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Blog blackdog60 > Behind the Counter 4

Posted 24 April 2011

Ok been a couple of weeks, so this episode will talk more about things I discovered while owning my own business. Some will seem pretty obvious.

I don't like solicitors. ( I mean who does right):hot:
Please Read
Prior to soliciting to any person
within this store, please note you are
agreeing to the following:

I agree to prepay $10 per...

Blog blackdog60 > Behind the table

Posted 02 April 2011

I have done a lot of conventions over the years, starting in 1994 at the San Diego Comic Convention, I got 2 feet of table space with the stipulation I would use the money I earned to buy stuff from him, he had a lot of anime items i wanted so that was not big deal to me. I was broke and had about $1K invested in Magic:the Gathering. So over the course...

Blog blackdog60 > Behind the Counter 3

Posted 26 March 2011

ok an early installment, but I needed to vent a little. One of those days and not just bad for me, you will understand soon enough.

and with thelonepig's suggestion: The Store

so lets gets started.

Customer enters. "Hello, are you looking for anything in particular or anything I can help you with? ", the usual response is "No " so I follow up with "I...

Blog blackdog60 > Behind the Counter 2

Posted 23 March 2011

ok hopefully you read my first blog entry, it will help to understand some things.

I am sure some of you are old enough to remember when pokemon the TCG came out from Wizards of the Coast. (I have always had a rule when I trade with people, if you are not old enough to have a drivers license I won't trade with you unless you have a parent with you.)


Blog blackdog60 > Behind the Counter

Posted 14 March 2011

ok, 1st blog entry here. Some information to get an idea of where this will head. If you have never read www.actsofgord.com , I would highly recommend it. (one note" when I am behind the counter my exit door is to the left of me. You will understand soon enough.)

Now I have been in the anime/comics/TCG/boardgame industry as a retailer for about 17...