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05 April 2021 - 04:02 PM

 I think the hardware struggles with FMV/3D games hence the issues emulating Primal Rage and area 51. Imagine playing Time Crisis on this thing though!



This is correct and the folks who put together CoinOps for the ALU have said as much.  They've tried and unfortunately the ALU hardware isn't strong enough to handle anything like MVC2, Blitz, etc.


The 5.0 version of CoinOps is supposed to be released fairly soon...

In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

29 March 2021 - 03:27 PM

I finally went ahead and bought a Legends Ultimate cabinet, expecting it Friday. I'll be going the CoinopsX route and I watched a few tutorial videos--looks pretty straightforward so I don't really understand why people are buying flash drives for $50 on Etsy, especially since those sellers are making money from other people's work.


Anyways, has anyone done any hardware mods on these cabinets? I don't really like the stock artwork on the cab. Any way to change the marquee? I'm thinking of converting it to a Simpsons cab (lol).

Agreed on not buying a drive, the process is super simple and as you note anyone selling it is making money off all the hard work of others.

Check out the ALU forum on Reddit - a good number of people discussing various mods and where to get graphics, etc.  I haven't done anything with mine as of yet, but have a pre-order in for a bitpixel marquee.


And to note, if you want to avoid the login process with coinops, you can just use the addon feature.  Not as fancy on the front end and there are some limitations as far as how many games you can put on your drive (but still a fairly large amount) and there is no login requirement for addon.

In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

12 January 2021 - 04:57 PM

I was initially excited by many of the titles, but after reading more on each I'm not so sure.  No online for SFII, the digital scoreboard on the DL and Space Ace cabs are just smartphones (likely a cost move, but still don't care for it personally), the titles on the X-men cab are kind of meh outside of the main title and at least as of the moment, Best Buy has Pong listed at $550, which seems a bit much given the titles included and A1U's bad track record with the spinners.  KI looks interesting and may be in for that one based on reviews.  Maybe some of these things will be revised before release, I guess we'll see.

In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

11 January 2021 - 06:19 PM

Yes, but people actually had a chance to buy them, unlike the blink and its gone fiasco with DL. It seems a waste - almost criminal, to go to the trouble of making such a quality replica, only to make it available to a very small, select group of people. Only the well-informed, wealthy, lucky, or F5 geeks were able to obtain one, leaving the rest of their potential customer base unsatisfied. 

Yeah, just pointing out that they didn't make that many of the Asteroids one as people thought.  I got DL through the Kickstarter, in fact all the ones I've bought through them have been via Kickstarter.  Probably he best route to go if you can afford it at the time and if you get in early you can generally get it a bit cheaper than post release.

In Topic: The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

10 January 2021 - 01:46 AM

I failed to get one. Hope that wasn't the last chance ever. Asteroids is still available, and probably will be a good long while. Good news, if you're the type of person who is into that sort of thing.

They sent out an email that there were only 100 Asteroids ones left. Not sure how long those will last, but my guess is they’ll be gone sooner rather than later.