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In Topic: Do we really need a Paul Bearer Memorial Thread? Ohhhhhhhhh Yeeeeessss

22 February 2013 - 06:30 AM

Not a bad match, Reigns definitely needed that name change...

In Topic: Do we really need a Paul Bearer Memorial Thread? Ohhhhhhhhh Yeeeeessss

21 February 2013 - 01:55 AM

He should come out and say that the market should decide whether his actions constituted a public nuisance. Real Tea Partiers would agree that the laws he violated are unfair and are a part of the work of a nanny state.

Edit: Just in case people thought I was kidding.

I was thinking the same thing when the news broke -- have him go all Ayn Rand-Libertarian. However, I don't think the audience is sophisticated enough for it. What a shame, I was digging the gimmick, something new and fresh. I did grimace and brace myself for faint cheers during these recent promos, with the WWE touring the south.

In Topic: Why do I close one eye when looking at my laptop screen....

30 January 2013 - 03:23 PM

My Girlfriend brought it to my attention when I use my ASUS 15" laptop, that I close one eye completely while the other eye remain fully open. She also said when I use my Alienware Desktop with 24" LED Sony 3D Monitor, that both of my eyes remain completely open. I admit my vision is not very good, I only pass my DMV vision test for my Drivers License because the DMV employee was too worry gossiping with her co-worker, so I just mumbled random letters and numbers (Probably wasent even any numbers up their to tell you the truth, I just did it because I was not able to make out the letters after the first few). I wondered if me closing one eye while using laptop is an indicator of poor vision? Then again, when one of my friend gets a text on his iPhone 4 or basically to use his phone at all, he has to put his finger below his eye and press while moving his finger downwards, almost like prying his eye lids open. He only has to do that when he is not wearing his glasses.

Definitely get your eyes checked, and if you are worried about the cost of glasses, check out EyeBuyDirect or Zenni Optical online. I bought two pairs of glasses last year for about $50-60 and they are just as good of quality as the $200+ pair that the opticians will try to sell you. Get the exam, ask the optometrist for a copy of the prescription, take a look at a few frames you like, take some notes on them, and go on your way.

In Topic: The WWE 13 Wrestling Thread

07 November 2012 - 01:34 AM

CT Senate race called for Murphy: