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Blog hiamiyumi > Hiamiyumi's May Pick-Ups -

Posted 31 May 2009

The biggest purchase in this month is the new HP Pavilions dv5-1235dx laptop from Bestbuy(upgraded from my HP dv2000). This laptop is very fast and has great perfromance.The only thing I don't like about the HP Pavilions dvd5 -1235dv is battery. Yeah, the big battery and it makes laptop so heavy but it lasts over 6 hours.


Blog hiamiyumi > Hiamiyumi's April Pick-Ups - A great month :)

Posted 28 April 2009

Video games-Bluray-Anime DVDs

Thanks to B2G1,50% off games from Gamestop.



Bestbuy's $10 game sale and Target clearance.



Blog hiamiyumi > Otaku Room!

Posted 17 July 2008

Finally, I had time to clean up my room and took the pictures of my "Otaku" collection.

Otaku Room!