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Blog budz > Killzone Shadow Fall : anyone still playing?

Posted 22 February 2014

Ironically, out of the big three (bf4 and ghosts) Killzone has the highest tiv on Amazon , but no one talks about it!

The single player campaign is meh at best. Some stages are way too lengthy, and boring as a result. And the story was incredibly cheesy and predictable. So much so, I thought to myself by the ending "that's it?!". But we don't really play...

Blog budz > No Time for Games: Going to Basic Training!

Posted 15 October 2012

Leaving tomorrow for the Air Force. See you in 8 1/2 weeks! (Imagine all the sales I'll see by then! :D )

Blog budz > NFL Blitz Demo Review (360)

Posted 04 January 2012


It's 1999 all over again!

It's a little weird (read: stupid) that this game is coming out 4 months after the season started, but here it is: NFL Blitz. Today I downloaded the demo... and, as a fan of the arcade classic, it's a little "out of bounds".


Blog budz > They do what?!

Posted 09 November 2011

Thanks again glorybythegram !!!


Already used the code. Sorry!

Blog budz > NCDD Tournament -- It's March Madness with Babes!

Posted 14 March 2011

Radio Contest -- Please Vote for Beyonce
Hey everyone! I'm trying to win this radio contest. Please help me out!

I was one of the lucky callers who got placed a spot in this tournament. I was assigned with "Beyonce". She has to face one-on-one against other celebs. If she gets more votes at the end of the deadline, Beyonce advances to the next round....