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Is PS4 Pro worth double?

13 November 2018 - 09:22 PM

I'm still on PS3 and want PS4. I had decided to go for the Pro since it's a better machine, I tend to hold onto consoles a long time (obi) and $100 difference isn't that much. But....


Now that BF is upon us, and the PS4 has dropped to $199 and there is NO Pro deal (so far), is it really worth double? I'm really disappointed there doesn't seem to be a Pro deal coming. I get why, but considering what a good deal the slim bundle is and that you can get it even cheaper than $199 with coupons or other promos, the price difference is a little hard to swallow.  I did get an RDR2 Pro bundle and I was able to use a $30 coupon off of it. But I was really looking to get it for closer to $300. I haven't opened it hoping there would be a better holiday deal but nothing yet and it's killing me just sitting there.


I don't have time to game everyday or sometimes not even once a week. It will most often get used as my media center and I really like the interface. I have a 1080p plasma and have no intention of getting 4k tv anytime soon, but the better image quality regardless of 4k is important to me. (I work in visual media.) 


Thoughts? Is 4k, a slightly faster processor and digital audio out really worth double the price?

Nintendo Switch $269 from Newegg on EBAY

05 November 2018 - 05:21 PM

Ebay is doing 11 days of deals and this is one of today's deals. 


Click on the link and click "see price in cart" to get the $269 price.


If you have one of the $10 off $30 coupons, could be even cheaper.


Not the hottest deal ever but considering BF deals on the switch will probably few & far between, not too bad. Not as good as Google Express deal the other day, but that's dead so...


Free Shipping and probably no tax outside CA (?)


Good luck!




Edit: Still live as of 11/7 12:50am PST.