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Blog GF_Eric > Best Of Eric & Andrew Versus ... Yeah, It's A Clip Show

Posted 21 June 2013

A friend and I have been making gaming videos on YouTube for a little while now, but it would be nice if people actually bothered to watch any of it. I've put together some of our funnier clips into one video, and maybe if folks like what they see they'll watch the rest of our stuff.

Blog GF_Eric > Skate Video - "Oh My God, A Girl! I Don't Know What To Do!"

Posted 26 January 2009

I know with Skate 2 out that is the focus, but I dug up a video I made on Skate 1 that I thought I'd share. What happens when you ollie into a pedestrian? This.

I like to call it "Oh my god, a girl! I don't know what to do!" (Giggity, giggity, giggity.)


Notice the jimmy leg. Notice how...

Blog GF_Eric > Steps Towards an Elitist Critic Future

Posted 24 August 2008

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an interesting article here http://www.rockpaper...-critic-future/ on, basically, how the gaming press seems more interested in talking about what is popular instead of what is actually good. Specifically, the article talks about how yearly Top 10 lists are almost always exclusively ma...