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In Topic: Can We Just Admit NeoGAF Is Just Sony Marketing?

11 November 2013 - 05:31 AM

Speaking of apparently unfounded GAF anti-MS bias: http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=712867


Why would NeoGAF members dislike such an honest company?

In Topic: Can We Just Admit NeoGAF Is Just Sony Marketing?

11 November 2013 - 05:05 AM

Well for one thing Ryse is a Crytek game, so I doubt M$ had much say in the development.  Also, when Ryse was first debuted by Crytek, I think it was mostly assumed it would be a PC title IIRC.  At the time Crytek had only made PC games (FarCry and Crysis) and from what I remember it disappeared for a while and resurfaced as a 360 game.

Developed by Crytek, but produced, bankrolled and published by Microsoft.  They had a huge say in its development.


It was first announced as Codename: Kingdoms in a Microsoft E3 presser in 2010.  Then in 2011 it was reintroduced again at a Microsoft E3 presser with the name Ryse as a Kinect-only game.  It didn't resurface again until the 2013 Microsoft E3 presser.  It was always a Microsoft Studios published game since its very first announcement in '10.

In Topic: Can We Just Admit NeoGAF Is Just Sony Marketing?

11 November 2013 - 04:51 AM

In their defense, I think they realized that if they were going to make the Kinect work, it would need to be mandatory with every box.  It's much easier to tell a dev to be creative with the Kinect knowing that the install base is 100% rather than w/e last gen was, and I'm guessing numbers weren't pretty.  Good things could come from Kinect if devs embrace it, but quite honestly I don't think it was worth alienating any customer that simple doesn't want it period (see Nintendo).

Did you know that Ryse was originally a 360 game controlled entirely by Kinect?  For some reason now that it's a launch title for the XBOne, it's now a controller-based game, even though, as you pointed out, the Kinect install base on the XBOne is 100%.


If Microsoft is changing their own big budget Kinect games to controller-based ones, what does that say about Kinect as a gaming input device, and what does it say about its own creator's faith in it?


Now, just to get back on topic, before anyone comes away with an impression of NeoGAF having some monolithic member base that is 100% in the tank for Sony, I would implore them to look at posts from '05 and '06 in the lead up to the PS3 launch as well as the aftermath of its launch.  Sony got ridiculed quite a bit there during that time and rightfully so.  When you look at the general vibe in GAF from then until now you'd have to come away with the impression that it has quite an objective membership in terms of gaming discussion, at least relative to any other gaming message board on the internet.  Sure there are a few irrational outspoken zealots, but they are the exception and not the norm.

In Topic: Can We Just Admit NeoGAF Is Just Sony Marketing?

11 November 2013 - 03:40 AM

Is it really that shocking that the majority of people in a forum of well-informed gamers don't like the gaming console that is both $100 more expensive and considerably less powerful?  Also it was basically designed from the ground up not with providing the best possible gaming experience in mind, but to provide content owners with the most optimum conditions possible with which to exploit their consumer base.  Sony put gamers first and MS put IP owners first and you can see it through every aspect of the design of each of these consoles.  MS tried to impose some of the most draconian DRM the world would have ever seen on entertainment software which does not benefit gamers one bit.  The tone-deafness they displayed when initially trying to push back against the resistance from their consumer base regarding said DRM policy was laughable.  They even had the audacity to charge a $100 premium over the more powerful PS4 even when these ridiculous DRM policies were in place.  During E3 all of the Microsoft Xbox execs who dared to be interviewed were shooting themselves in the feet left right and center, burdened with the task of defending the myriad of untenable positions they were paid to defend.


Of course they finally realized the err of their ways and did the infamous 180s later down the line, but the price remained the same.  The intentions of the execs behind the XBOne remain the same.  They don't really care about gaming, this thing is merely Microsoft's trojan horse to get into your living room to exploit the user base for other reasons where MS really sees the true long term profits.


Most people who post at NeoGAF follow the industry closely enough to be intimately familiar with all of the events that have led up to the imminent launch of the XBone which makes a large portion of them look upon the console and its manufacturer with disdain.  Especially after further confirmation came out regarding its relatively poor graphical performance in comparison to its cheaper competitor.  Rather than owning up to it, Albert Penello has been spinning things so much it's made Fox News jealous.  It's further proof of how little MS thinks of its user base, that said base will just eat up whatever they say no matter how removed it is from reality.


Considering all of this, can't you understand why a considerable percentage of NeoGAF members would prefer the company which is currently making products with gaming being their primary focus instead of selling some kind of trojan horse at a premium for unknown ulterior motives like the nebulous "getting in your living room"?  And can't you understand why people in such a forum where people are quite familiar with this information would question why anyone else with even a remotely similar level of familiarity would be a fervent supporter of MS to the point of claiming persecution on an almost religious level?