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#12092207 Smash Bros Demo Code - For Elite Members, there is still hope

Posted by rewerbkcirtap on 14 September 2014 - 01:01 AM

Please no code requests or code posts in this topic.


If you met the requirements (Elite 2014, registered a 3DS or a 3DS software product, and have notifications turned on) for the code but did not receive the email, Nintendo has put up a help section for the Smash Bros. Demo Codes


Click ME


Under the "I didn't receive the e-mail with the download codes," there is a link to their Contact Us form. Be sure to include your e-mail and your Club Nintendo Username. 


I had a friend who e-mailed them this morning and they responded back with a phone number, which when he called they confirmed that he should get a code and said they would call him back with the code. That is where he is in the process. I sent an email about 30 minutes ago and I haven't heard anything yet but I figure with it being Saturday night, it will be Monday before I hear back. SovereignNX pm'd me a code last night but I have some students at school who will absolutely freak if they are able to get this on their 3DS with unlimited replays since they probably wouldn't be able to get the game until much later.  :)


While you might have to wait until Monday for the code, I figure the value of the code is in the unlimited plays that it gives over the limited public release.


Some might not consider this post a deal, but if this saves someone from paying for a demo code, it is saving them money. It will also get the community some more codes to distribute.


Also, I am making this it's own topic so that it doesn't get buried in the code requests of the other topics. I did try to search for anyone else posting this but couldn't find anyone mentioning the website.


Hope this helps someone.


Edit: My friend got his codes on Sunday. I have talked with them and they forwarded my account to the promotions department and that I should get the codes.


Also, if you have a Wii U be sure to get those notifications turned on in case they do this for the Wii U version in November. Hopefully, they will have all the kinks worked out if they do it.