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Sorry buddy, you'll have to move to the shed from your basement MysterDCave... That crib belongs to Little MysterE now....


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Ummm... MysterD, that's not how babies are made. It only takes 2... Like when I'm with your mom... Then boom! 9 months later little MysterE is on the scene....

My post was saying that all ("If Condemned: Criminal Origins; Observer; some FPS's; and some stealth games all got together & had a baby") as a metaphor, not actually literal.

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Yesterday, 09:43 PM

Get Even.


I'm about 5 hours or so into Get Even.


If Condemned: Criminal Origins; Observer; some FPS's; and some stealth games all got together & had a baby - yeah, this game would be some kind of mixture of all of that. This feels like part walking-simulator; part FPS; and part stealth game.


So, combat itself is fine. It's certainly functional. You can shoot enemies, even though the game will often berate you for doing so. You can sneak up behind enemies and kill them, which the game might either berate you or commend you for it. Though, there is a stealth gun, called the Corner-Gun. Basically, you can mount a gun on a special handle with a camera-phone to look around and stealthily shoot around corners. Corner-Gun is nothing short of interesting, cool, awesome, and fun to use.


Combat isn't terrible, mind you, as it is functional - but each piece of it is just not that deep; it's shallow. You also can't take many hits, either. Seriously, you take a hit or two - you're pretty much done; go reload last checkpoint save. But, all of this elements here, when combined - they make for an interesting & at times intense experience, where the sum of its parts make the combat actually worthwhile.


Though, like Observer and Condemned: Criminal Origins - you'll be investigating scenes everywhere. This is actually one of the real elements of the game. You will need to examine areas and find whatever you can. You have your trusty camera phone, which has all kinds of functions: it can light-up areas; it can be a UV light (so you can see enemies or other things); you can use it to see pictures; you can use it to read texts; you can use it to scan evidence across a CIA-like/FBI-like database; etc etc.


If this isn't enough - you play Cole Black and have memory loss. A girl had a bomb strapped to her; you found her; and it blew up. You somehow survived, waking up in a dilapidated mental hospital/asylum. You also have a device on your head, which is similar to an Animus in Assassin's Creed games or the memory device in Observer; and you are re-living memories of yourself & others. Some memories are destroyed and you're trying to piece all of the events together; and figure out the role you played in this; and why the Doctor who is helping you wants you to figure this whole mess out. Since you're playing detective here - yes, you can expect that there a good amount of twists, turns, and reveals. Just when you think you have an idea what's going on...well, expect a twist, turn, and/or rug to be pulled from underneath you.


Like other games I've mentioned, such as Observer and Condemned: CO - this game is loaded with atmosphere & Lore. There is evidence and collectibles everywhere, which all are important to the story and the game-world. If you're paying attention, you might be able to put pieces of the story together from this here - but, you and your mind's not the most reliable narrator; and neither is the device on your head all the time either. 


The music in this soundtrack here for this game is great, so far. This score is strong in just so many ways, I don't even know where to begin. Yet, I'll try. Whether it's going and sounding at times like it's the most sinister orchestra-style music that I've ever heard in a game within recent memory or going to try to tug at your emotional strings, when the game decides to enlighten and reveal more about its characters - the music always seems to be on point...and then some.


Running often at 150-240 frames per second at 1080p with maxed-out settings here, this game runs smooth as can be. Not only that, the game's environments look great & very realistic. The character models might be the best looking of models, in many instances - but it's the environments and game-world shines here more so than anything else.


Still, most of these complaints of mine are minor complaints - namely, the ones about the character models not looking so hot; and the lack of depth in the combat systems. Given how great the actual experience itself for the detective stuff especially and the actual story of this game actually is, this is so far worth playing for all of that stuff.


And now, I must get back to this game and try to get even more soaked up in its atmosphere; play detective some more; and hopefully finish up its crazy & awesome story.

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Yesterday, 03:02 PM

Cyberpunk 2077 stuff.
Newest Patch 1.10 adds a new game-breaking bug & a workaround is listed in here to get around it for the "Down the Street" mission.
The "Down the Street" mission bug & work-around.

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Yesterday, 12:56 PM

I loved Deus Ex HR and really liked even MD, but....yeah, Deus Ex 1 is on a Godly level still. DE1 is one of the games ever made. When Deus Ex 1 came out, for me, there wasn't any other game out there that I played like that. It was a fantastic mix of RPG/FPS.


Thing is...HR is basically more Deus Ex; and MD is more of that. MY biggest problem w/ MD was....well, it wasn't finished with its story arc and a bunch of threads never got wrapped-up. B/c of that all, to me, it's a great game that really needs a stand-alone expansion, sequel, or something...just to wrap stuff up.


Deus Ex: Invisible War (AKA Deus Ex 2) was another one that never lived-up to the hype, given how amazing previous game was. Things like the unified ammo for me; and consolization of the game really did not help matters, IMHO. Still like the game, even despite it never living up to the hype of the original Deus Ex masterpiece.


Kind of reminds me of DAO. I loved DAO and think it's one of the best and last true old-school style CRPG's of that kind from AAA studio - but, DA2 really so did not live up to the hype. I liked DA2, but...it lacked the customization & tac-cam. Recycled areas really hurt the game more than anything, IMHO.


I think we could compare Cyberpunk 2077 also to Fable. A lot of Fable 1's features....just weren't in the game. The evolving trees. The game was supposed to be a true seamless open world, but inside they had no choice but to do a areas/modules/maps set-up - more on that here. Other heroes that you might have to compete with. Yeah, for a lot of people that dropped $60 on that, I bet they were disappointed. But, I think many also felt the same about the repetitive Black & White games, too - another game hyped to the moon, but didn't live up to the hype; and also had cut contents.