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#12110484 CAGcast #380: Rhode Trip

Posted by Whipt on 21 September 2014 - 04:42 PM

Good show.


I know Shipwreck and Wombat both said hiding under a bed in a game isn't something fun for more than a second, but I'm a fan of horror games were you can't kill all the enemies, where you have to hide, so I disagree that fun can't be had.  The original clock tower games are to me way more intense when all you can do is hide from Scissorman than any game where you can shoot zombies.


I think Wombat might not have been getting Shipwreck's point.  The story in a game provides context.  Destiny doesn't provide this context for the world, what you're doing, or just for the missions.  Borderlands misisons are all go to the marker and do stuff.  But You know what the world is, what the motivation for the characters in the game are and every mission tells you what the objective for each one is.  The story might not be good (though Borderlands 2 actually has a pretty good story arc) but it provides context, humor, and motivation.  I think the technical issues are more apparent because there's less of a player investment into what is going on.  Not every game needs a good story, or one at all, but Destiny sets up all this epic sounding background and then does nothing with it making it much more noticable.  It'll be interesting to see how they improve and change the overall structure of the game for future iterations.


I'd be interested in Kickbeat.