posted by Nelo Ice on 28 January 2018 - 11:18 PM

FYI, for those that still have the $10 savings codes that expire next week, you can buy a BB gift card with them. There isn't anything I want right now, but I didn't want to lose the codes, so I tried them on a gift card today and it worked. The CSR wasn't sure it would work, but we tried, and sure enough, no issues. Figured a gift card won't expire, so I have time to use it on whatever I want.

Thanks for the heads up. Can confirm this works. Cashier scanned my codes with no issues.

#13836177 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

Posted by Nelo Ice on 21 September 2017 - 03:50 AM

Thanks for the heads up on Minecraft. Discovered a new Walmart that was on top of things for Clearance. Clearly marked and organized shelf for clearance games along with a table that was also surprisingly clean and organized. After I saw that all I could think of is yes this is my clearance store.