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I'm 4 years late, but... I can't beat Jill (RE5)! HELP :)

31 July 2013 - 02:25 PM

Hello fellow CAGs. I'm an ex-CAG-aholic but unfortunately haven't had much time to game the last 3-4 years so have been relatively sidelined. I finally moved back to the US and got a bit of free time and decided to dive into Resident Evil 5 (love the series).


I've done everything to Platinum this sucker (with relative ease... most of the game is pretty simple), except for ONE task. I absolutely can't beat Jill on Professional in Chapter 5-3.  Is there anyone who can help me on this or is willing to play with me on Co-Op (PSN: Western_Owl) to help me finish this off? It is driving me insane. I must've tried it >100 times already!


Thanks in advance!