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Posted by MysterD on Today, 04:31 AM

i feel like this did not answer zenii's question

More VRAM is NOT like having more Framerates. The more you have of one of those (framerates), it just ain't going to matter once you get to a certain point.


Having "more framerates" won't be that useful, once you get to a certain point. I can understand people debating say 30FPS, 60FPS, and even maybe 120FPS - but I personally don't think say 300-400 frames will be very playable. It'll just be too fast and unplayable. It won't be good for your graphics card's lifespan, either - you'll burn it out. You're likely going to cap it somewhere and/or throw VSync On, at some point.


More VRAM will be useful - especially for having more buffer-space open for things like throwing it up to higher resolutions (i.e. 2K/1440p or 4K) & throwing on more graphics features. 

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Posted by MysterD on Yesterday, 09:48 PM

Random but I figured who better to ask then you folks. 


I splurged and got myself a new PC rig and was curious which games would you recommend that's graphic intensive? 


I got Witcher 3, Paragon, and considering picking up GTA V. 

W3 + GTA5 are definitely a good start for graphics intensive; especially at higher settings. 


Doom 2016 looks great + runs great. You'll get MUCH better performance, if you're using a graphics card w/ drivers that support Vulkan API over OpenGL - since Vulkan is a much lower-level API.

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Posted by MysterD on Yesterday, 09:35 PM

I always wonder if FPS counters didn't exist would people even care or be able to tell that something dropped from 60 to 59 to 55 back up to 60, etc.  

Yep, a 5 frame drop (or more) is noticeable for me. Things just aren't as smooth. Might be a hitch or stutter. Gameplay might feel a bit slower all of sudden. Bigger drops are ridiculously noticeable - i.e. 10+. Those feel like major lag and slowdowns to me.



Just last night I was using Fraps and messing around with settings in some of my games to see how it impacted performance and I realized I can't tell the difference. It's definitely kind of jarring to go from playing something like DOOM at 120fps and then turn on my PS4 and play Bloodborne at 30fps, but I don't really notice a huge difference between the 45-100fps range. Then again I can only really see well out of one eye so maybe that has something to do with it. I need some of those SpoderSpecs to help me out.

Yeah, something like Doom 2016 - which is a fast-paced game and where quickness really matters, it's REALLY noticeable to me. 


When I uncapped Doom 2016 w/ Vulkan API and had 80-120 frames, I could basically feel every rise and drop; it felt super-fast + uneven. Gameplay felt often WAY too fast for me, as I was already used to the solid 60FPS performance that I was getting with it. 


About Dark Souls 1 PTD (PC), that's a much slower game. So, framerate drops I would notice if it was even a few frames namely b/c it has a low 30FPS cap (by default and with no real modding of DSFix). Though, when it got slapped to 15FPS when fighting the Discharge - had to stop; it was stuttering and slowing down all over the place. Turning off SSAO in DSFix solved that and kept it nicely back at a solid 30FPS.

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Posted by MysterD on 22 September 2016 - 10:55 PM

"Awesome!!!" @ DOOM 2016 adding (Classic Free For All) Deathmatch Mode to its MP portion:


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Posted by MysterD on 22 September 2016 - 10:23 PM

So, yesterday was my birthday, and like your favorite retail store, that means you're getting the gifts. Much like with your favorite retail store, the gifts are mostly terrible things you don't want (arguably slightly better than 10% off your next purchase coupons), but, hey, that's how I roll.

Happy belated birthday!!!!

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Posted by MysterD on 22 September 2016 - 01:54 AM

Again, that's not the point, you seem to refuse to answer any direct question asked of you, even when it's just asking something as simple as why you refuse to buy a console.  For the record though, both the Scorpio and the PS Pro are promising 4K so yeah, you're behind the curve when it comes to consoles.  

Digital Foundry already analyzed PS4 Pro.

It's not rendering in native 4K.


it's actually upscaled from a lower-res:



We'll have to see what the XB1 Scorpio does + costs, to see if it'll truly be native 4K.

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Posted by MysterD on 22 September 2016 - 01:18 AM

So you are open to stealing one


But I'm open to you buying me a console. :)

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Posted by MysterD on 22 September 2016 - 12:58 AM

How about "streaming" from PSN console service for Bayonetta and RDR?

Them being able to be sold-to-"own" for a one-time purchase so they can be "downloaded" and "installed" locally to a hard drive - you know, like great PC services like Steam does - would be a MUCH better idea. That really is something Sony should think of investing in.



So you don't see any benefits toward owning a console

I don't see many benefits to spending more $ to actually buy a console.

For $400, might as well just buy more + newer PC hardware. [shrug]

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Posted by MysterD on 22 September 2016 - 12:03 AM

You are one of those PC gamers he hates because you just need to shut up about BLAH BLAH BLAH NEEDS TO BE PORTED TO PC BLAH BLAH BLAH and just buy a freaking console and play those games or STFU.  While getting some games ported to PC is fine, it's just easier to buy a damn console and I'd prefer the devs work on something new than waste time on porting old ass games no one is going to buy. 

Why hold a game back and just have it just on these consoles with limited-power? Why not multi-platform it to both consoles + PC and try to get as many gamers as possible to purchase it? Why not also support the PC and let the sky be the limit, in terms of both power + the likely possibilities of (future) modding?


Also, why not have the original dev's just say hire a company like QLOC or Nixxes (who basically just expertise in making technically-sound PC versions) to bring it here?


BTW, QLOC did a pretty good job w/ WWE 2K16 PC + the MK XL Edition PC port from the Beta. Nixxes has a pretty good history on doing pretty good PC ports since TR: Legend.


And if they are going "console first, PC later" - bringing that game to PC with all expansions/DLC's (like 2K has done with WWE 2K series with 2K15+16 & like From Software did with Dark Souls: PTD) could get some gamers that do both consoles + PC to possibly double-dip on PC version, especially if they're missing DLC's on the console-side.




Wut? I thought Nvidia was the best and never had any issues?  ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT AMD? 





Yup. I'm positive.


You're best creating in Windows restore points when before and installing any sort of drivers, TBH - that way you can roll forward or back, if need be.


I experienced some issues this past weekend after installing GeForce Experience 3.0 personally w/ not being able to install other NVidia drivers; and the 368.39's just won't run The Crew. Not sure if it was GF 3.0 or 368's causing the issues - but it's there b/c I couldn't install to any other drivers.


Had to do some system restores to roll back drivers to get Crew going, but Doom wouldn't boot (that's before I saw the fix to force it back into OpenGL); and then said "Screw it" and re-rolled ahead to 368's.


Just stick to earlier NVidia drivers (like the 350 set) or find some Nvidia drivers that work for you, if you have to.


And when you install NVidia drivers - ALWAYS go Custom; and select to do a NEW fresh install. That way, if crap hits the fan - you're basically starting fresh driver-wise if something goes wrong.

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Posted by MysterD on 21 September 2016 - 10:55 PM



"PC Gamers are 'arrogant twits' and 'like racists' claims Michael Pachter. Here's why."


Oh boy...

Why do I even care what Michael Pachter thinks? [shrugs]


PC Gamers won't buy a PS4 Pro b/c PC games get cheaper quicker here; we have Bundle sites w/ killer deals; & investing in a decently powerful rig (or better) will extremely likely trump what any console can output in both terms of performance (i.e. PC can actually aim for 60FPS in many instances at decent resolutions like 1080p, 1440p, or 4K) + much better graphics quality settings (i.e High to Ultra).

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Posted by MysterD on 21 September 2016 - 10:39 PM

More Doom venting...


Doom's not the problem; it's the damn NVidia drivers + GeForce Experience stuff. I don't know what's going on there, but NVidia's been a mess of late.


Dig around; drivers of late since later 360-set have been hit or miss.


GeForce Experience 3.0 sounds like it's been problematic since Beta:



372.70's seem hit or miss w/ games + systems, too:



If you can't boot Doom via Vulkan, try and force it back to OpenGL by doing this:


go to users\%username\saved games\id software\doom\base\
open doomconfig.local
change r_renderapi "1" to r_renderapi "0"
save the file and have fun again :)

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Posted by MysterD on 21 September 2016 - 09:59 PM

If the game ever stops crashing on me I'll be there for the next DOOM event. I think GeForce experience f'ed up my game somehow. Hopefully I'll have better luck trying to repair it than I've had trying to repair my marriage.

Yeah; I think NVidia has been a mess, of late.


You might want to create restore points before you install or update any GeForce Experience version or NVidia drivers, with the way they've been going of late.


GeForce Experience 3.0 full release + 368.xx drivers screwed things up for a lot of people:



What drivers do you have installed?


Avoid the 368.39's, if possible - unless you're kind of already stuck with it:



While 368.39's do have Vulkan and that is great for Doom 2016, it is known to cause OTHER problems - i.e. you might not be able to install any other NVidia drivers period without first rolling backwards. A serious "WTH." Speaking from experience here.


The Crew doesn't work w/ these 368.39 drivers, also:



You are likely going to have to roll your NVidia drivers backwards or forwards, just to get The Crew going again - if you installed the 368.39's. And that's even if you can get the drivers to even update. 


I rolled back to 353.30 drivers to get Crew going, but Doom stopped working. Pain in the neck. Went back to 368.39's just to get Doom going again. Sorry, but Doom's more important than The Crew.


You might have to use DDU, DriverSweeper, or do some real digging + Registry editing yourself to get things working right again. Uninstalling everything NVidia just won't always do the trick.


And I got The Crew running now on my gaming laptop w/ the newest 372.70 drivers on W10. Also, on my W10 Win Laptop - newest GeForce Experience doesn't even bloody work. 

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Posted by MysterD on 21 September 2016 - 10:44 AM

Nvidia has Gears 4 for buying a 1070/1080.

Sweet @ that promo.


I'd guess it's a W10 Store exclusive - so I guess Microsoft had to find some way to get PC gamers (that buy 1070's, 1080's or will get Gears 4 from the Cesspool) to be forced to use W10 Store.


Now...M$ should bring Gears 2, 3 & Judgment to the PC, too.

#13465106 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by MysterD on 21 September 2016 - 10:34 AM

$40 for a $50-valued Steam card at Fry's.

Promo code in email for today only.

In store only deal. 

1 per customer. 

No rainchecks.

#13464795 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by MysterD on 20 September 2016 - 10:31 PM

you still owe us from when you thieved Rocket League


And we knew it wasnt going to happen, cause you're a chicken lol