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In Topic: CAGcast #388: Sayonara, Toilet!

03 December 2014 - 07:50 PM

Podcast proved prophetic, Aussie Targets are pulling GTAV

In Topic: CAGcast #380: Rhode Trip

22 September 2014 - 04:14 AM

I gotta second FriskyTunaki's statement about the discussion about the price of Sunset Overdrive.  Frankly a lot of the reasons you guys mentioned about it reminding you of the weird style of Dreamcast games is what interests me about it.  I don't even own an Xbox One and you had me half sold with talking about how it's a little bit of Power Stone and Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio and so on.

In Topic: CAGcast #380: Rhode Trip

21 September 2014 - 04:42 PM

Good show.


I know Shipwreck and Wombat both said hiding under a bed in a game isn't something fun for more than a second, but I'm a fan of horror games were you can't kill all the enemies, where you have to hide, so I disagree that fun can't be had.  The original clock tower games are to me way more intense when all you can do is hide from Scissorman than any game where you can shoot zombies.


I think Wombat might not have been getting Shipwreck's point.  The story in a game provides context.  Destiny doesn't provide this context for the world, what you're doing, or just for the missions.  Borderlands misisons are all go to the marker and do stuff.  But You know what the world is, what the motivation for the characters in the game are and every mission tells you what the objective for each one is.  The story might not be good (though Borderlands 2 actually has a pretty good story arc) but it provides context, humor, and motivation.  I think the technical issues are more apparent because there's less of a player investment into what is going on.  Not every game needs a good story, or one at all, but Destiny sets up all this epic sounding background and then does nothing with it making it much more noticable.  It'll be interesting to see how they improve and change the overall structure of the game for future iterations.


I'd be interested in Kickbeat.

In Topic: CAGcast #365: Heterodachi Life

13 May 2014 - 09:47 PM

Prime sense of humor.

You'd think the French would have tougher skin by now.



Regarding Tomodachi Life, Shipwreck's comment was the best. Either buy and enjoy the game or don't. If there's something in it you don't like then don't buy it, Nintendo isn't obligated to add or remove anything. The gaming community has discovered a crazy sense of entitlement over the past few years. 


Not to mention if people can be upset about gay marriage not being in the game, can I complain if I don't believe in marriage and demand it be removed from the game? Or complain about marriage being depicted in a Christian way if I'm not Christian?


And Wombat's Japan comments...Wow. Everyone in Japan thinks and acts the same way. Got it.

Why wouldn't you be able to complain about those things?  There's nothing wrong with seeing a game and express that it'd be nice if the game would include options that you would like versus things you might not. 

In Topic: CAGcast #365: Heterodachi Life

13 May 2014 - 04:56 PM


Concerning your talk on Tomodachi Life's issue with gay marriage, I have to take issue with some things Shipwreck said. He seemed to be defending hypothetical bigots even though people who find gay marriage disturbing or wrong weren't even a part of the story. It's not like there were a large group of people planning to protest the game if it added in gay relationships.
Shipwreck said that people wouldn't want to have to explain it to their kids. How hard is it to explain to your child, "Those two people love each other." That seems pretty simple to me.
Also when Wombat rightly said that anyone who is bugged by gay marriage should get over themselves, Shipwreck seemed to imply that the people complaining should get over themselves as well. Really? Would you say that to black people fighting for equal representation if you could only be white in this game? Would you say that to women, if you could only be male some other game that is supposed to simulate life?
Also, to Cheapy...I'm sure you were just trying to diffuse things, but it never helps to bring up marrying animals when talking about gay marriage even if you're joking. Animals don't have the free will, nor the comprehension to agree to a marriage. Other consenting humans do.
Sorry guys, still love the show but that discussion got me heated.


Personally, I took Shipwreck's comments as less about defending hypothetical bigots and more just confusion about the level of outrage a goofy Japanese game inspired and was trying to see things from alternate perspectives.  Of course if you are upset about the lack of inclusion of same sex couples in the game being told to just get over it is probably going to make people upset.  Much like Nintendo's initial response about the complaints I think it just was said poorly.


I do think the demands for the code of a 5 year old game that's being localized to be altered because of the cultural differences is a little much.  I understand the anger and why people might choose to not buy it, but realistically they're not going to do that because doing so wouldn't be technically or financially a viable option.  There are many Japanese games that have been localized with some things that would be considered questionable culturally in our country, and vice versa, and I'd rather have the option of buying them or not than never having the chance to play them.


Because of how deeply personal this conversation is to some people it's hard to have it without offending someone, like Cheapy's comment about animals.  Anyone who has listened to anti-LGBT zealots long enough has heard them equate homosexuality to beastiality at some point, but it seemed obvious to me that Cheapy wasn't trying to equate same sex marriage to people getting married to animals as much as he was just trying to say that if you make the game wildly over the top it'll be hard to offend anyone.


Some poor language might've been used for a sensitive topic but I didn't think any of them were defending bigotry.  It just seemed like there was confusion over the how heated the response became over a game that I'm guessing few had heard of prior.  I would've been more interested in hearing them discuss potential solutions to how Nintendo handled the PR side of things instead of uninformed guesses about how it might be fixed or why people should/shouldn't be offended.  When Cheapy brought up animals and Shipwreck was saying that people needed to get over it I groaned.  At that point I wanted Wombat's son to come on and say that Iron Man should be in the game, because at least that would've been something people would agree on.  The game would be better with Iron Man.