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Blog -Never4ever- > Not A Daddy~!

Posted 19 June 2009

So it's been about a week since I last posted and yes, I am not a daddy. Weirdly enough the news makes me more sad than anything.

I guess I was looking finally looking forward to it, after dreading it for so long. Oh well there's plenty of time left to have a kid later. Hopefully at that point I'll be wiser, more mature or something.

Blog -Never4ever- > Am I Daddy?

Posted 12 June 2009

So quick update for those who remember my "issues" from last summer; after the summer I decided to quit drinking altogether and just be more outgoing, while just being myself. When classes resumed I wound up meeting a boatload of new people and by December I had started dating this wonderful girl I met. we're now 6+ Months into the relationship and I coul...

Blog -Never4ever- > Now Playing

Posted 26 January 2009

So I've decided I want to write about Video Games again. So as a result I redid my Blog page to be more focused on Gaming. In the coming weeks I plan to write up a bunch of different articles; reviews, Top 10 lists (my personal fav) & "Now Playing" What the hell is Now Playing you might ask? It's actually something I created for myself back in High School...

Blog -Never4ever- > ...

Posted 06 August 2008


Blog -Never4ever- > Still here.

Posted 06 August 2008